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How to Clean Your Shotgun

Right there, get ’em, get ’em. Whether you go on a field to the range or if your firearm is going to storage, a clean firearm is essential for proper operation. Before you clean your firearm the first thing we need to do is make sure the firearm is empty, by first looking down the chamber, to make sure there’s nothing in the chamber. We also look at the magazine to make sure there’s nothing in the magazine. While cleaning your firearm you always want to remember that you want to clean from the breech end, or the chamber end towards the muzzle. Example, to start we would put a few drops of cleaning oil on our cleaning patches and we would feed our flexible cleaning rod through the barrel. Then you’re able to use your brush but you never use your brush first. After that then you can use your brush to clean from the muzzle end. You want to use your oversized brush so it can clean the chamber as well. If you have a screw-in choke, you want to clean your barrel before you remove your choke. Lastly, when you get through cleaning your firearm, you want to wipe it down. You want to wipe down your firearm because the sweat of your hands can harm the material of your firearm. And cleaning your firearm is just that simple.

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