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How Many Dumb Guns Do You Own? – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Smith & Wesson resurrects
a magnum, Federal Gets Shorty, and tracking gun recoil on your phone is
now a thing! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to Izzy the Editor. I appreciate you more than you know. Now, the news, first up this week, a resurrected
classic from smith and wesson. The 648 was originally introduced back in
1989 and from what I could find, production was halted somewhere around 2005 2006. How about some specs? Its a 6 inch barrel, 22 magnum made of stainless
steel. Unlike the old version of the gun which only
held 6 rounds, the new ones hold 8. Side note for some of the newer gun guys out
there, if you see a number 6 at the front of a smith and wesson revolver model number,
that indicates that its a stainless gun instead of blued. The sights on the new 648 are pretty standard,
adjustable rear and black front. Rubber grips, double action single action. Blah blah blah, very similar to other smith
wheel guns. The thing that comes to mind when I see them
reintroducing this gun is the type of customer asking for it. The gun market is weird right now. You can’t go into any gun store without tripping
over AR’s and it seems everyone is focused on the next concealed carry gun, with or without
optic cut. You also have another subsection all about
precision bolt actions. My point is that it takes a special kind of
person to say, you know what I want a 22 caliber projectile BUT i want to pay more for the
ammo. Sure, you get more velocity and better bullet
designs but is anyone really hunting with these. And then I start to think of the reason that
gun culture is so wonderful to begin with. It’s not always about market share and the
things that are economically intelligent. I mean, I own a bunch of stupid guns on purpose. And I think this 648 falls into the category
of, I just want that for some folks. The price for the new 22 magnum 648 comes
in at 749 MSRP. I want to know what you guys think. Are you the kind of shooter to buy guns just
because or do they have to have a purpose for you to pull the trigger? Pun intended. Sound off in the comments and let’s talk about
it. Next up this week, Federal has released a
new shotgun shell line. And now that you’ve let out a collective sigh,
I’ll tell you that these are actually pretty cool. They’re called Shorty Shells and they are
adorable little, 12 gauge shells in a few varieties. Number 4 buck, which has a velocity of 1200
feet per second, A 1 ounce rifled slug going 1200 fps, and then number 8 shot going 1145
feet per second. 2 things come to mind after running through
those specifications. All of those, even though they are a full
inch shorter, have the same performance as a standard length shell. And then i start to think about the uses for
such a product. In theory, you can fit WAY more shells into
the tube of a pump shotgun if they take up less space and if they perform the same, then
you win. However, its a theory because shotguns like
the Mossberg’s and Remingtons have trouble feeding the shorter shells. Can you imagine how nice it would be to have
a Shockwave with something like 9 rounds in the tube instead of 5. I dunno if that’s the actual amount I’m just
making a point. It would be cool if that worked. Maybe more tiny shotgun shells being available
will make the shotgun brands come up with a way to make them cycle properly and then
everyone wins. Innovation? Wow! Let’s try it! The downside? The slug and buck cost about a dollar 20 per
round and the 8-shot, which normally is around 25 cents per shot, comes out to be about 60
cents per shot. So a quite bit more expensive. Let’s get into some rapid fire. A company you might be familiar with called
Mantis has come out with one of the most interesting training tools I’ve seen in a long time. It’s called the X10 and its the latest version
of their gun tracking system. The long and short of this is that you attach
a sensor to your gun and using telemetry and magic, you will get a graphical readout of
how you are performing. It measures things like movement under trigger
pull, how fast you are moving and now it measures recoil and holster draw. I’ve tried the older versions and really enjoyed
them so I have high expectations for this new version. Pricing is set at 249.99 and if it actually
helps that might be worth it. American Tactical Imports also known as ATI
has introduced a new AR style shotgun to the market. It’s called the MilSport 410 shotgun. Long story short, its chambered in 410, has
a 5 round mag and looks just like an AR15. You may be familiar with their Omni shotgun
and this is essentially the same thing but with forged receivers and a higher price tag. Going from polymer to forged receivers will
cost you an extra hundred bucks with an MSRP landing at 719.95. Sig Sauer has introduced a new line of ammo
called Elite Hunter Tipped ammunition. The name pretty much gives away its intent. Its available in 8 different calibers including
243, 308, 300 win mag, the creedmoors and a few others. The idea here is that the tip much like every
other tipped bullet, helps with flight stability as well as chambering consistency and most
importantly consistent expansion upon entering a flesh target. Pricing starts at 36.95 per box. Raise your hand if you want to see us test
that stuff. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory. This is a segment where I grab one of my personal
guns and tell you guys about it. This is lovingly known as the Chaos Carbine,
this is the 2ns AR that I ever assembled. It holds a special place in my heart because
I shot it a ton. I think he’s probably got 12-13,000 rounds
through rounds through the barrel. Lemme run through the parts real quick, it’s
got a vg6 brake with their kind of bird cage thing, a Daniel Defense Barrel, A2 sight this
is an AB arms forend. Despite the weird looks it’s actually really
comfortable, I kind of grab it around the frontend right like that super nice I actually
like that. It’s actually a piston gun it has an osprey
defense piston system in here which I love is never given me a problem, I think this
is a DPMS upper I’m not sure it’s slick side just something I decided to go with. It’s got a polymer lower from a company called
Plum Crazy, you never see them around because they don’t exist anymore. This is a funny story the original Hammer
broke one time and I was dry firing it because it was made out of plastic and I replaced
it with a Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun, talk about going from zero to hero, this is a really
really fast trigger, one of my favorites. I don’t know what charging handle this is
no longer existing companies rear sight that goes like vertical to 45° both ways. it’s got a Magpul stock out back, it’s got
a Fab defense grip because I like finger grooves and that’s it, this thing has been with me
for a long time been through a lot of life with me and still keeps on ticking/ It weighs-in
at, I think, 6.2 pounds, so it’s a lightweight piston gun and it runs really really well
and I absolutely love it. And that is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider supporting us via the links in
the video description below. Be sure to check out our podcast, LIVE Thursday nights at 7pm EASTERN. And as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “How Many Dumb Guns Do You Own? – TGC News!

