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How the Redfield Revolution Rifle Scope is Made Part 1

nice shot allot easier using a good scope this one happens to be the redfeild revolution manufactured and assembled right here in the united states hey folks don’t go away when we come back were gonna take you to the Leupold factory in beaverton oregon and were going to show you the incredible process on how these scopes are made you know if you would like to take a break there i would be happy to sit there yeah i dont think so factory to field would like to thank our
partners moth wing camo will you adapt empire paintball the world leader of paintball gear american outdoorsman adventure club your adventure awaits united country real estate find your freedom pva outdoor heritage fund their sacrifice is our cause today on factory to field were going to take you to pagosa springs Colorado for the opening of the rifle elk season but first were heading just west of Portland
Oregon to Leupold and Stevens incorporated a well known and respected manufacturer of binoculars range finders and a particular interest to use today the redfield revolution rifle scope the Willamette valley of western Oregon is home to 70% the the states population stretching from Eugene to Portland this fertile valley is always a hop skip and a jump away from abundant hunting and fishing opportunities Oregon is a natural home for well established out door companies like Leupold and Stevens who have been a Oregon optics manufacturer for over 100 years in April of 2008 Leupold and Stevens purchased red field scopes another century-old optics
manufacturer that originated in Oregon today red field scopes are produced side by side with there once largest competitor same factory same machines same
employees let’s go to the factory floor and meet some of those employees and see how the red field revolution line of rifle scopes is made were right now in the factory in the bar stock warehouse so this is where all the raw material enters the facility and is then routed to various locations on the floor to be manufactured into rifle scopes most of our raw material is T 60 61 aluminum and it originates without coa one of the biggest
consumers of aluminum in the northwest we use about a million pounds a year
which is about five thousand tons if the aluminum was laid end to end in a extrusion it would be about 8 or 900 miles long now that’s an impressive amount of raw
material let’s continue through the factory and witness the transformation from raw to revolution in this process a pair of C and C are using T 60 61 aluminum to produce the objective fell for the
revolution after the first machine has performed
its task it uses a robotic arm to pass it to the second machine for another set
of operations is applied once sanitized these objective bells will
be ready for a final assembly with other parts that have been simultaneously
manufactured all over the factory but before moving on with scope
production let’s head over were of the factories tools are machined to order here in the tooling department Steve shrewsbury keeps the factory stocked with all all of the custom tools it needs
to prevent scope production from falling behind the tooling that we run at this company is specific to the manufacturing of the tooling we need to produce the parts so to be able to have this tooling built on the outside would be very expensive on top of that it would take a long lee time to get this tooling in this kind of flexibility is not only
time and cost effective but it’s also encourages and enables
frequent product innovations and advancement now that we’ve got the right tools for
the job scope production is ready to continue but first let’s go to pagosa springs Colorado where anticipation of harvesting north american elk is running
high Cindy Flanagan and Gary Hoke are gearing up for they hope will be 3 days of great elk hunting unfortunatuly the weather forecast is less than
ideal some snow has started to move in the fog is thickening and there’s a talk of more precipitation their first day brought promis through
a nice group cow elk from a distance ridge but sure enough the rain started to move
in im wet and im cold so i think we should head on out and then what do you think morning better maybe absolutely absolutely i think they moved all day and i think there going to move late tonight cause they already already have their full belly’s well lets head out then and well get a goodnight sleep and then it looks like we might get some sunshine tommorow and then they should be out sounds wonderful thanks gary this portion of factory to field is
brought to you by all day in energy what would you do with more energy

7 thoughts on “How the Redfield Revolution Rifle Scope is Made Part 1

  1. Sold me, will be getting the 3x9x40 their priced right, made right here, great product and built for a life time

  2. i own a Redfield Battle zone, what a great scope..  it's  "spot on:"  so accurate  and the M.O.A.  sighting adjustments  really help. a lot when u are factoring in a new dope solution.

  3. I had a Redfield Widefield 4x12x40MM Scope back in the 70's that was made in Greeley CO..? Sorry that i got rid of it back then.?Still kicking my self over it.?

  4. Keep in mind this is Part 1 of 3 of a half hour TV show, so there is a lot of introductory and sponsor obligations going on. The bulk of the actual production of the rifle scope is shown in Part 2, which should be at the top of the "Up Next" list – probably on the right of your screen. ENJOY!

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