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How To Abuse The Combat Shotgun + Hit MORE Shots! Fortnite Combat Shotgun Tips!

Hey guys in today’s video I am going to be talking about how you can abuse the combat shotgun in fortnite battle royale but before I get into that if this video does help you now then leave a like and subscribe for more content like this and Also use my support a creator code in the fortnite shop with that out of the way Let’s get into the main topic of the video so by abusing the combat shotgun I just mean being able to use it to your full advantage as it is a great weapon to use in the game The first tip I have when using the combat shotgun is to get headshots Now this may sound like a common and old technique but it is really effective headshots make a huge difference when it comes to the combat as it has a headshot multiplier of 1.7 times The blue combat typically does 73 body shot damage so the lowest damage at headshot would do on a combat is 124 which is a lot especially with the combat fast fire rate This may seem like a skill only experienced and professional players can do but it is quite easy to do with a lot of practice and Creative as there are a lot of helpful aiming courses out there The combat shotgun has quite a fast fire rate anyways So even being able to consistently fire body shots are a really effective way of getting high kills and win games the next tip I have when using the combat shotgun or any shotgun in general is to Constantly build every time you shoot this is a very simple thing that a lot of people don’t do which reduces the damage done to you when getting Shotgun shots on your enemies, this method is similar to being on the left and peaking which is also another Reliable technique that can be used with the combat shotgun building after every shot is a technique professional player still use because it is a vital technique when fighting Close-range against enemies the combat shotguns accuracy enables players to hit others from a longer distance more easily compared to other shotguns This can be used to your advantage as the fast fire rate will allow you to get some chip damage on your enemies quickly and accurately The next tip I have when using the combat is to get high ground Having high ground is generally important in matches. But especially when playing with the combat shotgun Having high ground doesn’t mean you have to be on a mountain but that you are higher than you enemy like on stairs This is Important as having the higher angle when shooting what the combat makes it a lot more likely for you to hit Headshots with it as the enemy is facing up towards you This will increase the amount of damage you are doing to your enemies and help you to get higher kills and better win games I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it useful If you did, don’t forget to leave a like as well as subscribe for more content just like this See you in the next video

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