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How to Choose A Bed Cover For Your Chevy Silverado – The Haul

Hey guys. It’s Sara with And in this episode of “The Haul,” we’re breaking
down bed covers for your Silverado. When it comes to choosing a bed cover or tonneau
cover, it’s easy to get overwhelmed because there are a ton of choices and some that are
gonna meet your particular needs better than others. We will go over the pros and cons of each
cover and the basics when it comes to the operation of each one. From soft covers, to hard folding covers,
to rolling hardcovers, and even one-piece hinged and retractable covers, there’s a lot
of information out there. So, let’s break it down, starting with one
of the most basic options, the rolling soft cover. Up first, we have the tried and true soft
cover. This soft cover is the TruXedo TruXport Soft
Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. This is one of the first choices for truck
owners, feels it’s the most budget-friendly way to cover your bed. It does exactly what it’s meant to do, covers
the bed quickly and easily, and gets out of the way in a flash without all the bells and
whistles to keep some money in your pocket. Another great feature is that the soft roll-up
cover has the smallest footprint when it’s rolled all the way up. So, if you’re frequently hauling oversized
cargo, you’re gonna benefit from the extra space. As far as the price goes, this one comes in
at around $325. So, choosing a soft cover can save you thousands
over higher-end options. Now, to the first con of the soft cover, which
is a con for any soft cover. It won’t provide as much protection from theft
as a hard cover would. Also, depending on where you live, the vinyl
is prone to stretching or shrinking in extreme hot or cold, which can make fitting it over
the rails a pain. Now, this particular cover stands out from
other soft covers because instead of snaps or other fasteners, it features Velcro. This is gonna help with the ease of fitment
over the rails, which makes it that much faster to open and close. It’s also one of the lower-profile options
out there. Where some other soft covers bow in the center,
this one is flat across the top, giving your truck that streamlined look that you usually
only get with a hard cover. Bottom line is you’re looking for one of the
fastest, and certainly, in the most budget-friendly ways to cover your bed and protect it from
the elements, a rolling soft cover will get the job done. Next up is arguably the most popular type
of tonneau and definitely the one I install most, the hard tri-fold tonneau. Representing the trifold is the Extang EnCore
Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. There’s good reason for this cover’s popularity. It offers protection from the elements and
does one better by offering theft protection that you don’t get with a soft cover. Well, with more protection comes a higher
cost, and these do go up in price significantly when you jump from a soft cover to a hard
cover. This one comes in at around $950. One thing I like about this cover is that
it sits fairly flush to the bed, similar to the soft cover that we just saw. There are other tri-fold options that sit
completely flush to the bed and other options that sit quite a bit higher, and this option
falls right about in the middle. This tri-fold features automotive-grade polymer
material with a sleek black finish. Other tri-folds feature fiberglass or aluminum
as well, and all are strong enough to keep out the elements and keep the contents of
your bed secure. In addition, it can be operated in any position
because it locks in place while other options are either fully covered or fully folded. The next big pro with this cover is that it
has one of the fastest operations unfolding in seconds to cover your bed or folding away
easily to accommodate larger cargo. One thing I wanna note about this cover is
that unlike other tri-folds, it doesn’t fold all the way up to your back window. This feature has its pros and cons. It doesn’t block your back window like other
tri-folds when it’s folded all the way up, but you lose about the last two feet of your
bed. So, if you’re frequently hauling furniture,
this may not work best. However, that makes room for one of the cooler
features of this cover, and that is the front-most panel lifts up for access to the front of
your bed. Where others you have to fold the cover all
the way up, this one is as easy as unlocking and turning to open that one section. It also features a self-locking mechanism
with a programmable key so you can make it work with the key to your truck. Now, this is not quite what you’re looking
for if the traditional styles of tri-fold go all the way up to your back window. And if you’re looking for bed space and don’t
mind obstructing your view now and again, the traditional style may work best for you. With either style, if you’re looking for more
protection and wanna cover the folds away quickly and easily, the tri-fold is the way
to go. Next up is the rolling hardcover. This one is the BAK Industries Revolver X4
Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. At first glance, it looks like a soft cover,
but upon closer inspection, you can tell it’s aluminum. This really is a hybrid of both hard and soft
