How to Change Your Weapon Camo on Battlefield 1 for Xbox One.

What’s up everybody Monkiedude22 here for another tutorial video this time for Battlefield one and i want to throw a special shout-out to the xbox ambassadors program of which I’m a part for making this video possible with them being so gracious and offering me a free copy to make some videos with if you’d like to learn more about the xbox ambassadors program be sure to check out community on / ambassadors so let’s go ahead and get started in this video I’m going to show you how to change your weapon camel skins and battlefield won both on the console and on battlefield calm now maybe you have a lot of pre-order bonus can or unlocked one throughout the course of the game either way this video is going to show you where you need to go to change your weapon camos first things first typically in Battlefield games are able to make these changes in the main menu well you can change some things weapons cameras are not one of them you need to do this inside of a multiplayer match set up where you can edit your loadouts start off by booting up battlefield one of course and start up any old match you 1i chose conquest in this video because it’s my favorite mode and it just looks awesome after the match is loaded up and you selected your squad you’ll see a few options at the bottom of the screen plus the left or right bumper to pick your class and then press Y to enter the customized screen from the customized screen you’ll find the ability to highlight your primary and sidearm both with gears and the y button is an option press the Y button to enter the modify screen and just below recoil direction you’ll see visuals select that option and you’ll see all of the weapons cameras that you have available to you highlight and pressing on the camera you want then be to back out after you select your spawn point you’ll be boots on the ground with your newly equipped weapon camo and ready to take on the battlefield so now we’ve covered how to change cameras in the game but what if you don’t want to rush and change your loadout during the match what if you want to do this beforehand well I got you covered to do this online head on over to battlefield . com and the upper right-hand corner go ahead and click on sign in and sign in with your EA account email address and password once you successfully signed in you want to hover over the gamertag in the top right and select battlefield one this is going to take you into the main menu for your character on battlefield one go ahead and click on boat out at the top of the screen and then select the class or vehicle you wish to edit once you’ve selected your class go ahead and select the weapon that you wish to customize and scroll down just a bit here you’ll see the options for optics magnification barrel recoil direction and visuals go ahead and click on visuals like you did on the console and this will give you the option to change the camos it can take a second or two for the website to sync up with the console you may need to sign out and back into the game to see the changes take effect but if you’re done here with all the different customizations feel free to jump back into the fray on the console and fight for glory now that you’ve seen two ways to customize your weapons camos feel free to tinker with the other options available to you both on the console and on battlefield com further tips tricks and troubleshooting be sure to check out as well as I’m Monkiedude22 as a part of the xbox ambassadors program on youtube please leave a like and a comment if this video was helpful to you and be sure to subscribe as I post support content and other videos regularly thanks again for watching and I’ll see you on xbox live

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