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HOW TO BE A PRO BSW SNIPER | Tips and Secrets

hello habibis, welcome to the most
demanding sniper tutorial so today I’m going to show you how you can get better
with BSW revealing all the tips and tricks and all the secrets of this weapon. So without any further ado… Alright! let’s
go to step number one, first of all I want you to know that the BSW is
the most difficult weapon to learn so you will get you ass kicked a lot. That’s
actually what I wanted to say. So get all of your loadouts converted to BSW
except for this one, you know; for deserving maranubs but don’t go too crazy with this sh*t you crazy motherfu**er. Now once
you have taken all the BSW loadouts, jump into the multiplayer and practice
with it and I will see you Habibis in the next video. I’m joking, I’m joking there are more steps. Step number two, you
need to learn the aiming system so there are three modes of BSW; First one,
noscope in which you keep running around shooting with your gun without going
into the scope and the second one Hard scope in which you go aim down sight
for a longer period of time and try to get to your target the third one and the
most important one is quick scope in which you go in ADS or aim down sight for a
fraction of a second to get to your target. Now that you have learned
about these three Aiming modes we can move to step number 3. So in step
number 3, now that you know about all three modes of the gun and you might
have guessed that quick scope is the most powerful mode of BSW so it’s time to
learn quick scoping using the very basic techniques. First of all, you know that
whenever you shoot your bullets always go in the center of your screen. So for
quick scoping all you have to do is to put your enemy right in the center of
your screen and press right click and left-click together. Well right click a bit before pressing left click. and if you have
trouble knowing the center of your screen go into a campaign and take the
BSW with you, hold right click and press
ESC, go to settings, customize HUD and drag this thing in the center. Now you will
feel a lot more wierd than before, I’m just joking man it serves the purpose
that you will now know the center of your screen, because… now that you know
all this stuff that you needed to know in step number four you just need to
practice and i make it clear again that you at least need a month of practice to
start getting positive scores and in the start well you will get rekt real hard
and that was the reason why I asked you to convert your loadouts to BSW. I know you guys can do very well with Grinder,
I know you guys can do very well with this shit but put your ego aside for a
month and practice and I promise you that a month later you will be proud of
yourself. Practice at least three hours a day and I suggest you to lower your
ranking just so you don’t get against this crazy motherf**ker and do remember that
most powerful aiming system or aiming mode of the BSW is quickscoping so
don’t try to noscope or hard scope your enemy rather focus on quick scope which
is far more quicker. And if you are having hard time training against players then jump
into this map and keep running around and quick scope these things to
get a better feeling of the quick scope and there’s a warning here, don’t
practice in campaign because the sensitivity in campaign is not same as
multi player sensitivity also the ping factor doesn’t exist in campaign so just
don’t do it. Okey-dokey, now that you know all about
your BSW now it’s time for the secrets. So the
first one is to adjust your movement with the target to hit them rather than
standing at a position and then adjusting your aim. It’s something that you will
learn with time and after a few months you will be able to adjust your movement
and your aim together and that’s the time when you can call yourself a pro
and here’s the little demonstration… And the second secret is about cores so you
always need to have Impetum core and evil eye core on your loadout. So
impetum core acts as a radar for you so if there is anything in fifteen meter of
your radius then it’s gonna give you that speed boost which is gonna save you quite a lot because you’ll be able to hit them before they hit you because you
already know that they are near you and secondly evil eye is something that
makes the enemy visible to the wall so it’s it’s quite easier to hard scope
the enemies with evil eye. Third secret it’s quite clear to all players but a lot of
players don’t know about it. There is something called wall glitching which is
a way to kill someone behind the corner and they won’t even see you on
their screen. Now to perform wall glitching, you just need to stand behind
the corner, wait for evil eye and quickly aim and move to the side, shoot
your target and get behind the corner again. This way, your enemy won’t even see
you because well, most of the gameloft servers are sh*tier. Last
and most important secret! Subscribe man there is no other secret left. And I will see you habibis in the next video.

37 thoughts on “HOW TO BE A PRO BSW SNIPER | Tips and Secrets

  1. It's Glad that u started making Vids in a even more Funny & enjoyable way with ur edits and speech rather than being slightly Serious like u were before xD Keep Burning down dude , Much love from APA 💖

  2. Bro liking these videos you post but i need help any tips on Ver power and Hans&Gret the game is rigged bro anytime i get back to diamond league if i come first,second or third they took from

  3. For some reason t6 snipe for me easier to quick scope while this one I usually run like headless chicken and no scope or hard scope

  4. Haha man !! The truth is that you are very good, with the editing and good of you to bring some comedy in them😂🤣 Nice video!! Sniper OP 🙂

  5. Hellfire, I deleted the game a long time ago, but before that, i got most kills by bsw which overtook grinder, and hell yeah! I was inspired by you! I deleted the game, still I watch your videos, they are too amazing to ignore! love you man!

  6. I play on adroind using 2 fingers and a trigger 😅 its impossible to quick scope. But i try the first 2 steps. Thanks bro.

  7. Ma vettem észre hogy te is benne vagy a nagy magyarok dc be xddd es h magyar vagy hat elismeresem fonok nagy player vagy

  8. By the way thanks habibi for the tips. Ive been practicing from since yesterday and Im already seeing a bit of improvement than what I was doing before

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