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How to clean a Sig P320

Well howdy! So I’m finally getting around to making
a follow up video. So this is my workbench. I ran a few rounds through my pistol the other day. The other day… it’s been a long time ago now, but making YouTube videos a lot harder than I thought it would be. Finding the
time between family and and an actual real job stuff, but i wanted to run
through a cleaning video. The last time I clean my pistol… I
couldn’t honestly tell you but I’ve probably run several hundred rounds
through it since then. I wanted to go through a little
cleaning video for anybody who is new to a Sig or if you’re new to pistols. It’s super
easy especially with these new pistols. It it’s not like cleaning the 1911. These striker-fired weapons are just the easiest thing in the world to clean. So
I thought I’d go through quick video, it doesn’t take very long. We’ll see how dirty my pistol is. So I have
a Sig; I have the full-size P320. That is my primary weapon
of choice. As you can see i’m left handed so i switched over the mag release. Which,
if you have a Sig 320 it’s super easy to do. I’m not going to go through that right
now. Let’s go through cleaning video. So first
thing we do you check. Were empty there; we’re going to make
sure we are empty there. Ok so we have to release, then release
and you are apart. So that is the easiest way to break down a weapon that I know
of. Even a Glock, I don’t think breaks down
that easily. I always kinda go backwards. Sometimes I forget whether you have to
have the magazine in or out, but it makes complete sense of the magazine out. So
just release make sure you have tension and it slides right off. Ok? So breaking it down again is the
easiest thing in the world. Spring comes off, barrel comes out. I live
in an older home from the nineteen eighties and nothing is level so if you
watch things kind of tend to roll around on on me. I’ve to find creative ways to
keep them from rolling around. So, first thing I always do, and I use
Ballistol. I’m sure that’s not the way that the manufacturers would say it, but
somebody from east Texas that’s the way it said. So… and we’re rolling around. So the first thing I like to do is I like to is hit my barrel. I don’t really know how
dirty this is going to be. A little dirty… Not the dirtiest I’ve ever seen
but little bit. You can’t really hit that too much. So I will
tell you and nobody told me this before I started using Ballistol many years
ago… it kind of stinks. It really does. I used to use wd-40 on
everything. Not on my weapons but just as a
lubricant in general. I don’t really… it kind of smells
like… gosh there’s a there’s a memory I have going dove hunting whenever I was a
kid can’t really remember what it is now. But anyway, so the next thing I like to
do is I just get spare toothbrushes. I tend to never clean my lower receiver it
never really gets that dirty you see I have a few little spots in there that
have a little bit of grime on them. Every once in a while I’ll take it out and I’ll oil my pin here, but again it’s it’s pretty rare. So I just go through give a good
brushing. This is a kroger toothbrush I picked up. You can usually, at
the beginning of the school year, you can get them real cheap. You do the same thing at Wal-Mart. They are really cheap i got this one for like 61 cents. Just go there,
give it a good brushing to get out anything that, anything’s might be on there. It’s a little dirtier than what I thought it was gonna be, but still all in all not too bad. You
know I just, I’ll sit there and i’ll spray that
Ballistol as I kind of go through this. I didn’t have a script… So you just kind
of go through spray that Ballistol to let it sit there Ballistol is one of those
things where the more you use it the better gets. I keep forgetting where my frame is. I’m so sorry if I’m getting out of frame. I like to go through there and hit all
the parts you look in there it’s actually really
clean. A little residual but all in all a pretty clean lower. Every once in awhile I’ll go through and I’ll take it, as you well know anybody who’s watching this and has
a Sig or at least these 320’s, their big thing is the complete modular design so
you can you can take this lower frame out and it’s it’s easy to do you just
pull that pin pops right out. But I like to go through there and just give it a
good little wipe down with a rag once I’m done and I have run, gosh I don’t even know how many rounds
through this weapon. Thousand? Couple thousand since the last time I cleaned
maybe? And it still works amazingly well. I’m just using a microfiber cloth here and it
works really well. I got these, I wouldn’t recommend these if you look these are
from Amazon just AmazonBasics and they’re really thin. I would buy
a different brand but these work ok for cleaning my guns. So here we go. Get
that good and clean. You see again I’m getting out of frame, I
apologize, but I’m doing my best. So I got my barrel soaking. You never really need to do anything to your spring. I like to go through here and check. And if you look, this is still amazingly clean. Wow, how did that stay so clean? I’ll go through there and give that a little wipe down. Sometimes you can hit that with a little Ballistol and what I’ll do is I’ll show you here in a minute. I don’t actually have any of them, I ran
out of pipe cleaners you know like your kids play with. Pipe cleaners are a very
good tool to use here. I’ll go through like to use Q-tips. I know a lot of people say don’t use Q-tips you’ll get the fuzz in there, but I’ve never had any problem with it. So
you just go through there and give it a good little little wipe down on the
rails. Ok it was good little wipe down. If you
look, it’s a little on the dirty side. but it’s okay for a couple thousand rounds it’s not bad. I’ve used mixed ammo; I’ve shot the cheap stuff that shot the expensive stuff. I go back and forth based on what is available here and then what I can afford at the moment. Yes, a
little on the dirty side but we’re getting most of it out of there. It’s getting
better by the second. What you want to do is you want to clean
in and around there you’re firing pin, but I will tell you, do not go in there
