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How Operator Mods Work in Black Ops 4 | All 18 Super Attachments!

hello everybody welcome to the channel
my name is JGod in today’s video we’re gonna talk about how to use operator
mods and specifically what they do for each weapon, there are actually over 15
operator mods that can actually change how a specific weapon performs the whole
operator mod concept is a brand new system that has been brought to call
duty black ops 4 as part of that picked n create a class system let’s go and
talk about the most important part of the operator mods and that’s how to
equip them so that first step in equipping an operator mod is just making
sure the weapon has an operator mod to begin with as you navigate through the
different weapons you can actually see right below the weapons stats
it says operator mod bat barrel in this specific case this one doesn’t have one
bolt cylinder and then you can see right there it has the stray lock and there
are different ones depending on what weapon category you go through one
interesting thing is only about 60% of the weapons have operator mods so that
leaves the door open for DLC operator mods in the future I’m not sure if
that’s exactly what they’ll do but there is potential in that so now that you’ve
identified a weapon with the operator mod you want to try make sure that the
weapon is fully leveled up you’re gonna go to your wild cards and then select
primary operator mod once you’ve equipped that you’ll have the
opportunity to equip the actual operator mod keep in mind it does take up two
slots of your pick 10 system in addition to the actual operator mod wildcard but
now at this point of the video I’m gonna go ahead and transition just showing you
what each operator mod does if you do enjoy the video in any way remember to
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subscribe and turn those notifications on let’s go ahead and get into the first
weapon the first one be taking a look at is the Vapor operator mod and this one
is a simple bayonet this one will basically turn any melee with your
weapon into a one-shot kill the next weapon we’ll be looking at is the maddox
and it’s operator mod is called eco fire and it’s description basically says it
will increase the rate of fire in this first example you’re gonna see the rate
of fire and the recoil is relatively low but once you put on that operator mod it
goes crazy fast and the recoil gets out of control so it’s something to keep in
mind when you use this operator mod the next weapon we’ll talk about is the gks
and it’s operator mod is called quad shot and basically converts it from a
Auto submachine gun to a semi-auto burst firing weapon that fires four bullets at
once I probably recommend using this operator mod unless you just prefer
having burst fire weapons the next weapon we’ll talk about is the Spitfire
which is a submachine gun and this one increases the rate of fire significantly
lowers your ability to strafe while firing and increases the recoil
significantly right here you’re gonna see the Spitfire before and after the
operator mod that was before now look at the after it’s just insane the bullets
run out soda and quick the next weapon we’ll talk about is a cordite and the
cordite is pretty straightforward it just adds to your ammo capacity so you
don’t have to reload but it does come with an added feature that you got to be
aware of the added feature is overheating so you can see right next to
your ammo you can see the bullets are spraying out that little bars filling up
and then once it fills up it does overheat you will have to wait for it to
cool back down before you could use the weapon again there’s just something to
be aware of happen at seventy five bullets per auto the next weapon we talk
about is a SOG which allow you to dual wield the only downside with this is
obviously ATS will no longer be available the downside with not being
able to ATS is you’re gonna lose a little bit of that distance you’ll be
able to kill people at the other problem with having dual wield is you can’t tell
how many bullets are in your left weapon so hopefully they’ll fix that on the HUD
in the future at some point also as a heads-up these things melt the next
weapon we’ll talk about is a tactical rifle called the auger DMR and it’s
operator mod is called double tap which basically converts it to a two-round
burst even without any other attachments you can see that that two bullet spread
is still very tight to the time-to-kill is gonna be that much faster
the next tactical rifle we’ll talk about is the AVR and it’s operator mod it’s
called the repeater and it says advanced auto burst mechanism allows each
