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How to Clean your Airsoft Handgun | Tech Talk | Fox Airsoft

Hey guys this is Kent here at Fox Airsoft.
I wanted to talk to you guys about basic gas blowback maintenance on your pistol. First
thing you want to do, when you are done playing at the end of the day– you have alot of moving
parts on gas blowbacks so these things do get pretty darn dirty. First thing you are
going to want to do is remove your magazine, I’m going to set that to the side. Make sure
to keep your magazines filled whether is CO2 of gas, it does keep the o-rings and seals
in better condition– make sure keep them just half way full, topped off.. whatever
it is, when you are storing your gun. Next thing you want to do, go ahead and pull your
slide back– in this case I’m using a Elite Force 1911, so I’m just going to push the
catch outside of the slider here. Set that aside, and my slide will come off. First we’ll
focus on the slide here. On this particular pistol, I removed the spring guide, barrel
nut, remove the outer and inner barrel as one piece. And that section, you are going
to wanna clean just like your AEG barrel. Go ahead and swab up and down– turn that
hop up off- get it all cleaned up in there, make sure we are not getting any bb jams inside
the upper barrel. Next thing you are going to want to turn your attention to is the slide
rails. This is what hooks up to the rail on the bottom of this pistol on your frame, and
allows the slide to move back and forth and guide it. You’re going to want to go ahead
and take some regular q-tips, swap up and down those piston rails to remove all that
dirt. Again, do the same for your frame. Go ahead and swab up in the trigger mechanism
here, get any dirt out. The hammer. And this will be different for every gas blowback pistol
that you are using, this just happens to be how it’s going to look for a 1911. Now, they
are all going to have a cylinder at the back here. You are go ahead and pull that forward.
Now this is a CO2 gun. So they just run a dry piston head, so I’m not going to go ahead
and lubricate that. But if you are running green gas gun you are going to want to go
ahead and take some 30 weight silicone or whatever kind of light silicone you have and
go ahead and put a drop there. You are also going to want to put a drop on your slide
rails there. Go ahead and throw your barrel back in. After you get your slide all cleaned
up you are going to want to throw a couple drops of silicon on to your trigger mechanism,
your disconnector, your hammer, just keep everything moving smoothly. Go and reintroduce
your slide to your frame. Throw your catch, your slide catch back in there, back in place.
And that’s how you clean your gas blowback pistol. Fox Airsoft
10244 S Progress Lane Parker CO 80134 (888) 316-7816

53 thoughts on “How to Clean your Airsoft Handgun | Tech Talk | Fox Airsoft

  1. that's why we made the video, William. So everyone in the world can now know how to do this. Especially if they are just starting out.

  2. Yeah. There aren;t too many different moving parts between lots of pistols. Lube those rails and keep the dirt out goes a long way out on the field.

  3. Hey Fox Airsoft, I own an Elite Force 1911 Tac as well, but my problem is that my barrel nut will not come out, it appears to be attached to the slide? help?

  4. When I fire my elite force 1911 it gets stuck and idk what but part of it gets stuck forward and is hard to release the slide afterwards. It also makes me have to pull the slice back after I fire

  5. Ty for this u just gave me the whole thing to take care of my Christmas present rock on dude keep up the great work

  6. I might sound really stupid but im kind of new to airsoft and I got an KWA mp9 and I was just wondering if anyone knew and if you do please tell.

  7. And if it's a GBB pistol I have to oil it and can I use silicone spay or do I have to use that I just bought the elite fore 1911 A1

  8. CO2=Don't put silicon on piston, Green Gas= Put silicon on piston?  Actually, it should be the opposite.  CO2 is indeed dry, so that is why you need to apply oil.  One of the biggest things to remember when owning a GBB is to oil the seals.  Get the proper knowledge before making a video about this and acting like you know everything.

  9. Can't keep my mags filled when all they do is leak… and I have no idea how to fix them D: (EF 1911 Tac)

  10. BROOOOO YOU ARE A BLOODY LEGEND. Had my we 1911 chrome for about 1 yr now. Was about to drive 1 hr to take it to the store but you fixed it!

  11. im having a bit of trouble with my kwc colt 1911, i have already lubed it and all but the nozzle is still kinda sticking into the chamber, but when i pull the slide all the way back it releases. help!!!

  12. Hi. I just bought this pistol the other day and this video seems to help a lot so thank you for showing this. But all I have to ask is if you have to clean the magazine too because of the co2.

  13. at least in the real 1911 that thing is not a disconnector, thet prevents the gun from firing when the breech isnt closed all the way

  14. Does a silicon oil have to be certified for airsoft? Or can you use any silicon oil? Or is there even a difference?

  15. can i use this ?

    its sc-50 silicone oil spray. thanks!

  16. Are you sure that you shouldn't lubricate piston in CO2 pistol? Because, lot of people in shops told me that it needs to be lubricated just like green gas pistol

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