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How to Defend Yourself Against a Shotgun or Rifle : Defense For Shotgun From Hip to Your Back

My name is Tres Tew; I am an instructor here
at Yeshua’ Ryu Martial Arts. On behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be showing you
how to defend yourself with open hands against either rifles or shotguns. This is a technique
that your opponent has his gun towards your hip, it’s going to be at your lower back.
He’s holding you at gunpoint right here, instead of holding your hands up here because when
I turn I’m not able to make any kind of contact with the shotgun or the rifle. So what I am
going to do, this movement right here I am stepping towards him and at the same time
shouldering, keeping my arm in and hooking right here towards the shotgun or rifle. I’m
striking right here, this is going cause him to let go of that hand and then what I am
doing I am pulling right here, kneeing, this is going to cause him to bend over. I’ve grabbed
on to the weapon right here, and I’m going to trap his hand on the weapon and I’m going
to push him down and hold him at gunpoint. The reason I’m doing this, is I am going to
direct someone else to call the police and hold him until the police arrive. He can hook
my legs right here at this point, I’m just going to dig, dig the barrel of my gun keeping
my finger off the trigger. Just dig the barrel of my gun into his neck, this will keep him
from trying to hook my legs and take me down. That’s how you defend yourself against someone
who is hip firing towards your back.

97 thoughts on “How to Defend Yourself Against a Shotgun or Rifle : Defense For Shotgun From Hip to Your Back

  1. nothing. If they have any signifacant distance it would a very bad Idea to try anything. If you can't get close enough to push the gun away from you it is not a god idea to try anything.

  2. donotuse this technique ifthere are multiplegunmen. unless you can disarm and wound or kill the other gunman or gunmen. unless you wanna get shot by the others, you're going to have to go with it and et them point the gun at you, unless they are planning to immediately shoot, ifyou have to use this,which i hope shouldnt happen to anyone, make sure you know exactly what to do, and do it under pressure.Because if you don't one false move will automatically force the gunman to shoot out of impulse.

  3. You know, if you really want to prevent him from hooking you in the legs and taking you down, you could always shoot him in the neck.
    Just a suggestion, like…

  4. …theoretically for the most part, you are right… no one wants to be heard firing their weapon, if it's just a robbery.
    -They don't tend to shoot as you turn.
    But, if they just back up, you're dead.
    If the person was gonna put me into a car or something worse, your damn right, go for the attack.

  5. A bit too fancy with all the distance striking and "he lets go here." Very pretty on camera though!

    Also, if you're taking him down, why knee him back up?

  6. dumbest technique I've ever seen. I ashamed of Frontsight for advertising it. he knee'd the shotgun. "BOOM", and he fumbled for the gun. If you hit someone with anything thats not an absolute knockout blow, you're fucking dead. I do these teach these drills with simunitions and airsoft and this is FAKE!

  7. What if there is more then one assailant? Lets say your in a bank and there are to men with guns…what then…your fucked :P…other guy shoots you in the face.

  8. ok this is a 4 step "defense" against shotgun. i hope that everybody who sees this will realize what would happen in real life:
    u turn trying to have a hold on the gun, the other guy steps back and u find yourself arm extended with your hand on around the barrel near the muzzle and a load of 10 "00" buckshot in your chest. GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME!
    Please people, do what the bad guy sez!!!

  9. and don't forget to check out my last vid on you tube -Defending yourself with bare hands against a nuclear ballistic missile attack!!!

  10. it is obvious to me 'tracetwo' that you have never attempted any of these manuvers in real life…as you are still making these useless deathtrap videos. you are all talk, non of this would work in the real world

  11. you never know, best way to deal with a gun is to be behind its firing line, once u get past that barrel, keep it away from you, i think this will work but u gotta hope they are that close and unsuspecting.
    i'd turn to the outside of the person holding the gun, so he doesn't it me with the shotgun butt. and i'd make sure i have a hold of that gun and keepin it faced away from me.

  12. yeah, anything MIGHT work. but when it comes to me keeping my lower back , my lower back, i dont like the odds of this manuever.

  13. to risky of a move.. anyone who has gone through basic tranning in the military would have cracked your head open with the buttstock of the shotgun

  14. What else would you do then? it's probs the safest way, and who gives a shit if the criminal should get hurt

  15. Asians and other cultures keep secret on learned techniques, but Americans show it for others to learn. That very nice of them. This video could be the difference between life and death for someone.

  16. I'd love to take these guys to the range and let em fire a couple of 3" mag Slugs out of my Mossy 500 w/ 18.5 in barrel. I can damn well guarantee if someone put a shotgun to their back after that they would do nothing but comply. Video's like this get people killed.

  17. oh god… if anyone points a gun at you point blank the safest thing to do is DO WHAT HE SAYS. $50 in your wallet is not worth the risk and credit cards can be cancelled. I would not do this unless I was sure he was gonna shoot, but if he wants my money then he can have it. This is realy dumb people are gonna be paralyzed doing this technique

  18. if I had to hold some one at gunpoint I would neve be that close and if I did come from behinde I woud slam the barrel across the back of the head befor I ever uttered a sound

  19. Check out some other videos from this dude, they all fail. I think it has something to do with him being a an instuctor in "Christian" martial arts i.e. 'faith-based' fighting.

  20. The best defense against a gun is usually a gun. The move and redirect portion is good but after that it's rubbish. I would have gone the other direction, redirecting with my left hand (I'm right handed) while simultaniously stepping to the side and drawing my Sig 9mm. I think the rest is pretty obvious…

  21. @x4qz OOOOOH even better idea! An example of faith-based fighting. You get mugged and say "Um… hey God dude… I'm getting mugged… Uh… can you like… smite this guy or something?"

