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Japan is reportedly pursuing hypersonic weapon
development. On Oct. 15, 2018, Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun
newspaper as per its undisclosed sources reported that Japan’s Ministry of Defense has put
in place a plan to develop & deploy hypersonic weapons. The weapons if developed will provide Japan
with a much greater ability to counter China. This has far-reaching implication as this
signals that country is moving away from its post-World War II pacifist constitution. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes how
Japan plan’s to deploy hypersonic weapons to counter China? Let’s get into the details Japan and China have a dispute regarding the
ownership of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. Currently it is controlled by Japan. On 23 November 2013, China set up the “East
China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone” which includes the Senkaku Islands. All aircraft entering the zone have to file
a flight plan and submit radio frequency or transponder information. China also claims almost all of the South
China Sea and has recently installed new anti-aircraft and anti-ship defenses on some of its man-made
outposts in the South China Sea. Like many other countries, Japan favors ‘freedom
of navigation’, since it is a very important sea route. Japan is also concerned about the long-term
ambition of China which has been expanding its military rapidly. Overall it can be said that China’s behaviors
have been pushing Japan to the corner. According to Japan’s constitution, it is
a pacifist country. Article 9 states that “The Japanese people
forever renounce war and the threat or use of force.” Japanese PM, Abe had reiterated his intention
to change this and add laws that will enable the Japanese military to take a more hawkish
stance. New laws introduced by him allow a much broader
interpretation of what can be done by Japan’s Self Defense Forces and what not. A move to develop hypersonic missile clearly
indicates that Japan is now taking steps to militarily counter China. Hypersonic speed is defined as objects traveling
above Mach 5. Hypersonic weapons are put into two categories –
Cruise missiles & Boost-glide vehicles. Hypersonic cruise missile uses scramjet engines
to propel themselves. Scramjet engines are an advanced derivative
of Ramjet engines which power supersonic cruise missiles like Brahmos. Russia is the first country to deploy a hypersonic
cruise missile with its Kinzhal missile having a stated speed of Mach 10. In Boost-glide vehicle technique, a rocket
is used to propel a vehicle having the warhead to the appropriate speed and altitude after
which it glides back down to earth unpowered. The vehicle generally has small fins which
are used for maneuvering through the air. Japan is taking the Boost-glide vehicles approach. Hypersonic weapons are almost impossible to
intercept due to their high velocity & are very destructive because of their high Kinetic Energy. The first mention of Hypersonic weapon was
in annual defense white paper that came out in August 2018. The program is designated as the Hyper-Velocity
Gliding Projectile (HVGP) and it will have two types of separate designs. As per Mainichi Shimbun, the first design
will be a conical boost-glide vehicle whereas the second type will use a flatter talon-shaped
vehicle. Viewers may note that the conical shape vehicle
is easier to develop but is suitable for ranges up approximately 500 km. The talon-shaped vehicle is much more complex
to design but will enable much greater strike envelope. The first type is expected to be developed
by 2026 and the second type by 2028. Japan’s Ministry of Defense has allocated
more than $40 million in the 2018 Fiscal Year for hypersonic weapon development and has
requested more than $120 million to continue that work in the upcoming 2019 fiscal cycle. According to the Ministry of Defense’s white
paper, the HVGP program’s primary stated objective is the development of a weapon “for
the defense of remote islands, which can glide at high velocity and attack a target in order
to enable island-to-island firing”. Japan’s latest missiles have a range of less
than 200 km and hence even if these are deployed in islands close to Senkakus like in Okinawa,
they won’t be able to counter any attempted takeover of Senkakus. If the planned hypersonic weapons are deployed
in the future, then they will act as a serious deterrence against any Chinese misadventure.


  1. Japan needs to stop spending money on new weapons and spend more on cleaning up their fucking nuclear mess that's killing the Pacific Ocean and will soon be killing us. WTF?

  2. The thing about the Japanese constitution is that it was written by MacArthur who ran the country as a virtual dictator.

  3. why Can't they just share it the bunch of greedy fucks, you know cooperate or is that too much to ask for nowadays, arguing over a bit of land or sea that's got loads of room for everyone, humans are fucked, they'll end up killing over it just for a slight advantage or a principal, so sad.

  4. India has indeginiously developed hypersonic missile "Shaurya".India started its mass production in 2011.Japan can buy it from INDIA(As both India and Japan has to counter China).

  5. Except that the missiles are intended for U.S. when one day japan has an opportunity to get rid of these foreign troops occupying their country.

  6. China is screwing themselves over by making their neighbors stronger… lol when war comes they'll be in a tight spot


  8. Good for Japan. The US needs strong allies to counter aggressive Chinese intentions around the world. The US and Japan have had their issues in the past, but these days they're practically besties. China should take the hint.

  9. Chinese can bully only small countries. India kicked Chinese out of Dhoklam when they tried to Bully peaceful Bhutan.

  10. Japan is best in the world's thay has best weapon to counter China and North Korea China connout steal Japanese technology Japan is very important for india

  11. Japan is very keen in having defensive missile systems since bordered by many troubled nations such as NK,China,and Russia

  12. Hmmm. Where as China has more numbers, Japan always had a techinal and engineering edge over China. Hopfully. Things will stay quiet in Asia.

