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How Many 50 Cal Bullets Does it Take to CUT DOWN A TREE!?!?

alright guys you’ve been waiting for
this. I’ve been waiting for this! This has been weeks in planning because in the
comments section of the big tree video a lot of guys were like oh that trees
gonna fall down. No… it’s not. I mean trees can take hundreds of rounds
without falling down but how many rounds can they really take? so this tree and
volunteer as “Treebute” once again. But this one is a little different. We’re on a tree farm. okay see
all the little bitty saplings back there? this used to all be pasture land. I got
with this tree farmer I’m like “hey you got any cull trees that need to be cut
down? because we got an experiment. so we have a nice safe place to shoot up
there’s about a 30-40 foot berm/hillside and then this guy sitting right beside
Bill the return of Bill again. See it’s all kind of jacked up down there and
then way up there even it’s got like a big chunk of it missing and so it’s not
ideal for for the timber industry so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna see
how many rounds of 50 BMG it takes to cut this bad boy down! and so we have our
50 BMG ammo as well now the highlight of it check this out okay Triple R
munitions makes this and it’s supplied by Detroit ammunition and what that is
is that’s a six hundred and fifty grain CMC solid brass bullet not copper brass
and it’s 100 Brinell so it’s super hard. as well so y’all know how the the round
went through earlier and here I got this this cool nifty thing in my pocket it
was ballistic impressions went ahead and check that out so the the bullet
part that you see there that’s the steel core that was recovered okay in the
center that’s what the we originally sent and so the normal like m33 ammo is
shedding all that copper and all that lead and then
the steel core is the only thing that comes through you know we did that time
and time again we got the steel core sequel all that stuff. so with the solid,
that’s the wrong one. we’ll get to that. with that solid brass bullet we’re gonna
see what it does and it is loaded in 50 the Barrett brass casing as well
these run $5.50 a piece but in case just 100 rounds won’t
do it what we have is M33 this is Stryker ammo by American marksman it’s the bestprice I could find at $2.50 a piece so this is gonna be
our standard stuff just like that you know it’ll have the steel core just like
this it’ll be shedding it all the way through and hindsight maybe Hornady A-Max
would have done more destructive power transferred into the tree to destroy
wood grain because I mean these things are just cutting through like- like a
bullet! and so it’s just it’s it’s it’s not damaging too much so what we’re
gonna do is where’s my paint we’re gonna find some pain I guess I’m still
corporate I mean still target paint around here we’re gonna make a nice
strip on it so we have the exact spot to aim so we can do this methodically and
scientifically. and so before you start and demonetizing and flagging and reporting my video we’re gonna we’re gonna make good on this. okay so somewhere I have I
have some saplings so a lot of the tree huggers were like you you can’t a
replant tree so here we go so we’re gonna call out this tree and then we’re
gonna put some nice nice pretty nice young trees right there in the mud and
we’ve got another one we’re gonna just put right there and plant these guys so
that we can do our part all right stop flagging my stuff! we got the target
paint we’re gonna paint our strips we’re gonna get the rifle zeroed and start
blasting it’s off to make sure I put some footage of bringing the Humvee in
because is wet! and it was it was muddy alright so we borrowed a friend’s m99 as
well as mine his is a little different because it’s not fluted it’s got the
longer barrel me I was like man I’m in deep East Texas trying to shoot hogs
we’re gonna go short and light so it’s a little different there so we’re gonna
start with this Barrett know of the Barrett brass and
that the triple R munitions brass bullets are you ready for this okay so
we’re gonna we’re gonna do 10 rounds and check out Bill and see how he’s doing
okay Cody’s after Cody came with me today and Detroit slipped in a few
blanks they’re 50 caliber blanks he wants to shoot 50 Cal the first time I’m
gonna try to slip this in you know how we’re gonna hype up how how hard it is
and how much the recoil is doesn’t the point goes off you couldn’t see the
crosshairs because he had polarized glasses
alright thumbs on safe steel so when you like it give me a draw fire and then I
hope you load like it alright keep your keep your head
on target going hot when you’re ready brace for impact that was crazy
you want to know something else l was a blank that still had some pressure
though that was not said the same pressure alright why do you already go
hot really hot that’s funny all right go ahead and close and make ready oh I
still gives a good wallet didn’t it I was surprised I thought it’d be more
like the subsonic that sucker was brutal! Remember you gotta slam forward. the
extractors gotta jump the rim yeah there you go okay this is the good stuff
go dead center white strike dead center on the white stripe. your first fifty cal. a little bit different. huh uh-huh. you
wanna do it again or is that all for the day? I’ll take a break okay did you get
them yeah you know I’m sure bill oh shoot the whole chair is destroyed! well
we’ll put two more in the tree and then we’re gonna reset bill.
oh my bipod pin fell out! Wow! that’s brutal.
