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How to Clean a Handgun – Concealed Carry Training Videos (CCTV)

Hello, I’m Chuck, with Alien Gear Holsters,
and welcome to the next episode in Concealed Carry Training Videos. Today’s topic: how to clean a handgun. Ok, today we’ll be cleaning my Springfield XD Tactical 45, and number one thing you
want to remember is always make sure that weapon is pointed in a safe
direction, and make sure it is unloaded So you want to drop your magazine out, open the action, inspect it, and we’re just gonna do a basic minimum cleaning on this. This is your take down
right here, on this particular weapon, you push it up. This is your slide release. You’re
gonna hang onto the slide as you release this, lets the slide go forward, remove
it from the receiver. So you can take this down a little farther, taking the barrel out to do a little deeper cleaning just a quick feel cleaning, a basic cleaning.
Couple different things you can use on them, you got some liquid solvents,
available your local gun store. You’ve got some spray solvents also available. I prefer
a particular one by Winchester, simply because this is a solvent and lubricant all at
one. You can clean the gun with this and leave it on there. So, you wanna good
basic cleaning kit. This is a more advanced cleaning kit, this is a pretty
simple portable cleaning kit. Use your spray cleaner, your solvent, get it in there leaving
it together, get your barrel swabbed out real good. Cleaned out. Take your q-tips,
and clean on those slide rails in here, get those cleaned up good, and any spot
that’s going to contact the receiver that could cause the weapon to hang up
when you’re firing it, get those cleaned out Get it wiped down good. and if you’re using a regular solvent, you get it wiped down good. Take some of your oil once again on a Q-tip get in there and oil things
down or in case you’re using the spray cleaner combination lubricant you’re
basically done there. Finish cleaning the slide out, give it a spray down. Sorry, the receiver, not the slide. Want to pay particular attention to
your slide guides here on both sides, make sure those are good and clean and
wiped out. Once again that’s a potential for the gun to misfire or hang up on you. Got those cleaned out, get in there with q-tips, go down deep into the magazine wall on both sides, get that
wiped down good. Basically ready to reassemble the weapon at that point, you
was a slide back on the receiver, lock it back, reengage the takedown tool, slide goes forward. Make sure its functioning. And you’re good to go with a clean weapon. Now let’s go through a thorough cleaning. So we’ll
start with just cleaning the slide and the barrel. So you got a spring in here with
the two – that’s the action that operates the slide when the gas is released, when the
weapon is fired. You want to take to spring out, you want to be careful with these because
the springs are really powerful, smaller calibers like a .380 or a nine millimeter,
it’s pretty easy, .45’s a little tougher. Once you’re inside, most all the
autoloaders are the same. Pull the barrel out, separate the slide from the barrel. You look down there
and see your lands and grooves which are the twists that makes the bullet spin,
that keeps it accurate. The dirtier those are, the less accurate the
weapon. That’s one important reason to keep that clean. Another important reason
to keep the weapon clean is longevity of the weapon, as well. So we’ll get into the
cleaning here now. One thing you wanna have on hand, most of the time, is some basic q-tips so you’re getting the nooks and crannies, if you got a partcularly dirty gun, you gotta get some of that stuff out of there. So we’ll our spray cleaner and shoot it down the barrel a little bit here. Get some in there, and get it clean. And you want to make sure
you use the right cleaner for the caliber that you got, that one is. You get a
cleaning rod from your kit, attach to the brush or rod, heavily felled, you want to
use your brass to clean it thoroughly clean, maybe just a few shots, been
shooting some clean ammunition, nothing that’s lead, something kind of jacketed. Gonna run your rod through it a few times, clean it off. Get the stuff out of there. You can run a patch through, to take the rest of the residue off, if you’re using a plain old solvent. As I stated
before, this particular cleaner’s a cleaner/solvent/protector, if you oil so you don’t have to do that. One that’s clean, you
can spray your slide down a little bit, get in there with your q-tip and get in those spots
that might be particularly dirty or hard to get to. Then you get a good basic cleaning on these, get them wiped down, and you can move on to your receiver. Once again, give it a light spraying, give it a good wiping down, get in there with a q-tip, clean it off, get it cleaned up. Get inside where your magazine goes. Speaking of magazines, that’s one thing you can’t neglect. You
have to address your magazines as well. Most magazines take down basically the
same way, there’s a button on the bottom. They get dirty, and your ammunition won’t feed fully, and those can cause misfires as well. Most of the time, you’ve got a button on these
things, you just push down and slide this forward. You want to be careful, there’s a
spring in here, so keep your thumb over it. Might wanna wear safety glasses when
you’re using the sprays and playing with the springs. You disassemble it, pretty
simple, you just cleaned that out with a rag, wipe it out. Plastic magazine, just wipe it off;
metal magazines, I would probably use the spray cleaner on, clean them off, get that
lubricant on there. Reassemble these, just the opposite of what you did, taking it
apart. Once again, that’s back together. So we got everything wiped down pretty good, got some
lubrication on it. So we’ll go ahead and reassemble it back, basically in reverse, grab your slide, put your barrel back in, paying attention to orientation, run that forward, put the spring
back in, lock it back into the barrel. Once again, the .45 caliber has a really tough
spring, so make sure you’re careful with that. Visually inspect, make sure that’s good, that’s good. I’m gonna reassemble it, bring it back, lock it back. Drop it back down. Weapon’s locked, slide it, inspect it, rack it a few times, make sure everything’s good to go. And that concludes the cleaning portion, the pistol. Thanks for watching. Remember to
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