and hit that with a bunch of this Ballistol or any lubricant that you’re
using. Stay away, you don’t want to get a bunch of lubricant down in there
because what will happen is you’ll get your lubricant down in there when your
firing pin, if you have any dirt or dust or any residual powder or anything else
like that what you’ll have is you’ll kind of gum it up there. So I tend… I
say I tend to… it’s not like it’s my rule but everybody’s rule… stay away from
the firing pin don’t don’t just hose this down you know there were your
striker is. Again just kind of give it a good wipe down and what I’ll do that
I’ve tend to use couple of the Q-tips here again. Get it
nice and clean. See it’s getting cleaner by the second. Already I’m wiping
down my rails are nice and clean. Cleaning there by the striker. Okay I would say that is clean so I like to do
next is i will take a little bit of this residual Ballistol. I should say don’t
don’t worry about this. I no this is a wooden bench Ok Ballistol is always completely fine on
wood, metal, anything else so don’t worry about it. Take it for what it is, it just
actually kinda works well on everything. I like to go through there and hit these
rails. Ok, I’ll just hit my rails and that way i
can have a nice and lubricated rail that slides well after that, I found. But this
is about the only only lubrication I’ll do. Okay right there just hit along the
rails. Okay so there we go now onto the barrel. Ok alright the lower is done, the spring I’m not doing anything, with so now on to the barrel. I had to reach back and get those. So we we’ve had our barrel soaking in the Ballistol. It’s actually really good stuff. I always
like to have a towel to pick it up with. Pick it up and I like to run one
of these 9mm size snakes through. You can just use… see, not a super dirty
barrel thank goodness. What was on there was there
when we started off. So that’s actually really good. So pretty clean barrel. These
actually, these actually rotate, so you can kind of feel
it if you put your hand in the wrong spot. That’s where it rotates. Put your hands there, you can actually feel it rotating through the rifling in the barrel so
that’s really a very free-flowing little piece of tech there.
So I always like to go through them here another little q-tip after I get wiped
down. I will tell you you start using this Ballistol, you’re
never going to completely get everything off of there. So just be aware of that. I mean all of the Ballistol. You’ll always going to have this film
that on there that’s kind of actually what’s really good about it. You see t’s clean; it’s not a super dirty barrel. It actually kind of almost has like a
coating on there which I really like and the more you use it the better it
gets. So I’ll just go through there and take my q-tip a couple spots stay it’s not
not terribly dirty. If you want you can take a dry patch you don’t want any
oil in your in your barrel. I always take a dry patch just kind of run
it through. I will say, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of clean dry
patches on hand finish everything off. I’ve such a bad habit, I
will set it back down in the Ballistol. Again don’t worry about that. Also you can so you see a kind of got a bit of a dirty toothbrush here, but there’s no oil on
the toothbrush. Whenever I go through my lower receiver I never want to have any
oil on this so I will always do this with dry brushes. Dry meaning no oil. So
whenever you saw me going through there and hitting it yes it was dirty but it was dry so
there’s no oil on the bottom part here. At the end the only oil in the upper is
just kinda long rails and that that’s it that’s the only part. Even then I got
a little bit too much back there. It’s not enough to even wipe. Also
whenever you kind of get to looking at it but completely dry up her except for
the front part of my rail. I know a lot of people put a little lube there. I
really don’t. It doesn’t really bother me and I’ve never had any trouble with it. So what i will do at the end though and I’ll
take my take my clean q-tip and I do like to hit my rails. There’s
just a little bit, I’ve got my Ballistol here just right there on the rails.
Actually just hit it again just a little bit on my Q-tips there. Just really
very lightly on your rails front and rear. Ok and that’s it just a little bit
here and a little bit there. I say completely dry, the mechanism’s
completely dry; I just like hit the rails a little bit there. You always go back to front Ok so this started off dry and stayed dry. So our barrel is nice and dry. If you want you to go through and hit your
spring knock off any carbon that might be in there, but again with this weapon I’ve
never I’ve never cleaned it to where I’ve had any carbon at all. If you want to wipe if off, that’s fine. But again, I’ve never really had any issues. So let’s reassemble. So
we go so here goes back in spring goes back in
rails back lock it back up ok we have been working on the lower
we’re working on the top three poles we’re good to go and that is a clean 320 there it is
ladies and gentlemen until next time we’ll figure out
something we can do

10 thoughts on “How to clean a Sig P320

  1. You are the only person I know who doesn't love the smell of Ballistol, too! It's like, Hickok45's Cologne 🙂 I use, and appreciate the smell. It's a reminder you're cleaning guns 🙂

  2. Stock up on ammo @,,, and I found those are the best… Nothing like $10/box of 50. The shipping is worth it when you buy a 1,000 rounds at a time.

  3. Hey, don't go to Amazon because you have to pay shipping… C'mon, tell people to go to your local hardware store and give THEM the business!

  4. If you dislike the video, please be sure and leave a comment. I'm brand new to YouTube video creation so any constructive commentary I get, I greatly appreciate it.

  5. I've seen so many people completely soak down their handguns with cleaner/oil…I am of the belief that less is more. Your cleaning regiment is the one I follow…good job with your cleaning how to!

  6. The frame tabs need lube on the top, side, and bottom. You just lubed the top. You don't think there's friction going on there?

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