  1. I am a great believer of purchasing weapons that have a purpose not just because they are cool that is Secondary!
    Mossberg Shotguns with the OpSol Mini CLip 2.0 Flex works very well on both my Shockwave and 500 Blackwater Cruiser Edition and each has over 200 rounds of combined Aguila Mini Slugs and Buckshot without issues! I had read that the previous version of the OpSol Mini-Clip did have Some Issues but I guess those were solved in version 2.0 and all the rounds have been fired within the last 5 months! My Shockwave has a Suarez International Magazine Extension and a GG&G follower and with this upgrades my Shockwave is now capable of carrying 9 in the magazine plus one in the chamber! plus 6 additional in the side saddle that is plenty of firepower for home defense in a very small package! Oh I almost forgot it also have a Holosun HS-507C/SB Tactical Brace/Mesa Tactical LE Adaptor/Hogue finger groove AR grip and I can pump the 10 shots out in about 6 seconds onto Steel 12 inch at 15 yards. The package is Very Controllable and Accurate!
    Nice AR build!

  2. FWIW, my first AR was a Plum Crazy lower with Rguns upper. Plum Crazy sold their molds and machines and they became the foundation of New Frontier Armory.

  3. I am a very purpose driven collector of firearms. Every gun that I had purchased was either for defense, hunting or training until my last purchase which is a Henry .44 magnum carbine Truck Drivers Edition that I got for my wife in memory of her late father. This gun is beautiful and has a sentimental value. We will be displaying this in honor of her father……….but I guess this has the most important purpose of them all……LOVE.

  4. Although I have absolutely no intention of buying the sig sauer ammo, sure, who doesn't like a good ballistics gel vid. 300 win mag vs 6.5 CM please 🙂

  5. My heart wants dumb guns, but my wallet dictates that every gun I actually buy has a purpose. I still have gaps in my collection function-wise, once those are filled perhaps I can start splurging on more "fun" stuff.

