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How to do Smoke Tricks: Shotgun a Blunt/Joint

Hey buds, we’re the lifted ladies from MassRoots and today we’re going to show you how to do our signature shotgun. step one: you’re gonna hit the blunt and store the smoke in your cheeks step two: your gonna wanna get your lips
about two inches away from your partner’s now that you and your partner are two inches apart, you’re gonna wanna open your mouth and slowly let the
smoke pour out while your partner takes a slow, deep inhale and that’s how you do the signature @LifteddLadies shotgun

43 thoughts on “How to do Smoke Tricks: Shotgun a Blunt/Joint

  1. This can't be a "signature" smoke trick if you guys use the regular shotgun trick. You know that right?

  2. Yooo that is not a shot gun!!! a shotgun is where you put the blunt backwards and blow it into another person's mouth

  3. That is not a true shotgun. A real shotgun will rock your little pink socks off. Put that blunt in your mouth backwards, cherry near your throat, and simply blow steadily. The amount of sweet ganja smoke that will pour out of the mouthpiece of the blunt into your buddies mouth will cause a serious and abrupt headchange. Try it.

  4. That is not a shotgun stupid ass white people look how thick your exhale is … do you even smoke weed?

  5. I used to do something like this but they would put the blunt in their mouth backwards then blow through it while I inhaled through the other end.

  6. are we not supposed to notice that they aren't really doing it right?? i mean.. i've been giving shotguns since the 70's.. and.. that's not it….

  7. I believe this is called "second hand smoke", which is more harmful than first hand smoke, lol. Sorry kids, you're doing it all wrong. Good try though.

  8. Yeah I don’t know who taught you guys to smoke but that’s not how you shotgun a hit girls lol 😅
    Gotta place the joint/blunt lit end in your mouth & gently blow out while your partner is an inch away on the other side inhaling 🤙🏽

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