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How They Were Caught: Son of Sam

put [Music] justice [Music] from 1976 to 1977 one man’s killing spree would bring the city of New York to a complete standstill all told he would attack eight times wounding seven people in killing six this is how a $25 parking ticket brought down the Son of Sam but son of Sam wasn’t what the media originally called the elusive serial killer he was referred to as the 44 caliber killer due to his choice of weapon the killer had used a 44 caliber Charter Arms Bulldog revolver in each of his previous five attacks attacks that had many other similarities several of his victims had shoulder length dark hair and were shot while sitting in their cars late at night many of them couples on the night of April 17th 1977 the 44 caliber killer struck again 20 year-old Alexander Esau an 18 year old valentina suriani were sitting in their car late one night when they became the latest victims this sixth shooting fit his MO in every way except for one this time the killer left a note he addressed the note to one of the detectives assigned the task force in charge of finding him letting the NYPD know that while they might not know who the killer was he certainly knew who they were the killers note began dear captain Joseph’s world I am deeply hurt while you’re calling me a woman-hater I am NOT but I am a monster I am the son of sin from this point on the serial killer once called the 44 caliber killer became known as the Son of Sam but it was the final lines of the note that were the most chilling police let me taught you with these words I’ll be back I’ll be back to be purported as bang bang bang bang bang oh yours and murder mr. monster the frenzied months that followed would be dubbed the summer of Sam over 300 police from different boroughs were on the case at one point late-night spots became less crowded and woman began to die their dark hair blonde despite several of the Son of Sam as victims having survived the police couldn’t get a clear description of what the killer looked like and to add to the panic the Son of Sam wasn’t done writing in a letter addressed to Jimmy Breslin a New York Daily News reporter the Sun is a masked tell me Jim what will you have for July 29th Breslin would publish a redacted version of this letter along with the direct plea to the Son of Sam on June 5th 1977 Breslin wrote the only way for the killer to leave this special torment is to give himself up to me if he trusts me to the police and received both help and safety the time to do it however is now we are too close to the July 29th that the killer mentions in his letter it is the first anniversary of the death of Donna Lauria tragically the Son of Sam did not heed breslin’s Appeals and on June 26 1977 he struck again 20 year-old Sal Lupo and 17 year old Judy Placido were sitting in a car late one night when they were approached by a man with a gun judy Placido had long dark hair miraculously and despite the four shots fired at them both Lupo and Placido survived the attack despite the seeming threat made in the letter to Breslin July 29th came and went without incident but then in the late night hours of July 31st 1977 Stacey Moskowitz and Robert Valenti both twenty years old were sitting in Valenti’s car but that very night Cecelia Davis was walking her dog snowball around that same Brooklyn neighborhood a man had creep past her holding what she thought might be a gun moments later gunshots rang out the next morning Davis learned that two people had been shot while sitting in their car could the man she witnessed the night before be the Son of Sam Davis told her neighbors Steven and Tina’s a Corelli what she’d seen they urged Davis to go to the police the police fixated on one detail of Davis’s statement that would ultimately be the undoing of the Son of Sam Davis noticed that two officers had been handing out parking tickets on the night of the murder and one of those parking tickets had been given by officers Jeffrey Logan and Michael Kenton eo2 a 1970 Ford Galaxie for parking too close to a fire hydrant detective James Justus investigated the ticket and found that the car was registered to a house in Yonkers 30 miles away from Brooklyn the car belonged to a 24 year old postal worker named David Berkowitz Justice reached out to the Yonkers Police Department only to learn that they already had their suspicions about Berkowitz Berkowitz’s neighbor had contacted the Yonkers Police Department believing that he was the son of Sam he also claimed that it was Berkowitz who had shot his black Labrador Retriever Harvey don’t worry Harvey survived around 10:00 p.m. on August 10th 1977 detective John M falada Co along with the NYPD went to Berkowitz’s home in Yonkers where they found the 1970 Ford Galaxie after Berkowitz exited his apartment and got into his car the detectives approached him guns drawn in a scene chillingly reminiscent of the Son of Sam zone routines a paper bag containing the now infamous 44 caliber Bulldog revolver in a handful of bullets sat next to Berkowitz on the front seat when Detective falada Co asked who he was the killer reportedly replied with a smile I’m Sam Berkowitz was found sane in order to stand trial following a psychological evaluation on May 8th 1978 David Berkowitz pleaded guilty Berkowitz asserted that it was none other than his neighbor’s black Labrador Retriever Harvey who had told him to kill those people [Music] Berkowitz is now serving six consecutive sentences of 25 years to life at the Chihuahuan Correctional Facility in upstate New York Harvey was a good boy for the rest of his life [Music]

100 thoughts on “How They Were Caught: Son of Sam

  1. Y'all just gonna ignore that a 20 year old and a 17 year old were just chilling in a car at like 3:00 in the morning

  2. The fact that 8/10 victims he shot survived with fatal injuries is so bone chilling. Listen to the podcast of him.

  3. Ryan and Shane should cover the mysteries about the Clark Air Base Hospital in the Philippines… The Hospital is considered to be one of the most hunted places on Earth

  4. Lol he made this all up so he could plead insanity at the court hearing. He did his research on how mind of an insane murderer works and acted accordingly.

  5. me: i shouldn’t watch this before i go to sleep on a school night it’s late i’ll get nightmares. also me: this is about catching him!! it won’t give me nightmares, because i know he’s been caught!

  6. Yet, no mention of Sam Berkowitz admitting that he killed because he was angry. He did not hear the dog tell him to kill, he did not hear demonic voices at all. Typical hyperbolic nonsense just for more clicks.

  7. Have you guys thought about doing an episode about the the mysterious ourang medan? I know it’s in the new game that the people who made “Until Dawn” from, but it is an interesting mystery.

  8. "Don't worry, Harvey survived."
    "Harvey was a good boy for the rest of his life."
    They have their priorities straight and I love it.

  9. My grandmother was neighboors with son of same and somtimes walked to school together , and she always told me he was nice untill he got distant in high school. Sometimes you can't tell the signs

  10. I think serial killers have like 2 or 3 different groups.

    Son of Sam and Ed Kemper are so different in nature.

    They both killed people but their brand of violence is so different. Ed Kemper nature revolves around killing family members and some form of sexual assault and extreme violence. Very similar to Dahmer's crime. But son of Sam isnt that brand.

  11. I only liked because Harvey survived if the dog would of died I wouldn't of liked
    I'm glad Harvey was always a good boy for the rest of his time

  12. You guys should really do one on Israel Keyes. That guy is probably one of the most bone chilling serial killers I've heard of

  13. Ummm….. yeah….. I’m kind of happy I didnt get the job at Shawangunk now…. I had an interview there last November and just got chills when he said that’s where he is 😫

  14. I remember way back when he became a christian i got to meet him and couldnt believe i shook the hand of one of the most intense serial killers ever

  15. i swear on god, my grandfather used to work at that correctional facility its like half an hour from my house. he said he would always interview some of the criminals and then said that berkowitz is is like almost all convicts, he regrets what he did, and the way he did it

  16. Thanks for letting me know about this man. I´ve watched some of his interviews from 4 years ago and I truly believe that he is a better man today. Not saying he is a good guy, because in the end he is a serial killer, but he bettered his life and gave it to God.

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