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How To Disassemble Ruger P89 Disassembly & Assembly Field Strip First Person View KP89 P85 P91 P89T

Oh Hi Houdini here coming at you live from Atlantis (bad joke) today were be doing disassembly and assembly for the Ruger P 89 this works for the KP 89 the P 85 and the p91 pretty much for the most part the the
Ruger p-series this one here is a KP 89 nine-millimeter and our let’s get right
into it will just do basic the field strip for cleaning and we’ll
get our our way alright first thing we’re gonna
do as a safety check of’ course gonna go ahead and remove the
magazine Pull Slide back lock it, visually inspect make sure
nothing is in there take little pinky (finger) feel, kinda like when you look for a set of keys just gonna for the pink in there
sometimes when you’re looking for something you don’t see it we’re looking for a sec easing looked
everywhere and then you look on the table for you were you look for five minutes and whom
there they are because you’re looking for you didn’t
see it alright now while the slightest backers couple
things I want you to kinda know right off the bat this little notch right here is gonna come into play to take the slight of now while slides
open and in the locked position there’s
little band on the inside here that need to push
forward your finger work Council little or black
a extractor there go ahead push stepped forward go ahead and
release the slide and now we’re gonna push the slide it
back were this notch is in front of this this assembly liberate here now on the
backside we have our index finger on the pushin
up now well pushing the slide back to that little notch your knee push until winds up and get pushed the snatch through now
this doesn’t come out this latter stages and so don’t try and take it off but went to push that out the slide offs life or right of the receiver now from
here to remove recall spring simply push it up poured out meant vero this with the tobacco vero about things go ahead and clean as usual some
key points when you go to lubricate the personal don’t half to you quick gun oil all over this receiver here just hit it’s kind of like a clock just got a hit
the writing points so you need to definitely hit when metal
slide connect straight here here back here just a white coat Inc with on exterior surface right here
everything else go ahead and wipe it down here with the disassembled you can
probably actually see a this little life and that would push for
a lil bit earlier here alright now nor fat slide to come off go to make sure that is for work alright put it back together now first thing
gonna do Vera back in boren first seats right back in there never for spring back you and you just wanna push it right back on where it hits the snot right here sit back in place knows go ahead and put it back under
super slide it back now again the snatch on the slide comes into play for is some way because you have to
wanna backup for your the slower so you gonna put a little
pressure on slide and push down on this lever to Las back
into place now you’re not done you still have this black band on the inside here extractor in the forward position get two ways you can put back in the
where should be 01 into simply put a magazine and ninety magazine and it’ll push that band back for the FB
or you just simply which finger in there
and push it to the back position you know we will work so then after reassembly what do a quick will
check my favorite things back where it should be go ahead racket picture hammer stays back pointing farm safe direction and pull the trigger
dry fire make sure that D copper stills working
properly to take also you can check to make sure triggers the cool without thankfully tax act with the
hammer right Mary havoc greater P 89 thanks for watching

26 thoughts on “How To Disassemble Ruger P89 Disassembly & Assembly Field Strip First Person View KP89 P85 P91 P89T

  1. Thank you!!! Because of this video I just successfully took apart, cleaned, and put back together. Very much appreciated 👍

  2. I don't know if you still read comments on this video but thanks for the tutorial. Couldn't quite figure it out myself while I was trying to clean my father's. Thanks again, mate.

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