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How to Defend Yourself Against a Shotgun or Rifle : How Attacker Distance Determines Defense

My name is Tres Tew; I am an instructor here
at Yu Shasasru Martial Arts. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be showing you
how to defend yourself with open hands against either rifles or shotguns. Now when your attacker
is at a distance from you and you’re unable to get any type of technique because he’s
so far away. This is, this is probably the worst situation you can be in with a gun because
he has the range. If he tells you to walk closer, you can do so and that’s pretty much
a gift from God if he tells you to do that. If not, hope for some type of distraction
or wait until he’s least aware and focused and you go for some type of cover that’s close
by. Anything that could either hide you or shield you form an immediate gun shot and
then you use the tactic of surprise. You know, you wait and then you get control of the gun
when he’s looking for you. Again when he’s at a distance this is a very bad situation
to be in, if you can, close the distance but don’t just run at him; but just close the
distance or find cover. That’s pretty much the only things you can do.

54 thoughts on “How to Defend Yourself Against a Shotgun or Rifle : How Attacker Distance Determines Defense

  1. It could work if no option is available but the distance between the aggressor and defender has to be narrowed. Most people trained with weapons would instinctively fire at the defender encroaching their position. The odds are surely against the unarmed person and i would nly advise compliance unless you have nothing to lose.

  2. the gun used there was a shotgun and if he even moved3 feet the spread would kill or seriously injure him. If it was a rifle the bullet would probably pierce through the cover. if it was a pistol you have the best chance but still not very good. it is best to wait it out and see if you will live.

  3. I hope nobody follows these instructions, this could get somebody killed. if you go for cover, did it occur that the assailant could move, and now you've made him more angry. Just give him what he wants and comply, you can replace almost anything but lives. Most of these guys want something, not your life.

  4. find something to hide behind. lol if i hide behind a bush and my "attacker" has half a brain he'll just blast through the thing. god some people are stupid

  5. @nygrappler1: you're being too critical. Yeah there are flaws to this video- but he had a solid point. It IS a gift from god if he asks you to come closer, because if you can get close enough, you can control the muzzle of the weapon (shotguns are long- even combat shotguns) and fight for control. And your life.

  6. And another thought: If the moron mugging you is stupid enough to allow you to be that close to his shotgun/rifle, he obviously isn't skilled. So, assuming it goes off once you grab the muzzle, he would likely be stunned and, in your rush of adrenaline, you have the advantage to beating him senseless and escaping with your life. This is not a science- you do ALL THAT YOU CAN to put the odds in your favor and react however appropriate.

  7. Actually…. the statistics show that if you run away, you got an 80% chance of survival because most can't hit a moving target. That is, of course, unless he has a shot gun. At that point, you just need to start praying to God.

  8. @Mr2fierce LOL, I was thinking the same on some other videos. What kind of board members approve this kinda of crap?

  9. ExpertVillage (should be called FeebleVillage) is the same as getting rick-rolled. You click on a video and get surprised by an idiot.

  10. @almir20medic zigzag from a shotgun, are you retarded? you know it ejects little pellets which fly in every direction right?

  11. Another Marine Corps wannabe making bullshit videos…

    This video basically told you what you already knew. Bonus points for having the faggot who I can almost guarantee has never been hit in his life giving you instructions

  12. I do gun defense but this is retarded. Learning gun defense is ONLY useful for up close situations in which they arent going to shoot right away (I.e. Most muggings and other robberies)

  13. It's weird how no matter what the topic, Expert VIllage requires you be a little bit shit to be eligible to make a video for them.

  14. As long as I have shotgun pointed at you, you will never have chance to aprouch too much.I will shoot you WITHOUT warning, smart killer dont talk, he just shoot you. After that ,all people talk about you with RIP in proposition.

  15. Okay, so let's review; If your attacker is at a distance from you, there is nothing you can do but hide. Any questions?

  16. How the fuck is this gonna help me? I did not look at the likes before wasting 1:16 Seriously most people that research this kind of stuff already have at least some common sense to what to do 

  17. Let me just say, being in any cqb (close quarters battle) situation is not a winning situation if not armed yourself. I know, because I've been there. If you are not armed & you are physically threatened just know, the only thing you can do is to create distance or close the distance (but ONLY) if you're able eg prepared to incapacitate your attacker. Regarding creating distance, Some way…some how…and that is the reality of this situation. I am glad these people tried to educate yet I feel also that this video doesn't really do justice to the real world situations. It's always a roll of the dice with an armed aggressor, especially when not armed or formally trained. #1, avoid the situation by being vigilant. And help each other, all of us. – A survivor…

  18. Defense against a gun from a distance is do what they say or die. Very rare exceptions for the best in the world. Over 8 feet and will still fail even if your one of the best.

  19. Honestly this is the most realistic video on YouTube. Everyone else’s technique videos are the quickest way to gett you killed lol

  20. i think the best way is to do the super human way by means practice speed and precision not this basic mediocrity way

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