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How powerful are BB and Pellet guns?

in this episode we’re going to talk
about power how much power does a BB or pellet gun have? How dangerous are they? we’re going to shoot various objects in
order to find out first i’d like to point out that BB and
pellet guns are not all equal in power they start is low as 250
feet-per-second and go as high as 1,650 feet-per-second. which is over six times more powerful but those are the same velocities as real
firearms, like this one Does that mean it is just as powerful? definitely not in order to calculate power need more
than just velocity you also need mass. Remember your physics class where you learned that energy is mass times velocity? typically the total energy is measured
in joules. so, let’s look at the difference in
mass. Here’s a 22 long rifle round. Let’s remove the projectile from
the casing in order to get a fair comparison this particular round has a weight of 35 grains. now let’s compare that to a seven grain pellet and a regular steel BB. so this 22 bullet would have 120 joules of energy where the CO2 BB pistol with have
about 4 joules. A high power pellet rifle can have as much as 82 joules. and airsoft pistol would only have a
measly 0.05 joules. OK, lets start the real experiments First, lets start with the spam test. I do the spam test in most of my videos, but this will give you a better idea of what those numbers mean. First, I tried an airsoft gun rated at 400 fps. as you can see It dented the front of the can, but that’s all. Also keep in mind that airsoft BBs are so light weight that they lose velocity very quickly when they fly through the air. So at 10 feet away, it is likely it wouldn’t even dent this can of spam. when i did the test on the 350 fps pistol, I rated it at 0.75 spam. when I tested this 680 fps pellet rifle, it went all the way through the first can and almost half way through the second
can. giving it a spam score of about 1.4 I don’t have any really powerful air rifles handy
at the moment but i’d expect a spam score of around 3 to 4. but for comparison i’ve decided to try a
real gun. I used a .22 long rifle round made by CCI, rated at 1050 feet-per-second. don’t try this at home The result… It completely entered and exited 6 cans penetrating the 7th can and denting the back of it. that gives this gun a spam rating of 6.9 the highest you’ll likely ever see on my
show i decided to try something else people often wrap objects in denim
when testing regular firearms. i thought i’d try that on t pellet pistol rated at 450 fps. looks like the denim didn’t protect this can of spam. it took awhile to locate the pellet, but I finally did and as you can see, it still penetrated three-quarters of the way through the
can. if that had been a person’s leg they’d be in the ER getting the pellet
surgically removed. okay so here’s a question can a low power CO2 pistol like this one go through a wall? let’s find out I’m using a scrap piece of drywall for testing. I’ll be using this BB revolver and this pellet pistol for testing. Both are rated just over 400 feet-per-second. These are 5 shots from BBs and 5 pellet shots. Looks like 4 of the BBs went through uh. One got stuck. as far as the pellets, it looks like two went through and three got stuck. You might find yourself asking why did it not penetrate through each time? A quick little science lesson, it has to do with this. These guns are powered by CO2. every time you fire a shot, some of the liquid inside this canister turns to gas. If you rapid fire very quickly, you don’t give enough time for the gas pressure to build back up. so if you watch the video closely you’ll
notice that the first two or three rounds were always the ones that penetrated through and the remaining ones have less power.

100 thoughts on “How powerful are BB and Pellet guns?

  1. I've been shot by airsoft guns multiple times from point blank on my bare skin, and it's not even been painful. It feels like someone pinching you for a few seconds

  2. Please let me know if you have any old Airsoft gun that u might want to give away I would really appreciate it if you do

  3. how about shooting through a solid leather belt which would show if it could penetrate the skin of an opossum, raccoon, rabbit, etc, and do it from about 5 feet away instead of point blank range.

  4. Actyally airsoft can have up to 2.5 joules of energy. They typically have 1-1.5 joules. Anything abouve is restricted to 100ft minimum engagement distance because it slows down from 500 fps to 350. This is standard .2 gram bb's. You probabaly only got 0.5 joles from a spring pistol with .12. nobody uses those on the field. They use aeg's and gbb's. Spring shotguns if they shoot three shots at once and some will spring sniper rifles which shootout 500 FPS since they are made to hit people from 100 yards.

  5. Such a great informative video, unlike the majority of amateur junk that fills youtube. Keep it up!

  6. Put a 12 gram CO2 into a pan of scalding hot water for 5 minutes and watch the power it has in your BB or pellet gun…..

  7. If that were a pellet in the leg you wouldn't be in the hospital by choice even from a gunshot wound. It's called sisue I think im not looking at my dictionary.

  8. Denim is used to determine how resistant hollow-point bullets are to getting plugged and failing to expand as a result. It is not intended as a type of armor or barrier, and has practically zero effect on the penetration depth of solid bullets.

  9. And for my next trick, I'll be using my forehead to drive a nail through a piece of lumber…. can't this guy get any more reckless!?! shooting a 22 Cal gun from point blank range in his garage with no regard for ricochets

  10. WHAT?! That voice… 8-Bit guy?! I saw this about 5 years ago? I didn't saw your other channels since arround 3 years ago that's crazy.

  11. hmm ok so what air pistol co2 or other wise has an fps of 1650 fps the most i have ever seen is 600 fps and it was a single shot not including the pump pistols

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