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How to Draw a Pistol from a Holster

What’s up, Sheepdogs! Ryan G here. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to draw your concealed carry firearm from a holster. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel by clicking that little button. Click the bell icon so you can be notified of any upcoming videos. Stay tuned. Now, before you begin practicing how to draw your firearm from concealment, it’s really important that we remember the firearm safety rule so that we don’t end up like this guy. Firearm safety rule number one – Is we need to make sure the firearm is unloaded. You know, a lot of people try to
practice for the first couple hundred times with a loaded gun. You should never practice drawing your gun while it’s loaded until you have mastered how to do it while it’s unloaded. Rule number two – Is you need to keep your finger off of the trigger. And rule number three – You need to make sure the firearm is always pointed in a safe direction so that you don’t end up getting shot. Now, before you begin practicing, there’s a couple things that you need. Number one, You need to wear the normal kind of clothing that you’re gonna wear While you’re concealed carrying your gun. Number two, You’re gonna need your firearm again make sure it’s unloaded. and number three, You’re gonna need your concealment holster and you have to decide on a position of where that gun is going to be located. If you need help choosing a position for
your firearm, I’ve got a video here you can click on that link I’ll give you some helpful tips on how to choose the right position. So, the first step when drawing your firearm – is to remove your concealment garment. Now, you want to make sure that you are grabbing your shirt, Jacket, whatever it is very firmly and you want to quickly rip it up out of the way. Step two, is you want to grab the gun. Now, our goal when we’re grabbing to grip the gun is that once we draw the firearm, we shouldn’t have to shift our grip. As soon as we grab the firearm from the concealment position, our hand should be in the absolute perfect spot to finally pull the trigger. Step number three, is we need to pull the firearm up into this position – so right in front of your chest. And finally, step four, is you’re going to press the firearm out towards your target. Now, it’s important that you never touch the trigger until the sights are lined up on your target. Now, some instructors will encourage you to begin pulling the trigger as soon as you start driving the firearm out from your chest. I would think that in the beginning, You just need to focus on getting the
firearm all the way out and only when it’s all the way out then putting your finger on the trigger and finally discharging the gun. Again, our goal here in the beginning is to stay safe. Our goal is for you to practice the right
fundamentals and as you get better and better then you can start getting more
advanced with your tactics and strategy. Okay. So, those are the different steps. So step one, remove your garment. Step two, get a good grip on the gun Step three is draw the firearm up to your chest And step four is to push the firearm out
towards your target. You need to practice those and you need to practice a lot. You know, I have a buddy who practices drawing his firearm for 20 minutes every
single day. Now, he’s in the military. He’s a cut in a combat position. So, you know, he’s gonna encounter this a lot more than we are. But I think it’s a good habit to set. Now also, you need to practice this drill in a safe area in your home. This area should be free of live ammunition. Because again we don’t
want any possibility of the gun being loaded and you or a family member
potentially getting hurt. You also want to make sure you are pointing the firearm in a safe direction. So that means a concrete wall where the bullet is not going to go through. Or definitely not in any direction where a person may be. You also want to practice this probably about a thousand times with an
unloaded firearm before you ever attempt to do this with a loaded gun. Practice these tips. Be safe, sheepdogs. This is an important skill that you must master if you’re gonna conceal carry or a gun But it’s important that we do it in a safe
and appropriate manner. Until next time, Stay safe.

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