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How to craft an Australium Sniper Rifle in TF2

hi m8s i’m finally back again and in this x mass we are going to craft the Australian sniper rifle so prepare your items to get rekt but after that i want to wish you a happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 now let’s go to the shop we need to do a special trick to craft the rifle you need to click on the three new taunts and test them all you just need to watch it like five seconds no more now let’s go back go to items then to crafting select the special tab and then put the next items item in the correct place as I do 4 refined metals on the corners the Hitmanshitmaker the Sydney sleeper the classic and the machina now two bonks and two jarate so are you ready to craft the Australian sniper rifle let’s do this click craft and u wil have it Thank You m8s for watching remember to leave a f***ing like and subscribe for more s*** like this and happy new year

100 thoughts on “How to craft an Australium Sniper Rifle in TF2

  1. how could this not be fake? it says "crafting failed, no matching blueprint" this is all a freaking scam you should delete your channel .. lame boy

  2. I clearly see lt said it failed to create and after 0000’0/1 seconds you show a fake screen come on how many kids watchs and lies,But good videa this is good channel I think volvo needs to add these craft recipes in game see you m8 😀

  3. Guy, don't get scam you slow the video to 0.25 and go to watch 1:49 – 1:50 you should see crafting FAILED lololololololo !!!!!!!

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