covers, getting you the security of a hard cover with the low profile and small footprint
of a soft cover. This one will run you a bit more than the
tri-fold that we just saw, coming in at around $1,050. But since it’s not a big jump price-wise,
it may be worth springing for the benefits of the rolling hard cover. When rolled all the way out, it’s so low profile
you can barely tell it’s installed on the truck, and even when you roll it back to the
bulkhead, it really doesn’t take up that much space. That being said, it does take up a bit more
space than the soft roll-up cover or tri-fold, but you get full access to your back window
where the tri-fold style tends to get in the way. Another con of this type of cover is that
unlike a trifold, you can’t operate it in multiple positions. It is all or nothing with this style, but
it does include straps, so you can operate this in the open or closed position. So, if you’re looking for one the most low-profile
covers on the market and want the best of both worlds, a rolling hard cover like this
one is an excellent choice On to one of the newer options in tonneaus,
the retractable tonneau cover. This one is the Retrax RetraxONE XR Tonneau
Cover. And these are a little newer on the scene
than some other options, and they offer the same sleek design as the last cover but with
a different look. You can definitely tell this as a hardcover
right away. These can run you quite a bit more than the
other hard cover styles, and this one comes in right around $1,400. The RetraxONE cover is constructed from a
one-piece polycarbonate sheet and features an integrated lock. Retractable tonneau covers are a top-of-the-line
choice as well as one of the best-looking covers out there, and as far as ease of operation
and security, it doesn’t get any better than this. Another great pro for this cover is thanks
to the design, you’re able to lock your cover in different operating positions, similar
to the tri-fold, but it takes it one step further and allows you to operate the cover
in really any position along the rails rather than the four operating positions of the tri-fold
or the all or nothing with the other options. Once all the way open, there are no issues
with visibility, and you get access to most of your bed. This brings us to the biggest con of this
style of cover, and that is the canister it rolls into. This makes it easy and convenient to use,
but the tradeoff is that you lose the one to two feet of space in your bed. If you haul a lot of longer cargo frequently
like building supplies or furniture, this may not be the one for you. But if you can spare the real estate, this
cover is a great option. Last but not least, the one-piece hinge hard
cover. This cover is the UnderCover Elite Hinged
Tonneau Cover in textured black. It’s also available in paint match, and unpainted
as well, so you can match to your truck or customize it yourself, there are plenty of
options. This style of cover has been around for as
long as tonneaus have and this is tried and true as a soft roll-up. Although it’s a large piece, with a friend,
the install is just as simple as these other options. And at around $1,100, the price is comparable
to the hard roll-up. As for theft protection, this option has it
covered. And because of its design, it can’t be beat
as far as weather protection. Instead of sitting on part of the bed rails,
it wraps around them, giving you the most protection from the elements. All of these other options should be fairly
waterproof, but there are still some fail points like seams and channels that could
potentially let water in, where this hinged covers design eliminates those. Another pro of this style is that it opens
with ease, thanks to its struts, allowing you to access your entire bed so you don’t
have to sacrifice any space. This brings us to the first con. If you plan to haul anything that would stick
out of the top of the bed, let’s say you’re reluctantly helping your buddy move a large
couch, it’s not gonna work with this cover. I will say it’s very easy to install and uninstall,
and as a bonus, it comes with a hook for your garage. So, if you’re hauling larger cargo, you can
remove it and store it easily. But if you’re in a pinch and you aren’t at
home, you’re at a yard sale and see a pool table that would be the perfect addition to
your basement, this can present a problem. However, if this is less of an issue for you
and you want the best in weather and theft protection, this hinged tonneau cover delivers. So, that’s gonna do it for this episode of
“The Haul.” Let us know what you guys think of these styles
in the comments below. And if you like this video, let us know what
you’d like to see us cover next. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. And remember, for all things Silverado, keep
it right here at

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  2. What about other hard tops like the diamondback that have sections that fold up there are other options wish you had included those bit good vid keep it up

  3. I have the Undercover Elite LX on my 2015 Silverado with full bed. It's painted to match the truck. I have been very happy with it. It looks good, it's easy to open, locks with the truck key, and is as dry as a bone even in driving rain. It even has a light.

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