  22. the only problem is, if he gets a shot off while you're doing this move, the barrel is next to your ear. bye, bye hearing for a long time… also your arm is on the barrel which will get hot if he gets a shot off.

  23. how do you know he is Christian based? "faith based" martial arts doesn't make sense. faith would say to trust that God will defend you.

    Most martial arts if not all have some sort of religious factor in it.

  24. Umm…'Yeshua Ryu Martial Arts' was a big clue. That led to this real cool thing called a "google-search" maybe you have heard people talk about it. It's the latest thing. Try it. And yes, faith based martial arts makes no sense, just like the "instructional" video we are posting on.

  25. this is even funnier than the knife defence!!!!! have you guys got any competition experience, or just plain life experience?

  26. seriously expertvillage, remove this kid's videos, this is very dangerous, he doesn't know what he is saying, this is just wrong

  27. stupid advice, any good robber would know to keep their distance from their victim if possible to avoid this
    also, i would be more interested in knowing how to get out of that position if I was on the ground 0:55

  28. This so called instructor lives in a fantasy world where nobody is ever frightened. All they ever do is think of the correct technique to use. For example someone is pointing a shotgun at your spine. So they have the power to take your life or make you disabled-for ever. Hello you are a dreamer. In the real world survival might require you to lie on the floor and beg for your life.

  29. The amazing thing about self defence and martial arts is that its best source of info is fiction.
    I wonder if other professions or trades do the same thing ?

  30. @dittyd2 if not dead, that 12ga just put 15 birdshot rounds into a kidney… and your leg… do what the armed man says until hecan be shot (with your gun, someone elsewhere w a .40/.45), I wish the movies didn't teach martial arts class.

  31. 0:38 "Im striking right here and this is gonna cause him to let go with that hand, k?"
    No, not ok.

    This technique is garbage and will get you killed if you follow it.

  32. hmm i like to see a normal human turn in 0.15-0.25 sec cause thats how long it takes to pull a trigger (depends on reaction) for most humans try turn that fast

  33. @truthx187 not always true. As stupid as this guy is, the basic technique has some use. There are alot of times you can move faster than someone can register your movement. Yes, I have practiced this with airsoft and painball guns and its not that hard to turn fast enough. And thats when the gun holder knows what your about to do.

  34. @zonex1a Find a legitimate certified Krav Maga class in your local area. It is the only martial art developed in the 20th century with methods exclusively created for dealing with assailants armed with firearms. Many of the other martial arts that deal with disarming attackers armed with guns base their techniques on older methods meant for disarming blades and blunt force weapons that are sometimes less than ideal when someone is wielding a gun…

  35. The very first portion of this movement is fairly sound but from there, the lack of control over the weapon is beyond stupidity.

  36. I want to see them do this again with an air soft, or even a real shotgun with a bean bag loading, and see if that kid can do all that crap before the other kid can pull the trigger. That I would enjoy

  37. @ 0:30 what's to stop the guy with the gun from using the butt of the rifle and cracking this dipshit in the face, his other hand should be in check next to his face. this video is complete shit and makes this school a joke. Learn your basics…

  38. so wait how is this video a fail? I thought it was actually pretty helpful. Everyone here just seems to be the fucking expert now don't they? How about you make a video and show us how "proper" and "correct" your technique is? Chances are it will get us killed.

  39. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS. If someone points a gun at you, do what they say, especially if it's to your back. These instructions WILL get you shot and killed.

  40. what if you are the one the floor and the attacker is the one pointing rifle at you, how do you react?

  41. the essence of first touch is necessary for faster reaction.whereby we should be thought the way of sensing danger and expect the action and counter them with effective move, it is as if the weapon is just a few inches away and you already found out.

  42. This kid has no idea what he's talking about, if by some chance he doesn't get shot during the takedown he will get his legs swept during the 15 to 45 minute wait for the police

  43. that gun is armed… why you didn't show us it was clear and empty, and your partner had his finger on the trigger, Fail.
    rule 1. never point a gun at something or someone you don't intend to harm

  44. Also, always have your wing man with you, don't fly solo. Then get yourself a pair of badass red, white, and blue pants. Do you think anyone calls me a loser because I go home to Starla every night? Bow to your sensei!!!!

  45. if the guy is an iskramador it can countered i guess even in systema but in ordinary freak civilian there dead in any technique. but i guess you can do it in one two three movements, for me it is a split seconds attacked and it will be crucial if it is time consuming attack, pulling the trigger is just a second so you will attacked lesser than that, i know you can do it very fast but can you show us much faster and less movements in able for us to remember of how to execute it better. thank you

  46. i can see this with a knife or possible a single shot rifle, but a shotgun has quite the spread… goodbye rib cage and walking like a big boy. Plus one shot will be enough to heat that barrel up enough to burn the be-jeezus outta your fucking arm.

  47. If I gained control of the gun without a hole through my back I would step away. Maybe it should be considered he might not politely lay still for you and he's probably much less likely to sweep your leg if you are 5 feet away. Giving him what he wants might be a good idea.

  48. I dont get why everyone is complaining…
    this is one of many possible situations, and you learn how you could possibly get out of it, no one said that you should do that.
    By the way, everyone who posts a comment like "this doesn´t work" must have been thinking it could work somehow, who would watch it otherwise…
    In my oppinion, this would be more or less safe to do if your opponent doesn´t expect this, but even if you manage to turn his rifle away from you, you could hurt others

  49. @tech54delta Yea but this is like a last resort type thing. Not something to just do first. Like if he is going to kill you then you use this as last resort.

  50. Ok, guy I'm looking at other methods to work this situation. ANd one does have to be flexible. My method, at the end, when you hv the perp down, to prevent him from hooking your leg, is to stump on his hand, HARD. And go on from there.

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