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HOW MUCH do companies pay me for gun reviews? The shocking TRUTH!

we’re all skeptical of what we read see
and hear nowadays that could be stuff that we see in print media or on TV or
on the web blogs YouTube especially there’s all kinds of stuff out there
that makes us doubt the veracity of what the person is saying I know that for
myself there are plenty of channels here on YouTube that I’ve unsubscribed from
or at least kind of tuned out you know maybe I keep them in the feed so that I
can kind of see what they’re up to but I’m not necessarily interested in what
they have to say about it because of certain patterns of behavior I’ve been
able to see that there are certain things that they do that make me wonder
if they’re being on the up-and-up about what they’re talking about for example
there are folks that do reviews of things that can just do no wrong there’s
there’s nothing that has ever gone wrong with the product everything is perfect
it’s like a lot of the pistil reviews that I see that oh this trigger is so
light and crisp then I go to a store or a gun range it’s like finally one of
these polymer pistols has a good trigger and I try it out in it’s crap
and I’m sure that you guys have your criteria that you’re kind of basing your
judgments on where you look at a channel and you know maybe they’ve been known to
be wrapped up in some kind of scandal like you know pushing some kind of
product that wasn’t any good there are all kinds of things that can make us
tune out I’d like to talk a little bit about this channel and how we function
just to give you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes view of how I look at
all this when I first started doing my reviews I had certain things that I’d
like to say there were certain things that I wasn’t hearing on YouTube I
wasn’t hearing the downsides of certain things and I knew that various things
that were being shown on the screen were not entirely accurate so if someone
tells me like for example that a pistol trigger is very crisp and I can watch as
they pull this rubbery trigger back and it just is not breaking and then finally
gets to the end you know maybe I can see that their fingers turning red it’s not
light it’s not crisp and maybe it feels that way to them because maybe they’ve
been used to bad triggers or something they’re just needed to be a little bit
of a different perspective and you know not only that when I when I
did my very first firearms review which was for the tourist model 66 357 magnum
revolver I came into it with a thought of you know as I review this how would I
want to view it if I were on the other side of this this camera and I wanted to
be given you know a full accurate picture of what it’s like to use this
you know what would that actually look like and that was a little bit of a
difficult thought at first because we do have so many that you know maybe they
want to please the manufacturers or who knows what other kinds of inputs they’ve
had that you know make them want to leave certain things out I went ahead
into that review I showed what was good what was bad and not necessarily bad but
you know where it didn’t stack up to the competition for example like that that
Taurus model 66 it’s single action pole in my opinion is actually superior to
its smith and wesson cousins but the double action pole is not the Smith &
Wesson’s are much smoother and you know maybe
compared to the GP 100 it’s a very similar trade off the the Taurus has a
very crisp light trigger but then yeah you get into the double action and it’s
kind of heavy it has actually smoothed out over time by the way o review but
that’s kind of how I went into all of it I showed how the grip was comfortable
but kind of thin and if I could do something about it I would flare it out
a little bit make it a little bit wider give it more palm swell and then its
recoil was pretty harsh you know with certain lows it kind of dependent on how
how powerful the load was it kind of tended to Nick the thumb so it required
a little bit of a different grip and I felt pretty good about how that came out
I liked that style and I’ve tried to continue that through everything that
I’ve reviewed up through there and that probably the second kind of aspect in
addition to you know showing somebody else how a product actually works what
it actually feels like what its strengths are what its weaknesses are
where you might want to use it and you know who might want to use it and maybe
you should go in this other direction if you’re trying something a little bit
different but the other thing that I’m you know I
really wanted to do was show some of the techniques that I’d picked up from my
father-in-law and just some things out like varman ting I’ve had certain
experiences that seem to be kind of unique among other reviewers and so I
wanted to show how to do those and that’s how we got into the savage access
project rifle the the $1,000 mile rifle the 65 Creedmoor and then some of these
others we’ve been able to go in and kind of tune up and tweak rifles that are
