100 thoughts on “HOW the MP5 has CHANGED in GTA Games Over the YEARS (Evolution)

  1. Ahh the good old german Heckler & Koch Maschinenpistole 5 and that in GTA IV was not an MP5 and in GTA Online was that an MPX

  2. My tercera arma favorita

    Mis primeras favoritas son


    Saludos desde CHILE siempre me gustan tus videos bro eres el mejor

  3. That, the machine pistol from gta vice city stories, AK 47, tec 9, spaz shotgun, silenced pistol were my favourite guns to go.

  4. GTA VC Best Guns: MP5 M4
    GTA SA Best Guns: M4 MP5 Minigun And Double Barrel ShootGun
    GTA IV Best Guns: AK-47 M4A1 ( Carbine ) MP5
    GTA V Best Guns: Carbine Rifle Assault Rifle Combat SMG SMG Micro SMG RPG Pistol .50 Combat Pistol Heavy Pistol Heavy Revolver Marksman Rifle Grenade Launcher C4 Pump ShootGun Musket Combat Rifle.

  5. I think the MP5 was in GTA 1. I think. Its very difficult to tell from the picture, but it looks like it could be the MP5.

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