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How To Clean A Glock Semi Automatic Pistol

up you know this is Matt the 2019 I’m a
concert request people always want to know how I clean my Glocks like a
legitimately and stuff like yo. ya mean? at work with them and figures that
they’ve done it several hundred times Canada what I’m doing guess baby but a all I do script the frame frame internals apps in his heart
lobbies and then wipe the farm down with paper towels and q-tips and then I hit
the ball or with this in remington bore cleaner it’s as simple as that and a this is
what it looks like missed if you’re brushing and perhaps take your train crashed successful fashion cycle Ste by K K striker yes controlled speaks to block a piece just what down changes critics of service possible a thorough job amazed brush it down
through four times to redo Richard I’m cycling to see that
cute it’s pretty Jersey can get in there and the group’s which
would mean that one hit this is the second time casper’s well done do the same with the
parts it for control group Ste dominated for as it’s just that not like its q3 same the slightest said text families detail the strips the
slightest students lost after stream which one losses regularly struck down the slide
including souls trust generally heated for asking Ste Ste was down scant actually phone of 30 tracks from lost naval ship want first father carrying their pursuit of this is most recent carry case you for
cleaning you shutting occasion remember the last time
risotto the slide rails clean pretty cliched you the second hit Israel’s second time
with the brush but the time to do that camera for the payroll shitty outside the with your hearts down
the claw pretty much just follow the instructions
from poor cleaner through simple she’s a patch here proclaimed his innocence if you can show
discounters like to clean it mcguinness sided with a clean patch yes pages 3 he do that now hit with another clean page has over
oil remove oil on it disrespected Arroyo pass through Mike pearls leaking and that’s the simple as
that you guys going noise all those people
keep asking me how I clean my clock there it is good going there’s a clean block up really go simple well it takes a couple
minutes clean which blew up person for over 10 sure up thanks for watching you the 20k please feel free to leave a
comment %uh work or video you would like to see text
if you haven’t already please subscribe hit that like button there thank you for watching as the total lack
of way

38 thoughts on “How To Clean A Glock Semi Automatic Pistol

  1. For real on 4/20 do a special brownie Glock. You don't have to use real "product" in the brownies just use some oregano and tell everyone you live in Washington. I would like to see it baked but just the batter would do. 

  2. This video is a crock of shit! We all know you put it into a bowl of hoppes no. 9. Then set the hoppes on fire and wait 1-2 mins tops. 'merica

  3. @MattV2099: Guns & Food If i send you some jb weld will you do it? If you don't want to risk dying with glock parts sticking out of your head i guess i'll do it when i'm old enough to buy guns.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up matt I thought that there was a reason not to use hoppes in glock barrels. Operate on!

  5. Thanks for clearing that up matt I thought that there was a reason not to use hoppes in glock barrels. Operate on!

  6. uhh NO matt its pronounced hoppies not hops..just watch the commercials on here or talk to one of their reps like I did!.but anyways after smothering your pistols in frog lube pronounced (frog lube) why in the hell would you go back to using all this toxic clp when froggies does it ALL and cleaner?

  7. I don't own a gun, I'm part of the Brady campaign, but from what I have read about glocks, after you clean them it's recommended to lightly lube a q-tip and dab lightly the lubrication on 3 points of the glock before assembly. Least that's what I read on the online owners manual. I'm not a gun owner so I don't know and am not sure the manufacturers suggestions mean anything. 

  8. Sadly, I thought you were going to clean it with Twinkies or jello. But no, you had to go for useful tips. What a jerk.

  9. Do you use the nylon bore brush? It looks like it on this vid. There is always the debate on brass vs. nylon brushes on glocks.

  10. U should make a step by step break down of the glock in great detail! Thnx! Hope to see that video! 🙂

  11. The tool to the lest of the screen. You mentioned it in a different video. But can you tell me the name of it please?

  12. No it is pronounced hopeez.  If you think it's more manly to mis-pronounce the name, oh well.

    Hoppe's No. 9

    I think the company know how to pronounce its own name.

  13. NEVER dip the brush in the solvent, you will get particulates from previous cleanings from the brush into the solvent contaminating the solvent.

  14. Do you use froglube on any of your Glocks? I had mine froglubed when my 19 went in for night sights. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not.

  15. Thanks for making this vid! Although I don't have a Glock, it helped me clean my Ruger P95 to my liking. I traded my Maverick .88 12 Gauge for it and it had a lil rust like spotting on the outside I wasn't too fond of. I sprayed it down with CLP and let it cure for about 2 hrs then went to work with a toothbrush and a Scotch Brite sponge. Most importantly this is the only vid I've seen where someone shows how to clean the polyurethane handle. Thank you sir

  16. Hello,A-Class ultrasonic cleaner can help you clean brush, carb,ring,watch,glass,gun and so on.Are you interested?Please check  our website as below

  17. Put the whole gun field stripped in a container with Simple Green PRO HD the purple stuff. It's the same as the SG aircraft but half the price. and warm water. Swoosh it around and leave it in for 5 minutes. Take it out rinse it off warm water. Dry it with cloth or paper towel and hair dryer. You can feel how clean that gun is. I use Ballistol to lube it up you can use your favorite oils.

  18. look up the Company's own youtube vids, they pronounce it correctly = "Hoppeez" not "Hops".

  19. >Can't Pronounce Hoppe's
    >Uses Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner anyway
    >Applies it to every part of the gun besides the bore


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