  6. The 648 is great to start newbie shooters of revolvers on if you start a petite person on a 44 or a 357 you tend to scare them away from firearms. Many different kinds of firearms equal many different kinds of uses that's one think that helps non gun people say, "oh I get it". It's not always about just saving lives although that's why most of use carry. Thanks for the news guys, be safe out there.

  7. I always have a specific use/reason for the guns I buy… they may be very odd & obscure reasons, but I have a reason.

    That being said this one seems a bit pricey considering all of the other guns I have stacking up on my future purchase wish list.

  8. I like guns I can afford to buy and shoot. As well aguila has the shorties and works great in the Keltec KSG my wife loves them. It's her house gun. CAN'T wear to try the Federal s.

  9. I keep telling myself that "if it isn't for a specific purpose, I don't need it anymore", and certainly don't need to buy any new guns that don't fit into that category. But, I am a gun lover, and sometimes I buy cool guns just because I like them. I call them my fun guns, as opposed to my working guns. An example is my Czech skorpian .32acp. It is just plain cool, sort of historic and fun as hell to shoot, I love it

  10. I need a specific reason for my guns, sometimes that reason is just to have a cool guns as a range toy or a safe queen.

  11. “I own a bunch of stupid guns on purpose”. LOL Me too! Ever since you showed the SB3 tactical brace plug that “may or may not” piss off the ATF this is becoming my favorite gun channel.

  12. I have a few guns just because, but really can’t afford to buy just whatever I want. I have gained a few by being in the right place to get a deal.

  13. I want a hybrid, too.
    Not the kind you're thinking, though.
    One of the later-gen Priuses, with the "power" mode that uses both the gas and the electric simultaneously for more torque.
    …With a conversion to E-85…
    …And then a turbo to really utilize the power benefits of that fuel…

  14. I'd raise my hand for that ammo testing, but that's hard to track from the comments.
    How about a Thumbs Up instead?

  15. My issue with my firearms is if I purchase something, then after shooting around 500+ rounds through it, I for some reason find something that is either uncomfortable shooting it, or I just plainly didn't like it. I owned a FN 509 & when I shot it, I wasn't impressed, it had way more recoil bounce than that of my Glock 19x, the grip wasn't comfortable to shoot, just like the H&K P30, everytime I would shoot it the mag release being on the trigger guard would pinch the shit out of my finger. It went bye bye also. I have had also several AK's that I have sold due to I was spending so much time & money trying to mod it out to be comfortable for me to shoot, mainly a LOP issue. The only Ak that I liked that I didn't want to sell but hard times struck me was my Gen 2 Npap AK47 with the Yugo furniture, I liked the longer heavier Yugo butt stock. If I could find one again new I would jump on it for sure. Thanks for sharing your gun collection would like to see that AR build shoot sometime.

  16. I luv buying oddball guns that are out of the normal everyone has category. Personal favorite guns are my Claridge L9, SIG Xi, Masterpiece Arms Protector .380 & Microtech Small Arms Research XM17-E4.

  17. I'm a sucker for 100% Authentic Colt contracted M4 Family carbines . So yeah who needs 3 M4A1s , 2 MK18s, and 2 M4s.
    I'm a Colt Hoarder for sure.
    I actually did operation clean sweep 5 or 6 months ago. So I ended up trading 7 firearms for 2 Pistols and 2 Suppressors . My LGS is so awesome. I ended up getting G43X, G45 , and 2 YHM Turbo Ks.

  18. The S&W 617 holds 10 rounds of .22LR. Why would they come out with another gun that holds 8? As far as the Federal mini shells, they are more expensive than the Aguila mini shells. My apologies, I didn't hear what caliber you said the 648 is. That would be a cool gun!

  19. There's a company out of Texas that makes a product called Opsol Mini Clip. I think it only works in Mossberg shotguns. I have one in my Mossberg, and it works fantastic! I can load 9+1.

  20. I grabbed up a UTAS UTS-15 a while back. (Dumb gun on purpose) It runs short shotshells like a champ, as long as I load a 3” or 2-3/4” first in each mag tube. Holds 21 rounds with shorties and runs like a champ.

