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How to Earn Order of the Sniper Guard – Battlefield 1

Hey guys, this is Eidolon Mirage with some
Battlefield 1 gameplay on PS4. Today we’re earning a medal called Order
of the Sniper Guard, with a focus on precision. The first objective is to get 5 headshots
in a round with any weapon. I’m using the trusty SMLE MKIII Marksman. This is one of the best sniper rifles in the
game and probably the most popular. It’s got 10 rounds in the mag, which is
double most the other rifles. It also has a sweet spot of around 40–75
meters. If you didn’t know, every Scout rifle has
the ability to one-shot in the body at a certain range. This means if you know your rifle and you
can estimate the distance, you can aim for the chest and get a one shot kill. In theory, this adds a whole new layer to
Battlefield 1, but in my opinion, it alters the skill gap and allows mediocre snipers
to get lucky kills. I had a feeling in past Battlefield games
that some snipers ALWAYS aimed for the chest, and now they actually get rewarded for it. If I got killed by a sniper in Battlefield
4, I knew it was a nice headshot, but in this game, you don’t know and can shrug it off
as luck. This objective calls for headshots, so take
in account that bullet drop after about 100 meters and let ‘er rip! The second objective is to get 3 headshots
in the same life. This is quite feasible unless you’re camping
waay too far away from the action or not using cover properly. I advise to peek back and forth from cover
as opposed to going prone on top of a rock, where you’re exposed from all angles. A good sniper should be getting multiple kills
in one life AS you spot the enemy for your teammates. You can also body shot someone if you want
to temporarily take them out of the action. They should hit the deck and stay there until
they heal up. If they risk it and peek back out, they’re
asking for the spawn screen. The last objective is to counter-snipe 10
scouts with a bolt-action rifle. This is the same thing you’re already doing. Just aim for other Scouts to get a counter
sniping bonus. On a game of Operations, this should be pretty
fun. There are two different types of Scout players
I’ve noticed; aggressive and recon. I try my hand at both, but for this medal,
it made more sense to be more of a recon sniper where you stay back, spot, and pick off targets
so your team can advance forward. If you want a glimpse of aggressive Scout
gameplay, check out my Lighting Cross Order video. Either way you do it, just scope it out and
earn that Order of the Sniper Guard. I love sniping in BF1. I love the bullet drop mechanic and the new
headshot helmet “ding.” Let me know what you guys think of the sniper’s
role. Like if you like, and subscribe if you like. I hope these videos are helpful. Have a good one, and I’ll see you on the

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