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How to break Dark Souls 3 with ANY weapon (PKCS & Storm Ruler)

100 thoughts on “How to break Dark Souls 3 with ANY weapon (PKCS & Storm Ruler)

  1. I made a playthrough with the PKCS and I'm not really convinced. It's not trash but it's not overpowered either because, like every twinkling titanite weapon, it's more for a quality build than a dex one.
    But it's nonetheless a pretty solid weapon (I would say mid-tier).

  2. Or, if you don't mind killing Watchers, you can get 2 twinkles from Catacombs and Lake, and get the 5 from the painted world, which gets you to 15. Saves you killing Friede, but being the masochistic SOB that ymfah is, you can just follow the guide and do Friede early AGAIN lmao

  3. If anyone lazy enough and doesnt want to look at the description the song at the beginning is powerwolf christ and combat there saved you 30 min of your life lookin for the song

  4. ymfah if you like powerwolf listen to Mille Petrozza's cover of Amen and Attack, theY MADE POWERWOLF BLACK METAL IT'S BADASS

  5. LMAO, I've never seen the "weapon at risk" warning, coz I'm not a fucking goof. Like, how the actual fuck do you break a weapon in ds3?!

  6. you get a like to using sim 1 buy mode music lol. i only wanna break 1 boss and that's the nameless king. that mother fucker is testing me.

  7. And where is a "break"? Go kill Friede and you will have +5 shitty saber? Wow! Fantastic! Why not Midir? "Kill Midir and Abyss Watchers will be easier!". Stupid video.

  8. there's a way easier way to get a titanite slab than killing friede, when you get to the bridge at ariandel, go right and do a spook quit out and then you climb up the long ladder and there you get a titanite slab

  9. two problem for me: first the crow man just before the ladder to enter in the rotten village of Ariandel… cannot fight him or pass him easily without stuff (kill me twice before I go up the ladder)

    second: cannot win against the Friede's knight…. the rest is easy peasy, but that is, for me, a pain in the ass :'(

  10. Pro ds3 player: killing the dancer is one of the best early game things you can do

    Ymfah: hold my beer.

  11. Ymfah: do a video something related to ds3 that has dlcs
    Friede, Demon Prince, Midir: Ah shit, here we go again.

  12. It is a known fact that people who play dark souls get lucky and almost kill the boss on their first try, they die, and then the cycle of death starts

  13. Он убил самого сложного босса серии(Мидир) с первой попытки. Пойду повешусь, пожалуй.

  14. Decent walkthrough. Of you didn't cut every 3 seconds and actually show where to go, then I wouldn't to continuously look for where items are. Super frustrating especially for first time players

  15. for the twinkling tiddies, it'd be faster and easier to kill dancer before you kill friede. Then, go through Lothric Castle. You get a slab when you go down to the depths of the painting. You get a few like maybe 3 or 4 twinklies through the normal progression of the rest of the dlc leading up to fighting dunnel in the basement. Then all you need is like 2 or 3 more from lothric castle. Which is very quick and easy to get

  16. There are like 9 scales in Lotchric Castle and killing Dancer is much easier than killing the Demon Prince TBH.

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