  13. I think Japan and China have very close economic ties. Confronting China is not good for Japan! Modern technology has made the war very terrible. Japan does not have enough territory and is too close to China. Choosing cooperation is the way out. However, the Japanese believe in " leaving Asia for Europe", but now it is very embarrassing to want to come back to participate in Asian affairs. If the United States fails, it can return to America. Where will Japan go? You can't take the Japanese island away

  14. The time of begin testing and/or delivering seems too far to me. For the first type in 2026 and for the second 2028. It is sure that right now the countries are not only developing their own hypersonic weapons but also the measures to destroy them

  15. Good for Japan. Living close to unpredictable and aggressive neighbors like North Korea and China, you must be alert and well prepared .

  16. Fake news. Japan and US never have hypersonic weapons. They are still years away from producing a good working one. China and Russia have prefected hypersonic weapons.

  17. During the second world war, Japan was destroyed by the US and allies, during WW3 Japan will be destroyed together with the US and allies. Funny how things have their way.

    The whole world must counter the cowardly criminal liar intense greedy US/UK/Israeli communists!

    "Tiny China-Chip? or another anti-China U.S. false flag plan?" If that is not criminal from the US, then one needs to redefine the word criminal!

    Old Chinese saying: "Act not in response to what the U.S. tells you, but in response to HOW the U.S. acts."

    The U.S./UK/Israeli's and NATO miscalculated their options with Russia and China…they thought it was just a matter of grab and go…but they got a bad surprise and they can not handle it to be on the losing end. For too long the US had their bread buttered and Jam on both sides…and it is time to get them out of their comfort zone.

    The US will share the fate of ancient Rome as it will be crushed by its own ambitions and destructive tendencies."

  18. Great News..!! 
    Japan latest development would sent sub-human communist Chinese coward spine shivering and pees in pants. 
    Sub-human Communist Chinese coward ever since become wealthy contribute nothing for the  good of mankind and it environment, except exploiting, ruining, destroying and making every 
    countries upgrade their deadly weapon of mass destructions.

  19. Japan can invent a Gandam, whitch can transform into a hypersonic missle, or can invet a robot who drive a hypersonic missle.

  20. Banzai….Banzai…..Banzai …to the divine emperor, the holder of the chrysanthemum seal, we the Hindus and Buddhists of Bharata salute thee

  21. Now it was said that the yellow people will invade the west yellow people are China and so on an so on but I thought It already happened when the Japanese invaded porlharbor

  22. Probably don't want to mess with the land of the samurai,the Japanese are a strong and honorable people,their will to fight and never surrender is legendary, just ask any remaining ww2 marines who fought them in the Pacific

  23. Hypersonic tech is just a marketing ploy. It's not that fast, or invincible, or maneuverable. It also has one hell of a heat signature. Good luck! 🙂

  24. Mk. 1:57 Nice Vid so far!

    Senkaku are Like the Spratly Islands and represent more than Freedom of Navigation (UNCLOS and IMLI established EEZs of 12 & 200m) Issues, as they're important fisheries and harbour multiple & abundant natural resource reserves beneath the ocean floor.

    The Spratly are different, as several ASEANs, South Pacific Nations (even Oceania and the Subcontinent share involvement in a few disputes) each claim ownership and have high national interests in the areas, especially where national Sphere's of Influence & claims overlap. However, PRC likes to use the 9-Dash Line they made, which holds zero Legitimacy. These islands also serve as busy shipping lanes and trade routes affecting World Economic Trade and Stability. Cue US National Interests!

    Building these strategic artificial Forward Operations Bases allows PRC ro project power and deploy limited Surface Vessels but fixed-wing and Helo assets (plus AAA & SAM-Batteries, GLCMs, GLBMs, etc.) basically a pseudo-natural A2/AD akin to what kept Russia safe during WWII. Plus, the PLAN need invest and worry about a "Zone Defense" and less of a Deep Blue Water Navy, with a Green and Brown Water A2/AD Focus. IOW: A Geopolitical pain in everyone's arse (as per usual)

    PLAN and Coast Guard fleets as "Fortress China" w the Artificial Islands serving as "Carriers" and Launch Platforms. Kinda like an inverse Mahan's Sea Power Theory application! LOL!

    Same Situation with Senkaku, historically Japanese, but PRC announced the new ADIDZ move several years ago (2014/15) and increased the building of and reinforcements to the artificial FOBs and demanding aircraft pre-arrange and pay fees per flight-path, ID hundreds of miles away from their actual ADIDZ, and create a Fortress China Sphere encompassing the S. Pacific as they take on Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa and Latin America w BRI & AIIB.

    Good Times! SMGDFH

    PS: How old is this video?

  25. The US needs these weapons badly before Russia pushes the button and turns the US into rubble and smoking crators.

  26. China has no legal claims to Senkaku islands. It has been proven already! Look at the SF Treaty that the US and Japan signed at the end of WW2.
    Some Facts…
    i. 1895 Japan declared Okinawa and Senkaku Islands as theirs.
    ii. SF Treaty that the US and Japan signed at the end of WW2 gave Administrative control of Okinawa and Senkaku Islands to the US.
    iii. The US had Administrative control over those islands until 1972. The U.S. Army controlled Senkaku islands and used it for firing exercises.
    iv. 1972 Administrative control of Okinawa including Senkaku islands was returned to Japan by the US.
    v. No treaty assigned sovereignty rights to Senkaku islands over to China.
    vi. China didn't sign SF Treaty
    vii. China didn't even try to claim those islands until 1971.

  27. China is doing aggression in the sea while Russia is doing aggression in the baltics and Ukraine. They just screwed themselves

  28. Yoshh. Man if japan's economy hasn't been push down by the big brother, they'll have a whole fleet of gundam now 😀

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