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How to Fly with Firearms – with Kalani Laker –

Hi, I’m Kalani Laker with on the weekends, I am a professional three gunner and because of that over the last six years, I’ve traveled to ten’s of hundreds of matches when I first started I was pretty concerned about flying with my
guns after the first year I tried a bunch of different methods and I think I
got the method that works best for me I’ll kind of show you a couple different
ways of packing your rifle, your shotgun or a pistol and then you choose what works
best for you before I go any further I before I go any further I want to let you know that I’m not a TSA
agent the best thing for you to do I advise is to get on the TSA website, get on fhe website of the airlines you’re flying and double check everything make
sure you stay within the laws the best thing you want is a reputable brand hard case depending upon what you’re using in terms of guns, that’s going to determine your size I pack for three guns, which means that I have to pack a rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol when it comes to picking the hard case, there’s a couple features that you really want to watch out for first are the latches, you want sturdy lockable latches you want a purge valve some sturdy wheels okay, because these cases to get heavy mine’s right about 46.5 pounds there’s two ways of packing your guns into a hard case you’ll see one method that’s a pretty common use is a another method to use is, I pack all of my guns in to a soft case, and then stick the whole soft case into the hard case and lock it up and I’m ready to go let me show you that real quick in one of these side pockets I pack my pistol you will see here I just put it sights down it goes right into the side pocket zip it up, it’s ready to go in this pocket I use my mags, my rifle mags stay in the middle pocket and the other side pocket here on the end I pack, all my pistol my pistol mags this particular case is a Double Long Gun case which means I can carry both my shotgun
and a rifle inside the case in the first section I use my shotgun, it’s velcroed down so it won’t move in the bottle section is my rifle, and what I do is I put gun cleaning rags to kind of cushion the scope now after six years, I’ve actually never lost zero due to traveling, or rough handling, you know by the baggage handlers uh there’s quite a bit of padding here, and there is padding underneath this scope once I get my three fire arms, and my gear in the bag I just simply throw it into this hard case, zip it up and then close it oh oh, there we go close it right up next thing you wanna do, is you make sure you use locks on all available points that you can lock, I’ve been dinged couple times for just having two locks on and then I get asked, well why isn’t this locked? or why isn’t the other one locked? at this point I’m not gonna complain, I’m not gonna argue with them yes sir, no ma’am and I just go ahead and I use TSA approved, or TSA compliant locks and make sure you get them all locked another step I do is I put my name and my cellphone number all over this bad boy if you have any problems
inside of an airport you want to make sure that they can get ahold of you as
soon as possible so I took a sharpie and I get my name and my cell phone number
written all over the case you wanted a you’ve already got a little bit of concerns traveling with weapons, if you don’t do it regularly whatever I can do to ease your concerns
about flying I definitely will one of them again is to go and write your name,
your cell phone number somewhere that they can contact you while you’re at the airport once you cross over past the security gates you still want TSA at some point to get a hold of you if they need to because you don’t want your guns to be separated from you longer than is necessary once you have your firearms safely
secured inside your hard case, you’ve got your hard case labeled, got your locks, now you are on your way to the airport when you go to the airport, arrive at least two hours early, you never know what’s going to happen give them time don’t don’t be in a rush be patient get to the airport early once you get there, go directly to the ticketing counter and then you gonna let
the agent, when you get up there you’re gonna let the agent know the agent know “Hey, I’m traveling with firearms in a locked case and I need a firearms identification card” at that
point depending depending upon the airlines they’re gonna do one of two things they’re either going to help you right there at the counter, or they are gonna help you filling out the card or they are going to move you over to the side where they have little special assistance and then they’ll work with you hand-in-hand to get your firing process
through TSA and then to your final destination so that covers, that covers, you know traveling with firearms there’s one more thing that you need I’ve got my firearms in there, I’ve got my magazines in there I actually need ammo here’s the deal, when you are traveling inside the US, again verify well what I found is that the max ammunition that you can carry or you can carry in check luggage is 11 lbs unfortunately for me, that’s quite not enough. I shoot upwards of 30 to 40 lbs worth of ammo when I go out to a three gun match what I found the easiest thing to do is, before you leave on your flight I pack up all my ammunition into a box, and I just ship it to myself at the hotel that I am going to be staying at so you do that about a week in advance, that’ll give you time to make sure that your ammo arrived, you’ve called the hotel, let them know what you’re doing hey, you’re going to ship a package beforehand on the box itself, you wanna write hold for guest and then put your name down and so what they’ll do is when your ammo arrives before you before you show up and check in the hotel management will know to set your ammo aside then once you check-in you just got it so it’s nice and easy, you’re not lugging around all this weight you’re not breaking any TSA
regulations I hope this is really helped I hope this has really helped you guys if you have any concerns about
flying with you know firearms or ammunition, I hope I kind of eased your concerns on that I know I’ve had those concerns I was a little nervous the
first year or so of traveling with firearms at this point there’s nothing
stopping you make sure you follow the rules take my advice and go have fun, the whole world is out there for you go out there and shoot thanks a lot

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  2. Unless the TSA has changed regulations, you're not supposed to use TSA approved locks. You are supposed to use locks that can't be opened by anyone other than yourself once the case is closed after TSA inspection

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