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How to Clean & Disassemble a Benelli 12g 28″ Shotgun : Removing the Cap of a Benelli 12g 28″ Shotgun

Alright, so we just basically gone over our
safety check and what I’m going to do now is I’m actually going to start the disassembly
process and what we have to do to start with this process is right up here at the front
of the forearm and I’m going to stand this up. We’re going to do this and we’re going
to unscrew our fore end cap and it’s going to be a little bit of tension and your going
to feel and hear some clicking as your doing this, but that’s okay. What that is, is it’s
just a loaded ball bearing that helps you gauge the tension and what we’re going to
do is we’re just going to unscrew this and it’s on there pretty good and you want it
to be on there pretty good because this is what keeps your barrel inside your action
and your fore grip attached to your barrel and pushed in to the action. So what I’m going
to do now that I have that undone is I’m just going to look up here and I’m going to make
sure that I don’t have anything in my threads and this is just a habit for myself. I’m going
to look and I don’t see anything inside these threads. So what we’re going to do next is
we’re actually physically take apart and take this barrel and our fore grip off the shotgun.

14 thoughts on “How to Clean & Disassemble a Benelli 12g 28″ Shotgun : Removing the Cap of a Benelli 12g 28″ Shotgun

  1. The ball isn't for,,, gauging tension WTF????
    It's to stop the cap from coming loose.

    Do these "Experts" just make shit up to sound good?

    But the real question is this.
    Which "Expert" in this "Expert Village" is the "Village Idiot?"

  2. According to google calculator, it would take 379 years to watch every expert village video uploaded to youtube if you watched one per day.

  3. disassembly a benelli(crio) is very easy unscrew the pin take the grip off remove the barrel take off the black metal thing that is above the shutter remove the shutter take a screwdriver remove the safaty pin from the trigger and finally take the trigger out 35 seconds is engouht to do it lol

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