  21. A 22short. Pberetta. That's my dumb gun. I expect the sound to drive off an issue. Other than rabbits, and real small game. That's it.
    The short shells. Yes it would be awesome. The issue is it's less she'll the same internals. Same powder. Why the $?
    Mantis. Great idea if it works.
    Ati. 420? Come on. It's for kids, like me.
    Sit ammo. Yes please shoot a few at the block. I would also like to see how it Chambers.
    Love plum crazy stuff. The best was the polly upper idea the abandoned. I would love to see it tried again and researched.

  22. Right now I have 4 guns, a Win190 for possums and raccoons, a combat handgun, a deer rifle, and an AR, I plan to have MANY more, but all of mine (so far) have their purpose, the more I obtain, the more I imagine their uses will become more highly tailored.

  23. Fuck crossbreed. I bought a modular belly band from them to wear under my scrubs. Out didn't even make it through getting the holster positioned without getting strings all overt the place and having seams start coming apart. I gave my review and it has NEVER been listed on their website; it's been over 2 years. They only post 5 star reviews even though they're quality is shit at least as far as this system is concerned

    As far as my dumb guns I'm not telling the internet and unless the gov wants to wage through mountains of NICS checks they don't need to know either.

  24. I was going to write that at one time I bought cool guns "just because," but I don't anymore. I out-grew that. Then I remembered: I bought a flintlock rifle a few months ago – just because it's cool. It doesn't do ANYthing better than any of my other guns. I just wanted one. So – I just busted myself.

  25. Aguila has had the mini shells for years. When I was able to physically shoot three gun matches I used the mini shells to reduce recoil on my shotgun. Also, I use my 22WMR cylinder in my revolver every time I go trapping and ATV riding. I like the Single Six Convertible 22lr/22WMR because I can switch the caliber to my shooting needs.

  26. Shorty shells seem like a great idea. At least they are interesting to me. Then I'm told that they are 2-3x more expensive than standard 2 3/4 shells and my interest dies. Aguilla has them too and they are just as expensive. Yawn.

  27. Almost all of my personal firearms are for a purpose – like any other tools. You don't use a 5lb sledge to put a tack in the wall and you don't use a 2oz ball-peen to drive in a railroad spike. I don't usually keep around firearms that duplicate another firearm use either. So when I bought a CZ Scorpion SBR, the Sub2000 went buh-buy. A select few are collectables, like my gold inlaid NRA Walther PPK (one of only 550 made) or my pre-'64 Winchester 1894 saddle carbine.

  28. If the KSG-14 were redesigned to take these new short shot shells, and if it can feed them reliably, THAT would be awesome… a 20 round shotgun! Hey Jon! I REALLY LOVE that lightweight piston driven AR you have. For me, that would be my favorite AR (I'm an AK and MP-44 guy)

  29. Anguilla has been making those short shells for years. I use them in my Keltec KSG and fit 25 with one in the chamber. It functions fine.

  30. I wish Smith & Wesson would make some repro it's old seeing the same stainless steel wheel gun in a different caliber

  31. Woohoo a shout out for Izzy! The man, the mith, the legend that puts puts the perfect fit and finish in TGC viedos: Izzy Long
    Gotta ham it up just for you Izzy, take care. 😆

  32. I have a chinese mosin with a welded on bolt (not a gun bolt, A BOLT BOLT) welded in the place of the original bolt handle. I bought it for the lolz and hopefully some Metro cosplay

  33. I'm that guy that's buys for the cool factor. Just bought a slam fire shotgun, sounded fun. LOVE THE CHANNEL!!!

  34. That S&W 648, once I put a red dot on it, is going to be my new squirrel/rabbit gun. I don't even have to give that a second thought. Instabuy from me. It should fit just fine in my 617's holster, and will be a perfect gun for walking creeks around where I live. I wonder if there's any chance it might come out in .17 HMR in the future?

  35. I will buy any firearm that shoots and performs well. Especially if I can justify it as a bargain " once in a lifetime deal" to my wife lol

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