successive burst to fire with a short delay as the trigger is held down which
basically means the longer you hold the trigger the fastest weapon fires the
initial burst is a little slow but then it goes into overdrive what you see
right here the next operator mod we’re gonna talk about is the Penta burst
which is on the swordfish and this operator mod is probably one of the
better ones because in case you guys didn’t know this gun is typically five
shots to kill so if you change this from a four round burst to a five-round
bursts you have the potential to one burst someone in this game with a slower
time to kill and right here you can actually see the five round burst in
action you can see that there’s not really much of a spread
unless you’re moving the faster you are while firing it will increase that
spread just that much more the next weapon we’ll talk about is the Titan
which has an operator mod called a presser and it says suppress enemies
near your bullets stream they talked about this operator mod and kind of
demonstrated what it does during the world wide reveal and pretty much if you
fire bullets near an enemy it’ll kind of make their screen just a little bit hazy
other than that you can’t really tell a difference from the actual person
firings perspective the next one we’ll talk about is the Hades which is just
another LMG and it’s operator mod it’s called crossbar and for the description
it says ABS is replaced with a focused hipfire that has reduced bullet spread
and improved movement speeds I don’t know if this is the most practical
operator mod but it’s definitely fun to use and here’s a little peek of what
that looks like you can see when I 80s it doesn’t go all the way in and that
hipfire spread is relatively tight the next weapon we’ll talk about is the vkm
which is another LMG and it’s operator mod it’s called fat barrel and it says
fires massive shells that hit their targets easier
this operator monitor require a little bit more testing to find out how
effective it is but pretty much what it’s supposed to do is increase your
enemy’s hitbox which would basically convert your partial misses into hits
the next weapon we’ll talk about is a sniper rifle called the outlaw and it’s
operator mod it’s called bolt cylinder it says each bolt-action now fires a
three shot burst hold the trigger or Auto burst based off what I was able to
test it only looks like that first part’s true if you hold the trigger it
will not auto burst but for this I attempted to hold down the trigger and
you can see that nothing else happened and then I’m starting to spam the
trigger because that part wasn’t working the next type of rifle we’ll look at is
the Koshka and it’s operator mod is called scree lock which is says
precision accuracy while entering ATS when I tested this one like you’ve seen
so far I didn’t notice the difference between having an operator mod and not
having operator mod so maybe a mice’s has something to do with it you know
exactly what this one does go ahead and comment down below because that
description is just not clear enough the next weapon we’ll talk about is this
strife which is actually in the pistol category and it adds a stiletto knife
which is basically the bayonet all over again that we saw in the vapor so
nothing new there the next operator mod we’ll talk about is the skull splitter
which is available with the mozu and pretty much this one makes all headshots
one shot to kill if you do land that headshot first the next weapon we’ll
talk about is the MOG 12 and for this one you can see the operator mod is
called Dragonbreath in a Bey Skelly adds fire shells to your weapon
although this doesn’t really affect the damage all that much when you’re using
the weapon the big benefit is when you hit someone with fire they will not be
able to heal for a short period of time the next weapon we’ll talk about is
another shotgun and its particular operator mod it’s called strobe light
and this is on the sg-12 this one is very annoying to play against and I’m
going to show you a little bit of what it looks like when you’re actually using
the weapon so you’ll see that there is a light attached to the end of your gun
and it doesn’t allow you to ATS all the way and when you rads seen it will
actually turn on this little strobe if you’re not it will not so just keep that
in mind the strobe light only works when you’re aiming down sight so that’s all
18 of the operator mods that are available in the game hopefully you
found the video helpful if you did remember to hit that like button if
you’re brand new to the channel make sure you subscribe turn those
notifications on you appreciate the support you guys show on a daily basis
thank you for watching and as always have a great day

