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How to Fill the Checkering on a Pistol Grip (2011 Pistol)

today I am going to do some quick gunsmithing on this STI Grip I have one of these on my gun right now on my 2011 and I have a stippled and I’m going to
take this one which is a stock grip and I’m going to
smooth it up and prep it for putting grip tape on. on this I noticed it is kind of rough come it has the texturing that comes from the factory I am going to fill that in and grind that down down and smooth it up so I can put a piece of grip tape on there have really good adhesion we need a couple of supplies today for doing this first we are going to need something to clean it with
an alcohol swab will work for that we are going to need some filling material this two-part epoxy here and we are going to need a card or something that you can smooth that out or spread it with, or you can use a putty knife. I am going to use this card because it is cheap and disposable
there six steps to this process first we’re going to clean the grip
we are going to mask the areas we don’t want fill mix the expoy and apply it over
the checkering we are going to let it cure and finaly we are going to sand and shape everything leaving a nice smooth surface for the
grip tape so let’s get started start by taking this grip screw out. Because we do not need that in the way we are going to mask over the top of that
so we do not fill the screw hole. I am going to leave that screw exposed I know you can fill the hole in I am going to leave it exposed because I like using the screws to align the grip tape another piece we do not need is the mainspring housing I am going to wipe this down real well with alcohol pad cleaing off any oil or residue dirt or anything else that may be on here where we are going to apply expoxy because I want really good adhesion I do not want this peeling apart in the middle of a match we will let this dry for a few minutes we are going to speed up the video through this section just because it’s going to take a little while to mask this off and it’s not exactly exciting
video watch fifteen-minute someone masking soemthing this is now prepped and taped I have the screw holes taped off epoxy in the, or if they do I can pop it back out we are gong to mix up some exposy and apply epoxy on the surface here okay the expoxy is mixed up really well it has a nice even color we are gong to start applyiing it to this grip pick up a corner full on the card here appply it right over all of the existing texture work it down into those grooves nice even coat here cover all the
surfaces strike it off smooth one big key to striking it off smooth is to keep the backside of your tool fairly clean that you are using that way you do not get a curl of material coming behind it messing up your nice smooth surface all right now that we have struck off the surface nice and smooth we have the epoxy pushed down and all
those grooves in the checkering we are going to
let this sit and dry okay we are back and it has been about 24 hours you can see this has hardened up quite nicely filled in all of the checkering you can still see
the smallest amount of checkering still read STI and other things we are ready to take the masking tape off now that we have
a nice rough fill and we have removed all masking tape
we have some edges to clean up along her, you can see where some material flowed in alongside the tape a couple of high spots in a few low spots basically we are going to touch this whole thing up with some sandpaper and smooth this material down bring it
down right to the point of the checkering spots such as this one right here got some material built up we’re just
going to trim that off real fast with a sharp knife as you see that material comes right up there when you complete sending all the way
around you should have a nice smooth surface you can see here any spots shiny like here where the STI logo used to be, thos are low spots it in catch the fill material the first time and you go
through at this point and second coat of fill if you choose
too that right there is a not much of an indentation. I am going to put grip tape right over the top of that. see it I was trying to get it could flat bonding surface all the way around on
this was the goal to put a piece of Dawson grip tape on there that’s about it I will get some pictures of it later when we have it on the firearm and everything is assembled

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