all right number 10 round for today. all righty so… duct tape didn’t last
long. so I’m working this way you can see it you can tell that so that’s last
ten rounds we’re making it about a quarter of the way taking time making it
happen. we got to see if we got any of bullets in that my hand in there so this
is a this is still that copper I mean solid brass triple our munitions rounds all right well yeah bill came back with
a bit of recoil there’s no telling if oh well we can
tell stuff went straight through but and and okay you can tell there’s a buttload
of bark in there but uh okay we’re gonna have to cut them open later we might not
be getting any into bill because those suckers are moving better than the steel
so these are actually working better that’s nuts
okay so first impression after those ten rounds after I dug it out I could just
dig my hand right in there I’m wondering even though I’m moving over about half
an inch every shot if they’re starting to funnel the path of least resistance
and so they’re staying in the same hole and traveling through that way so we’re
just gonna keep firing and keep moving over and it’s a half inch at a time
every shot there goes my coffee we got pop up up up up up up up
alright and so we’re getting a good string it looks like I could hit that
again let’s see what the back end looks like though oh it looks like what you’d
expect I’m bill oh look he took some oh he took some shrapnel fire ants I don’t
see if we captured anything so we’re gonna have to change loads on the left
side of the tree at least and see if we catch some rounds this time look the
would fly it off so we are around 30 clipping the rest of that out hey uh I’m
zoomed in Haga alright and blowing the rest of it out here bill he was jiggling
man oh oh he sliced open look at all the walls I don’t think we caught a single
round because the triple are solid Lehigh 650 grain bullets are
too brutal we are eating this thing look at that again splitter alright shoot so
if it goes through the whole tree like that I think this side is taken care of
and we can start focusing on the other hand awesome he said look like so we’re
looking at all this and you’re like man look at the shrapnel just everywhere
it’s blowing out just lots and lots it’s just all over the place snap where you see that look looks like
it rolled on the mud is it it’s not quite warm yet he saw his wandering it’s
definitely you look it so it’s a little off-center that’s sweet that so there
may be more okay so we are about about 12 yards from the tree right now and oh
my gosh there’s wood chips everywhere Cody going
hot and 99 he wanted more punishment so here we are so this is shot 31 from your
safety you did I wasn’t ready for that mmm well bills
just hanging by a thread now how was cool oh I swear I heard a crack all
right unload show clear gone safe let’s go check it out bills down with a lot of
shrapnel in him oh oh that would that would have hurt y’all didn’t see me pull
that out but you can see how far the wet is that’s how deep it was oh we got
bullets yeah sweet oh wow it’s still got jacket that is slick that’s a new one
Wow it didn’t peel the whole thing it’s shiny I like it bill you done good we’re
not done with you yet though all right tree damage nice okay so we’ve got an
undamaged part here we’re gonna focus on the center area but you did a lot of
damage there what we’ll focus right here will paint right here
sweet we are starting round number 40 right now or is it 41 41 and so the
trees got some good damage it’s probably gonna take about 20 30 more rounds
because we’re gonna have to knock out just trees are really self-sealing so we
got Mike here because I wanted to share the headache love today and hit you off
that tan rifle so when you’re ready it cracks me up how much one flies every
single time oh alright tree damage time okay we still have a good chunk here
that’s not getting hit so we’re gonna have to adjust our angle or something we
have this edge of the trees pretty good ah it’s getting hit I heard you say
something oh shoot that’s cool it’s poking out oh you said it’s high I don’t
know why I’m grabbing it yeah it’s kind of so we have a whole jacket you’re just
like there I was looking full of wood that’s that’s a jacket but no steel core
so we’re breaking down the tree so much that we’re getting both parts through
very cool goodness all the wood chips are awesome he fell
down four more rounds nicked it this will be shot 60 it’s not falling yet some amazing sitting all that would fly one more Max and a bunch empties 60 I
believe oh there’s more copper oh yeah you got one – I got ya just a chunk of
copper oh you pulled it on it what this copper ring is the kajak it’s a copper
jacket that’s cool that means Wow so that that’s doing some damage inside
that tree that’s for sure quick shout-out to one of our video sponsors
Big Daddy unlimited if you like this channel and you want to support it go
over to Big Daddy unlimited calm slash top shot Dustin now there it’s a
membership site where you get dealer direct pricing on cool stuff like
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never gonna want to because you’re saving so much money on cool stuff so
Big Daddy unlimited .com / topshot Dustin now let’s shut up and shoot the
right edge wherever you see white paint so the center and then the right boat
boat anywhere you see white paint you’re good to hit Oh bill already oh that’s a good sign oh dude it’s still stand-in but I want to
be the one to shoot it down man there’s so much wood flying every shot maybe the wind’s just blowing it but it
sure looks like it wants to move every shot beautiful okay make your time count
take your time just put it right where it needs to be where there looks like
this fresh tree fresh paint what is this 67 hold hold here it goes
here it goes oh my gosh yeah okay how many rounds left unload
show clear you got two rounds left so 68 was the magic number how cool is
that dude we chopped down a tree with a 50 oh
my gosh I just want to see look look the lines every bullet just but that’s
beautiful how many yeah yeah be careful though we get oh here’s more jacket
those solidly hives from Detroit ammo and truffle are they did great here but
I think you know that they did almost too good they just passed right through
because Cody’s pulling out all these the fragmentation must thinking this
transfer and more energy and destroying the wood as well so this half of the
tree was one that half of tree was the other that was awesome though don’t
worry the tree will not look the die in vain because this is nice timber so what
we’re gonna do is this is the perfect size except for that cancer yucky part
right there we cut them up into tomahawk targets and sell them at camp and then
these guys right here I don’t know fundraiser if somebody
wants that stuff that’s kind of cool so anyway just check out top shot Dustin
comm and you can and see whatever we can decide and figure out what to do cuz
shipping wood is expensive but gosh I think think that was about it
so thanks for joining us for our chainsaw and 50 BMG massacre and y’all
click the like notification bell and all that good stuff and stay tuned we’ll
have more fun stuff in the future bill just died again no

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