maybe you know budget-conscious for a lot of you guys I know we have a lot of
budget conscious viewers to take these less expensive parts and even for you
know very little money turn them into something that is way more than anybody
thought they could be like you know turning the the 12 FV which for me was a
$220 rifle through a furniture swap and you know certain hand loading techniques and
various other things we’re able to turn that into a rifle that’s just way beyond
even what it was initially designed to be I know that you know out of the box
it’s a good rifle but we turned it into something it’s a whole lot better and
actually for not that much cash make sure you check out those projects anyway
when it comes to reviews of some of these products I do want to be very
upfront about one thing I do not take money I will not do a pay-for-play
I do not take money for a review and it was difficult at first I had you know
some folks that I came to them and I was like I really like your products I’d
really like to test some of these out and they said all right how much do you
charge for a review and I think that that’s the initial you know guard that
they have up and one of the difficulties of contacting some of the manufacturers
they’re just expecting that I’m you know looking for some cash but I told them no
and it was very difficult especially that first time where someone’s like
alright how much do you charge I was like nothing it’s gonna be I’m not gonna
charge anything I just want to borrow the product and see how it does and I
think some of them have been kind of surprised about that but I don’t want
anything to get in the way of my objectivity and to get between me and
you I don’t want there to be any you know
barriers where okay I’ve taken money for something and now I have to make it
sound like it’s good and that’s that’s just not the way that I want to roll
it’s not the way I want to do things and it’s the way I want to continue doing
things in the future you know like for example with these these Weaver mounts
that I’ve told you guys about before that are really good
I keep bugging Weaver about these because I really like them I’ll go to
the manufacturers and I’ll specifically request certain pieces of gear just
because they really Rock and I think that it’s gonna be a good match for you
guys like this worn mount right up here this 20 MOA if you have the cash this
mount is awesome do buy it this one is gonna be a fair bit more expensive than
this little guy right here I can’t exactly remember the prices but here’s
the deal both of these are gonna get the job done if you’re on a budget this one
rocks it’s a 30 millimeter single piece mount and then this Warren with its
extra 20 MOA this one is just machined a little bit
extra finally it’s it’s not gonna there’s no chance that it’s gonna be
scratching the scope it’s gonna torque very nicely and it has little steel
sleeves down in there so you can get a very exact torque on here so yeah this
one’s great you know for its its dollar amount so if you want something that’s a
little bit up rated do it and then this one’s really good as well and that’s
just kind of the way that I’m gonna do things I’m gonna show that you know
maybe this one does have a certain you know kind of an uprated you know either
reliability you know maybe it’s known better in the industry maybe it has
certain features that are better and then maybe this one is gonna do actually
the exact same thing at a lower cost there’s there’s all kinds of things that
I’d like to point out here on the channel and I’d like to be free to be
able to do that if I’m taking cash for reviews then it’s not gonna work out
that way now I will point out that there is one time that I did exchange cash for
for something that I did and that’s because I actually shot a commercial I
put together a little web page with some information on it and it was a bit on
the the marketing side too and then I did a commercial so on this
one I actually wrote the script I I wrote the I did I drew up the
storyboards and I have directed the commercial and then I acted in it as
well this is from Boyd’s furniture you guys know that I show these a lot on the
channel and hey down in the comments below those of you guys that have bought
these either on my recommitting my recommendation or somebody else’s put a
comment down below let everybody know if I was right or not I use these on a
whole bunch of rifles now and I’m gonna be showing off a couple more here in the
very near future I really do like these they’re not always exactly you know what
I’m after I’ve talked about how the @one does have kind of these these kind of
corners here so not everybody’s gonna like the feel of that forearm some
people it’s like you know certain kids they don’t like to have their socks with
the little seams touching their toes like my son he doesn’t like that sort of
thing he’s probably not gonna like grabbing
the front of this forearm because he can feel those edges some people just don’t
