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How to Fire Form Brass for a Kimber 280 Ackley, Rifle Review

hi guys Dan Pickar here with Eastmans’
Hunting Journals today we have a special guest
it’s the Kimber subalpine I ordered this gun in a 280 Ackley improved and I did
that for a couple of reasons I grew up shooting and hunting with a
280 Remington and what Ackley improved gives you is increased performance I
just pulled this gun out of the box straight from Kimber and we’re gonna
take some standard 280 Remington rounds that I loaded just some light duty
rounds with some hornaday bullets and we’re gonna shoot the 280 Remington in
the 280 Ackley improved chamber to fire form it into 280 Ackley improved brass so you can see the only difference is is
the neck on the actual brass you see that 280 Remington has a gradual
neck and the 280 Ackley improved has kind of the the steeper neck and that
just gives you increased performance the second reason why I like the 280 Ackley
improved is because essentially 150 grain bullet you can shoot 30 100 feet
per second pretty easily and that’s the same as a seven mag so you have the same
performance as a seven mag with the 280 Ackley improved with way less powder
now the Kimber is a suite rifle number one because it’s super light as you see
it weighs five point four pounds I’m gonna have the muzzle brake on there so
that’s gonna help with the recoil a little bit since it’s so light Kimber’s
are really quality built I grew up shooting a Kimber hunter 22 and I was
into the Gopher hunting when I was a little kid and I mean we’re talking dime
size groups at 50 yards with my Kimber hunter and so I’m pretty fond of
Kimber’s you got a match chamber the clocks tractor this is a carbon fiber
stock with the subalpine wrap we have a 22 inch barrel and that’s stainless steel
so pretty much you have a rifle that’s good for any big game
the North American continent so like all Kimber’s I expect accuracy out of them
and I’ve never had any problems on the box back here I’ll show you
so half MOA at a hundred from the factory so I’m not worried about
accuracy I’m just getting the rifle out here and getting some brass fire form
and then we’ll go back to the reloading room and load up some real rounds to
really shoot after we get a scope mounted and everything so once again
fire so once again there’s a couple ways you can do it if you don’t want to waste
bullets so you can put some wadding in there I don’t really recommend that but
I had some seven millimeter bullets laying around so I just did a light 280
load with these hornaday interlocks so we’re just going to shoot a few through
and just get some grass fire formed and we’ll go from there it’s literally that simple it goes in as
a 280 Remington comes out as a 280 ai another good one we’ve got three at a time then we’ll have to barrel cool a little bit. perfect
so one thing with fire form you can’t fire form or you know you don’t want to
load any round into a gun and try to shoot it so really know your stuff
before you try to fire form make sure you’re not doing something stupid or
it’s gonna blow up your gun or anything there’s a few cartridges out there that
were developed from fire forming and this is a very effective way to get
brass so that being said you can buy 280 Ackley improved brass from Nosler I
think they’re a dollar 50 a pop though so I just preferred a fire form some 280
since I have a bunch of 280 brass from growing up so this is what I’m doing to
make my brass alright guys we’re gonna shoot about five or six more shots and
finish up this fire forming session here be sure to subscribe and like this video
and watch back for more rifle reviews

17 thoughts on “How to Fire Form Brass for a Kimber 280 Ackley, Rifle Review

  1. OK and THE SHOULDER BEING DIFFERENT IS NOT THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between the 280 and the 280 AI. So much easier and FASTER to load large rifle primes behind 8 grains of bullseye and fill the case to the neck with cream-of-wheat, top it off with a wad of toilet paper. If you ever did this you would see the big advantage in this. Plus your Kimber hunter was from Kimber of Oregon, different company from Kimber USA

  2. The Kimber is another extremely overpriced rifle!

    Not the neck, but the shoulder and case body is straightened too.

    The shoulder is moved forward within the 280 Remington Ackley Improved chamber, so you can fire the standard 280 Remington cartridge and extract the fire formed 280 Remington Ackley Improved brass.

  3. Why wouldn't you have your scope mounted? Your gun would of been 95 percent sighted in by the time you were done fireforming

  4. I have a 7mm mag and a 280 AI. You stating that a 280 AI shoots as fast as a 7mag is bullshit. Normally the 280 AI is about 100 FPS less than a 7 mag regardless of what you're trying to convey on this video. The 280 AI is more powder efficient, but no way as powerful as a 7 mag pal. And you fire forming cases with no scope is stupid too IMO.

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