100 thoughts on “How it FEELS to Play Spy in TF2

  1. I stopped playing TF2 when Engi's update came out, the game was a real mess to me, but I just found out your channel and jeez, not only it reminds me good old times but your videos are funny 😀

  2. I was confused at the end when the two spy’s killed each other it was to blue team members so did two red spy kill each other or was The blue spy not desciedsed (can’t spell).

  3. There was this one time I was playing spy with the yer(your eternal reward) and a medic SAW ME backstab a sniper THAN HE STARTED TO HEAL ME I just lost it and then I killed the medic

  4. Could we please call trickstab what they are, namely profiting from the fact you live 50 km or less from the serv plugged in with fiber while your opponent is 400 km away with no fiber ?

  5. I just noticed that each of these episodes were themed around the class it was focused on. Like this episode about the spy is sophisticated (atleast attempting) and the pyro episode was super silly and wacky.

  6. 2:53 how it feels when you get high honors on every quarter for the entire elementary school, middle school, high school, and colledge

  7. "after you backstab you tend to be in a lot of trouble"
    wanga prick, the knife we dont want to use but hey it works

  8. About 2 years later and now he can close gaps. If they didn't give him a slight speed increase, spy mains wouldn't be as prominent as they are now.

  9. There is one other aspect about the spy you forgot.
    There is a sacred, unspoken agreement when two invisible spies bump into each other, to just leave eachother alone.

  10. Play battle operation 2 with a fucking Efreet Custom and see how quick the other team panics and runs.

  11. god I really wish there was a way to have the hands and weapon that are "drawn" when you had your viewmodels off

  12. I am only going to say this once spy: STOP TRYING TO SEDUCE ME ALREADY >:C

    Seriously, its like every 2 months or so he's in my "Up Next" playlist somehow

  13. So. Today, I decided to play TF2 again for a few quick casual matches after not playing for, maybe a year or two? The game dumped me into 2Fort (of course) and after a while, I decide to play Spy.
    Now, I'm pretty bad with Spy, but sometimes you just gotta go with a class you're not confident with. Anyway, I'm cloaked and crossing the courtyard on the enemy's side when a Heavy blips me for a bit. Normally, my go-to tactic in this case is to run straight into a corner and hope for the best. But in this particular half-second of panic, I instead do the first thing that comes to mind, and step left slightly and crouch next to the raised platform.
    The Heavy is literally right in front of me, spraying his minigun all over the courtyard, determined to end me. He even goes up on the platform so that his minigun is literally right over my head. After a while, he gives up and moves on.

    Oh my god, it works. It actually fucking works.

    Thank you LazyPurple. Sometimes, old dogs can still learn new tricks.

  14. "time to go somewhere else…. alright… ok alr- alright alright o- mY tImE tO sHiNe one second later hUHHhuhhHUHhhH stabs ehHUH"

  15. Heavy: "Run! Run!"
    Spy: "No. U."
    Heavy: "AAAAA-" [dies]


    Spy: "may I make a suggestion? Run."
    Heavy: "NO. U."
    Spy: "AAAAA-" [dies]

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