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How to Choose the Best Sights For Your GLOCK | Pistol Fundamentals | Tactical Rifleman

all right so you guys know I’m a big fan
of Glock pistols the military uses them they’re just good they run that’s their
best selling point so because of that I’m not big on replacing a lot of parts
on a Glock that said one part that I do believe in replacing are the sights now
your standard Glock sights you have wiped out in the front you’ve got your
white box on the back I’m just not a big fan of that they’re not very visible in
the dark they’re hard to require the the bright rear sight bleeds out that front
sight when you’re trying to do rapid acquisition when you’re shooting fast
and so I prefer a brighter front sight now there’s a lot of people that scream
lasers are the best because it allows you to I stay tracked on target the
problem with lasers and here’s a prime example right here this is a rear sight
that actually has a laser built into it has an on/off switch to the side right
so it doesn’t interfere you don’t put anything else inside great concept of
all my wife would have to do is push the button and turn on that laser and she’s
ready to go the problem with that is where’s the weak point of lasers
electronics but batteries now your wife’s pistol or your concealed carry if
you’re not using it a lot that laser or that light is going to fail you it right
when you need it most we turn this laser on brother this puppy doesn’t work right
lasers fine what I want are bright sights that I can see now
fiber-optic sights are great during the day these are Dawson precision sights as
a very large fiber-optic sight up front they’re micro adjustable that great
target sights this is actually the pistol I compete three gun with very
very bright front fiber optic sights easy to find the problem with this
though is I’ve probably gone through about six or seven fiber optic front
wires here through this site they break they fall off it when’s that going to
happen exactly right when I don’t need it to happen not that big a deal in the
competition but if it’s the moment of truth
life or death you don’t want to lose that front sight so I prefer sites that
you can actually see all the time now my preferred are the Trijicon HDS now I
still have a bright orange front dot on that front sight however the rear sights
and the front sight also have tritium inserts so during the day well I’m on
the range whatever I’ve still got that bright front sight just like the pistol
that I compete with my muscle memories still there everything applies the same
however if I go into that area my pistol light goes down I can’t see what’s going
on I still have the tritium inserts in the rear sight and the front sight so I
can lean that I’ll line them up and I can get rounds on target
now not all fiber optic and tritium sights are are are good to go they’re
just not now true bloke came out with some of the tf-x pros great great
concept they they took it a step further they have fiber optic front and rear but
they also put tritium inserts in both the front and the rear sight great great
concept right so even if the Sun goes down you can still see those sights and
line them up because they have tritium in them great concept my problem with it
though is the dots on the rear sight are large just like the front because it’s
closer to my eye then the front sight is it’s harder for me to find that front
sight and that really really bothers me during the day everything I need to be
able to acquire that front sight very very fast so great concept give it a try
they’re good sights are good quality however if you would ask me my personal
preference and I don’t usually pick one brand over another but I’m here to tell
you the trick on HDS good they have a choice of eye
yellow front dot or bright red I prefer this red and orange one because I run
red fiber optics and competition with the tritium inserts in the back I’m here
to tell you these sites are awesome right now changing sights is not that
hard to change the front sight and once you’ve got that slide off all you need
is a small wrench usually comes with the sights hexagon on top and it just
unscrews the base of that front sight comes out put the new one on tighten it
down don’t forget to apply your lock tight now rear sights you’re going to
need a Glock rear sight tool real easy match it so your slide goes in here spin
it this arm will go across pushes that rear sight out set your new sight in the
slot push it back in get it take it out on the range tweak it left to right
wherever it needs to be so that your pistols very zeroed again not hard this
is all user level adjustments that can be done without going to a gunsmith so
again our Glocks are awesome great pistols I don’t recommend doing a lot of
changes to them but for sure one thing right off the bat put on sites that are
going to serve you at the moment its recipient sitting it

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