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How to Bring a Firearm to BWI Airport

So what we want to do is remind people
that if you want to travel with a firearm on a plane you can there’s a
right way to do it and a wrong way to do it and the right way to do it is that
you want to make sure that it’s unloaded that it is packed in a hard sided case
you want to make sure that the ammunition is packed next to but not in
the gun again not loaded so here you see the magazine even if that had ammunition in it you put that next to it if you had a box of ammunition you would want to
put the box over here to the side of the case all right then you make sure that
it’s got a lock you see this money this case has a lock hole for lock here some
cases have two or three locks for a shotgun it has multiple places to either
lock your firearm to make sure it stays in the case okay then you take that
firearm take it to your check-in counter never bring it to a checkpoint take it
to your check-in counter and the airline agent will have you fill out some forms
here are some examples of forms there are short forms it won’t even take you
five minutes to fill out probably won’t even take you a minute all right these
are declarations that you’re traveling with a firearm you’re going to make sure
that it’s unloaded that it’s packed properly and then it goes in the belly
of the plane it travels just like a check bag again you know even if you
have a concealed carry permit if you have a firearm permit it does not permit
you to bring a firearm to the checkpoint or pass the champion also keep in mind
replica firearms while not illegal are also prohibited at the checkpoint In 2017
three 3,957 people brought a gun to a
checkpoint nationwide here at BWI Airport 26 people showed up with their
guns 26 people you want to get arrested that’s a great way to get arrested
what happens is when TSA officers spot something that they believe is a firearm
in the x-ray machine the the firearm stays in the x-ray machine and we call
the police they come they confirm whether it is actually a firearm or
perhaps a replica firearm and then they take it from there
so once we’re called and we deem the firearm we look at it make sure
obviously it’s not a replica because people do bring replica firearms to the
screening point or or a real one we will deem the firearm safe and once
from that point you are now a violation of Maryland criminal law you will be
placed under arrest while MDTA officer and then you will go through arrest
process where you will face criminal charges for one for carrying transporting or wearing a firearm and you also will face
interfering with security procedures at the checkpoint
we gotta remind you double check triple check your bags before you leave your
house BWI and the MBTA police security is our number one priority here so we
want to remind people you know safety is everything you will be placed we will
face criminal charges if you bring your firearm to the checkpoint if you’re ever
unsure whether you can bring something in a check bag a carry-on bag either or
neither you can check our website TSA cog in the upper right hand corner we
have a feature when I fly can I bring my type in the item and right away we’ll
let you know for you social media okay so TSA has a great Twitter account it’s
called at ask TSA and all you have to do is tweet a picture of the item to us ask
us can you put in your check bag your carry-on bag or the other option is you
just explain what the item is can I bring my ammunition can I bring my
magazine clip so don’t bring your replica for us the Check Point toy guns
or antiques non-functioning ones put them in your check back that’s what we
would prefer

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