care I’m kind of in the latter camp I can grab this and you know yeah I can
feel it but it doesn’t really bother me and you can get the replacement panels
to be able to get more of that smooth edge but yeah it’s just things like that
I’ve tried to point out where these things are good where people might want
to head in a little bit of a different direction like on this one in the video
that I put together for Boyd’s I showed how you know maybe for
different types of work people wanted to use a different type of furniture
I tried to say really the exact same thing in that commercial that I would on
my own channel to you guys it’s really the same content and being the guy that
wrote the script and came up with the concept in the first place I was able to
really align those two and you know yeah I was I was paid to to make that
commercial happen and you’ll notice that I didn’t even put it on my channel I
didn’t link to the commercial I didn’t tell anybody about it it’s out there and
heck I’ll maybe I’ll put a link down below so you can see it but it’s it’s
one that again was trying to be honest in its
presentation I wasn’t trying to bill it as something that it wasn’t the Boyd
furniture really are good but you know I wasn’t trying to say they’re gonna fix
everything that you’re gonna do that’s the way the channel has worked that’s
the way the channel does work and that’s how it’s gonna continue to work I want
to continue to show you guys realistic expectations from all the products that
I bring out here whether I buy them off the shelf myself or if I ask somebody to
send them over and occasionally we got somebody that just says hey would you
take a look at this product a lot of them have said no like especially some
of the other pure Chinese optics and things I do not want to review the
cheapest scope on Amazon I don’t want to have that scope in my collection I I
don’t want it I don’t want to get other people to buy it I am NOT interested I
don’t care if you send me cash I don’t care if you send me a you know big box
full of the products I don’t care and actually that’s one of the things that I
find kind of interesting you know to kind of turn this subject just a little
bit if Falcon here sent me this scope and
they allowed me to keep it there are certain folks that will say that now I’m
Michelle that you know I accepted something of value in exchange for my
review of it think about that for a second that means that I like this
product so much I want to keep it and that kind of make that’s that’s like the
ultimate not chill if you think about it for just a second if if I had a really
crap product that someone wanted me to review and they’ll say you get to keep
that crap product no I don’t want it I don’t want any of it no thank you
if it’s a good product like this Falcon has turned out to be or you know any of
the other things like you know the brass back here I’m not gonna review Starline
brass and say that it’s awesome when it’s not when you know my reward is
getting to keep the brass that would just be daft you know are these mounts
that kind of thing the things that I review I tend to really enjoy and I tend
to handpick them as well like the CMM G resolute I’m super interested in the 350
legend case itself in the round and I wanted to
test its capabilities especially since I’m really into hog hunting now it’s
it’s really really fun and since I am a big fan of CMMG products everything
that I’ve fired so far has just been accurate reliable accurate accurate
accurate and just really well built so yeah I’m gonna continue to test out some
of these and that’s just the way the channel is gonna be you know who knows
maybe the siren song of money will eventually pull me in but not likely I
have a full-time job that takes care of the bills and mostly I just want to make
sure that you guys get the information that you’re actually out for if I wreck
my reputation what good is the channel anyway it’s a good question thanks a lot
for watching you guys make sure to hit those subscribe you know if you like the
cut of my jib and if and heck if you want to go check with anybody else
anybody I’ve worked with or any of the manufacturers I don’t know what you
could find out about me but you know really I’m on the up-and-up here I’m
telling you how things work and yeah subscribe hit the notification bell and
watch for the next videos that are coming out we have a whole bunch of
interesting things coming we’re continuing to test 350 legend both for
accuracy and against ballistics gel so that we can find the best load for you
if you’re a hunter especially we found some pretty fun blinking ones but we’re
still trying to find that perfect blend of projectile expansion and you know really
getting on target as well yeah we’re gonna be testing the rifle overall we
have some optics reviews coming we have some hand loading techniques coming up a
lot of interesting stuff I’ll see you guys around thanks for watching if you
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57 thoughts on “HOW MUCH do companies pay me for gun reviews? The shocking TRUTH!