100 thoughts on “How Operator Mods Work in Black Ops 4 | All 18 Super Attachments!

  1. Basically what the Strelok does is that it converts the sniper back to MW2 quickscoping. Without the strelok, if you fire without entering the scope, the shot will just go randomly. With it, the bullet will stay within the crosshairs while you’re aiming.

  2. Strelok on the koshka makes it so that when you ads it makes the crosshairs really small before you look through the scope

  3. It does work that way but on online you need the weapon to be at max weapon level to be able to use the operator mod

  4. The Koshka strelok mod makes the hipfire significantly closer while entering ads. While aiming in (not fully scoped in) better hipfire accuracy

  5. The koshka model allows it to be 100% accurate when entering ads but only when laser sight 1 and 2 are equipped.

  6. The strelock is actually super cool and makes quickscoping so easy. As you’re aiming down your sights, your crosshairs become super accurate so you have a very accurate shot before you’re even in the sight

  7. Dragon breath needs a nerf. even if it was just like it was in ww2 where you had like one mags worth of shell thatd be fine. Cant tell you how annoying it is to play against someone spamming flaming rounds

  8. Dragon breath, skull splitter, cross bar, and double tap seem like the best op mods for my play style. Thanks for making the video, now gives me a better idea of what I’m aiming for when I try to rank up.

  9. If you play core you are a scrub .
    Akimbo Saugs in hardcore are garbage as fuck . Most of the operator mods are useless in HARD core .
    Core is for noobs.
    HARDcore is for advanced players .
    This is irrefutable fact.
    I played my first core game on Firing Range last night:
    I never even died once playing domination with the Daemon.
    83 kills and 0 deaths in two rounds .
    The fact that I was red and close to death literally a dozen times , and kept using the stim shot (you can only use one stim shot per life in HARDcore) , really made for an unfair advantage combined with dead silence , ghost , and a continuous UAV. I literally wreck shop when I play core and it really gets boring after a while just beating on all the noobs who use a constant radar and have to shoot me so many times to down me. Completely ruins the game for me. I enjoy winning , and I enjoyed going 83-0 in two rounds of domination , but competing is what makes online gaming so fun for me; therefore , if I’m not in competition, and I’m just wrecking shop on core playing noobs , I just don’t get the same sense of achievement that I get in HARDcore .
    It’s SO much harder to go 83-0 in HARDcore. In fact , I’ve never did that good in ANY HARDcore lobby in all my years of call of duty . So, basically , you suck dick at call of duty if you still play core . Irrefutable fact

  10. Ha y'all only complain about the dual saugs because they are just like the fucking FMG9's on MW3 and y'all bitched about those too…get good scrubs 😎

  11. Stelock is stupid over powered if you tap the aim button and the shoot button before you zoom it the bullet always shoots straight

  12. Idk but people don't like abr223 and it's actually good better with mod I've killed 10 people in a row with that gun it's gud

  13. The koshka was made for aggressive snapshot style sniping. The str8lock allows you to precision aim where if you notice in ads the retical tightens completely prior to reverting to the actual scope as opposed to partial retical tightens to scope in ads drastically crippling precision quick scopes. If you notice that all the operator mod does is changes the ads to modern warfare 2's sniping era where quick scoping ruled and snipers had an unrealistic scoping ability and handling.

  14. The Strelok basically brings back the quickscoping mechanics of past COD games, making it much easier to hit shots while aiming down sights rapidly. For the record, the Strelok is overpowered. Anyone remember how easy the ballista was to use?

  15. The koshka op mod makes it so after the recoil is done the line of sight goes back where it was before you shot

  16. Omg it only just came to me that the “koshka” is supposed to mean “cat” in Russian and it’s attachment “strelok” means shooter :/ And I fluently know Russian yet I didn’t realise this :///////////

  17. So stretlok, it works best if you use both lasers, when you start ADS the hip fire will become more and more tighter until you fully aim down sight so you can quick scope headshot someone at the other side of map even if ur not fully aimed. Pls pin this comment if you get it and if you dont I can explain it on discord/skype etc if you want:)

  18. So strelok if you equip it with laser sight 2 I notice you can no scope easier idk if that is just me

  19. Koshka operator mod makes your hipfire decrease when you ads. When you press the ads button the hipfire starts decreasing until you aim down sight.

  20. Thank you very much you are the best now I know how to activate the mods I really appreciate your help now I can set up my classes on my PlayStation 4 system on black ops 4 and by the way I like the video and I just subscribed.

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