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How to clean a shotgun

As you can see this is an old gun what is
known in the trade as a nail. If you add water and oxygen to metal it is going to rust. Your
pride and joy will soon end up like this. Every time you have been shooting, if you
are going to take your gun out on a regular basis, every week or even every fortnight,
just give your gun a basic clean. Take your gun apart into 3 main components, fore end,
the barrels, actional stock. Once you have removed any moisture and surface dirt, spray
the gun with a cleaning oil or fluid. If you use an oily rag great, but you are putting
oil back on to your gun every time so if you remove any dirt with clean kitchen roll and
reapply new stuff with new kitchen roll or something similar, you are not adding dirt
and grit which will scratch the action or the finish on the woodwork. Spray down the
barrel with your spray or any other spray. Get a …..brush like so. You can get 2 sized
brushes obviously for different calibres. You can have a chamber brush and a ball brush.
The chamber brush is for a slightly larger area where
your shells go. Give it a damn good scrub, then push it right the way through push through
several times. Once you have done that and you have loosened any fouling that is in there.
Take a standard piece of kitchen roll, put it into the top of the barrel like that, simply
brush it through, out it comes the other end. That is such a tight seal it will have moved
most. Then you will find the bores inside will be highly polished and cleaned. You can
then reapply a slight amount of oil just to prevent any moisture getting back into the
barrels and eating away. If you look after them, guns will last you a lifetime.

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