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  2. Guys got to eat. I'm not hating on someone for getting a little cash. If you want to feel better about it. Only peddle products that you can speak truthfully about.

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  5. Really loved the openness and honesty. And getting money from Boyd's? Who wouldn't! They make the best stocks anyways! Keep it up brother.

  6. Very interesting, we work a lot the same. I refuse to publish a video on anything that I don't find to be worthy. However, I do get to keep products that are good and I like. To date, I haven't taken any money from anyone. But getting a product in exchange for all the work that's needed for shooting videos and editing that can take hours isn't a bad deal.

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    Good video on how you run your channel. 👍

  9. What I like is total honesty on each product. If you get to keep the product I want to know. If it is a review and return, I want to know. Shows total honesty IMO.

  10. I have fun on the range sometimes when I let someone shoot one of my guns telling them to watch out as the trigger is a little heavy then leave the safety on telling them it is ready to fire LOL

    People use to pay me big money to tell them what was wrong with their HVACR systems that no one else could figure out as I was an electrical mechanical engineer for over 40 years

    I never lied to them and if it was a piece of crap I would tell them that or if I could fix it and it looked like it would be good with that fix then I gave them an estimate as to how much it would cost to fix

    I have noticed how they already have people they pay to be only salesman and nothing more and they would hate the fact that I would never try to sell a single thing no one ever needed to begin with

    They have hated me from day one when I proved beyond any doubts how the 7mm-08 beats the 6.5 Creedmoor 308 and the 30-06

    Of course it is no problem for me and only those that would believe the salesman with no facts because I actually had a friend tell me he bought the 6.5 creedmoor only because he liked the sound of the name and nothing more

    The Brooklyn Bridge has a neat sounding name but I would never try to sell it to anyone as a new caliber rifle LOL

  11. I feel that you didn't have to post this video. None of your videos gives me the impression that you were "advertising" the products. I can't say the same for other channels. I stopped watching several of the big channels for this very same reason. I might watch them if they are showing a product that I am interested, but obviously with a grain or a pound of salt. Keep it the way it is, and I'll keep coming back.

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    (Tank top=wife beater. Relax YouTube)

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  20. Good man. I have followed you since you put the Axis together.

    You speak common sense. I'm a budget shooter. My most expensive rifle is a Weatherby Vanguard 2, 223 My cheapest a Savage Axis 1 22 250. And Norinco 22.

    Keep up the good work. Quality doesn't have to cost, but it can.

  21. Great video buddy. Ive tried to explain some of these same things on my channel as well. One things a lot don't understand is the amount of money it takes to run a channel even a smaller one like mine. Getting stuff from manufactures helps to ease that burden, but it cant compromise the integrity as the cost of doing that. I do the same as you I never take a dime for that very reason, no one is going to tell me what to say on my channel same as you. Those manufactures that send me things are aware up front that if a product is not favorable its gonna show in the review and Ive lost manufactures ending me stuff as a result of that. However i can sleep at night knowing the product I put out there is always above par… BTW your son an I are cut from the same mold, I hate the seems of my socks touching my toes HA HA HA. Keep up the good work buddy!

  22. SR, I have another question for you. The new 350 legend is what I'm looking at. The off the shelf bullets loaded for this are .355 and from what I understand the gun mfgs are using 9mm barrels which as I am sure you know are .347 bore / .355 groove. I am looking at building a .350 upper and McGowen barrels chambers the 350 legend in a barrel that is .350 bore / .357 groove. I do want to hand load for this but I want to be able to shoot 'off the shelf' ammo as well. Would the McGowen barrel work for that or is it too large to shoot off the shelf ammo with any reasonable accuracy? Here is a link to the barrel sizes

  23. What you have to take into account to is that person just likes one or two things, take me for example there is not one caliber out there that anyone I mean anyone can come up with that I will take over the 308 Winchester I just love it, it is my passion and too me it is perfect in my world. Look I know its flaws but I except and work with those flaws to make it my own. I own probably double the rifles in 308 than all other calibers. When I first started watching you I realized this with you and Savage rifles and I understood that was what you liked and preferred, Savage makes and has made rock solid stuff just not my favorite or first choice, I am thru and thru a Rem 700 guy, but like old Wins like model 70 and Ruger M77 and also MKII M77. I do own a Savage BA 10 Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor and love it.

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    1) What 3 rifles in what calibers, semi or no, barrel length, twist would you own.
    2) What are their use or focus?


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    Will you fold like Herschel or stick to your guns (pun intended) like Galileo?
    Thanks for your time and effort on these videos.

  27. Put a Boyds on my TC Compass. Featherweight Thumbhole. Fit perfect. I also bought the new Spike Camp for a Ruger American. It didn't fit well. I had to shave off some of the stock so that the bolt would work correctly.

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