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HOW TO clean your gas blowback gbb airsoft pistol and rifle – For noobs

hey guys star here and today I’m going
to show you how to clean and lubricate the gas blowback pistol and rifle this
video is going to show you some basic tricks and maintenance tips over the
ultimate guide for cleaning your weapon so they can fire like this as you can
see both the gas blow bags have smooth cycles with no resistance this
ultimately leads to better consistency and less wear and tear to your parts you
know you need to clean your gas blowback when you feel resistance during the
cycle and you can feel the grime or dirt now in this video I’ll be focusing on
the slides and if it is your nozzle that is getting dirty or stuck and that will
be my next maintenance video now for this guide you will need to follow four
basic steps to disassembly cleaning lubricating and assembly now without
further ado let’s get this started now these are all the things you will need
for this project here I have a 20 piece precision
screwdriver set that was not necessary for this video but may be useful for
other cleaning essentials you will need some oil for your moving parts now the
oil I like to use the most is called murdered oil make sure to use the oil
mark heavy as it is thicker and ideal for gas blowback
you will need something to punch out your pins I have a pin puncher set but a
thin screwdriver will do just fine I also have a tray for small screws which
I use it for trash some paper some q-tips and to protect your eyes some
safety glasses now I will provide links in the description for everything that I
just mentioned we will start off on my kjw p226 but these tips are the same on
any other gas blowback pistol first step assembly you must remove the top slide
from the pistol and in order to do that usually there is a lever or two you must
slide it down on the side of the pistol on this one there is just one pull down
the lever and slide the top forward good now you can see with a clean paper
towel how much gunk there is in this piston
now this pistol does not need the nozzle clean since I just cleaned it but in
order to remove the nozzle assembly there are some screws in it must remove
using the precision toolkit now it is time to remove the spring and your
barrel which is not necessary but it does make the job kind of easier now you
can see from just lightly running my finger on the rail I picked up some dirt
so we must clean it next step cleaning I like to wipe it down with the q-tip if
it is not too dirty wipe it down until your q-tip does not pick up dirt
anymore now I give a quick right to the outer
barrel and assemble the slide lubricating now you can apply a few
drops of your murder oil to the rails where the metal slides on metal and
apply evenly be careful not to overdo it on the oil or else it would cause a mess
now go ahead and repeat the steps for the lower up on to the oil part use
q-tips to lightly dab it with oil since this leather is already oiled up
and applying some here will be oil overdose next step assembly now just
line up your slides on the rails and slide it back pull the lever up and your
pistol is ready to take out some noobs now it is time to clean my rifle this is
my WE tech m4 open bolt heavily upgraded but I am running the stock bolt
because it has been my only consistent bolt once again these tips work on any
realistic open boltl gbbr disassembly use the pin punchers to punch out the pins
to unlock the lower from the upper receiver next pull the charging handle out of the
upper receiver and remove the bolt line up the charging handle grooves and lift
up the charging handle running my finger on this upper there isn’t much gunk but
there’s a lot of metal shavings caused by poor lubrication and cleaning so give
it a wipe down with the towel and q-tips until it is absolutely dry and clean
next we have the charging handle to clean these your q-tips to get the
groove where the bolt rides make sure to get the top as well until it is dry
repeat this step on the bolt until you get it absolutely dry avoid using soap
and water as it can rust your pins and other components I suggest using q-tips
to get into the crevices and harder reach areas now the lower receiver does
not need much oil a drop or two on the trigger assembly is perfect next work
the oil inside of the charging handle with your q-tip and when you are done
evenly distribute the oil on the top of the handle perfect
now with the bolt I like to apply a small line of oil to begin covering one
side and for the other side is the same principle make sure not to miss the lower part of
the bolt or the roller on your hammer makes contact you do not need to
lubricate the rest of the upper receiver since you have already applied with a
lubricant to the bolt and charging handle and it is more than enough to get
your rifle running smooth now for a final step we assembly start off with
the charging handle first and the method we use previously then slide your bolt
all the way in good line it up with a lower receiver and insert the pins and
guys we are officially done use the methods you learned in this video to
keep your gas blowback running for a long time thanks for watching and make
sure to leave a like and if you’re not subscribed consider subscribing

12 thoughts on “HOW TO clean your gas blowback gbb airsoft pistol and rifle – For noobs

  1. Where did you get that WE Tech m4 with the AAC receiver? And do you live in the states? I live in NJ but not sure if the ATF would approve of gun do to the receiver

  2. Thank you so much for this video. I've always wanted a gas blow back, but was scared away by the maintenance and having to take apart your gun. Now I know it isn't that bad, so I'm just waiting for my gun to arrive! Thanks Again.

  3. Can you give me more tips about maintaining a WEE open bolt m4? I really want to buy one bu Im afraid that it wont last long.

  4. Murder oil?? They really need to fire their marketing man. What’s their other lines? Botulism barrel cleaners? Deviancy lense cloths?

  5. How long has the we tech held up? Im looking to buy their pdw and am hoping that with proper maintenance it wont fall apart in my hands

  6. Thank’s so much for this maintenance video man! I just ordered myself a KJW M4 GBBR and it just needs a new upper and lower receiver, do you have any receiver recommendations for me? Thanks!

  7. With the bolt back. drop a couple drops of oil directly where that charging handle sits. Then with the bolt closed do the same thing. After that, rack it a dozen time or so.

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