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How it FEELS to Play Soldier in TF2

*SOLDIER SCREAMS* *Soldier’s teammates scream* (Soldier screams a lot) Demoman: Soldier, help! No no no! Announcer: YOU FAILED! (thinking) What?! Aw crap. *Soldier chuckles* *Laughs maniacally* (thinking) It’s…. perfect…. Oh man! I am gonna die! That was as a recreation of a game-winning stunt performed by one of the greatest playable characters to ever roam the earth I’m talking about the soldier, also known as Jane Doe! also known as the rocket launcher shotgun guy! It goes without saying that TF2’s rocket jumping is one of the most rewarding and Exhilarating mechanics of any first-person shooter. Once you really learn how to rocket jump, you may have trouble holding yourself back WOOO! Look at me go! Oh, shit! That is /all/ the bad guys! Hey guys, good news! I found the enemy team! Heh… just doin my job! Demo: YA SUCK! Alright, okay, I learned my lesson. Just because I can rocket jump doesn’t mean I should. In this clip here, my entire team is dead Soldier! Defend the point! All right, time to play it safe! Ooooorrr, I could do a really fast rocket jump… DO. NOT. DO IT! Do not even THINK about- *sigh* This is definitely what my team would have wanted me to do. Demo: I can’t see shit! (he’s drunk) Now, if you were some kind of European, you might have thought that I threw this game by not being there to defend the final point! Thankfully, like all Americans, I am a direct descendant of George Washington. Flanking the enemy is in my blood! *drunk slur* SOLDIER!!!! Oh, hello Demoman! I think… you’re… zzzz I feel like! zzzzzz Couldn’t ya see??!! zzzz What? Oh no… Demo… DEMOMAN!!!! Look! I told ya! I’ll be honest, this was probably not the smartest play. But this recklessness has a place in competitive TF2! This risky play style is what competitive players call: “the roamer” It’s the roamers job to manage the flank, so that frontline classes such as Medic and Demoman don’t have to worry about it But if the enemy soldier doesn’t do the same thing, welllll… Ho ho ho ho, no… This is where the fun begins! (Extremely dramatic music) (thinking) Now, we are all sons of bitches Essentially, Soldier’s mobility allows them to make plays that the other classes can only dream of You have to learn the specifics how fast your rockets travel and how fast they launch enemies! Because one day…. You’ll be the only one… that can make a difference (space exploration music) Soldier! The Medic! I am ready. We’ve confirmed ignition, and the thrust is go NNNOOOOOOO! Medic down (PARTY MUSIC) Of course with all this rocket jumping around, it would be a shame not to mention a… certain playstyle ♪ For the first time ♪ ♪ Just about half past 10 ♪ ♪ for the first time, in history♪ ♪ It’s gonna start raining men ♪ ♪ It’s raining men ♪ “I GOT THE MEDIC!!!!!!” ♪ It’s raining men ♪ ♪ Amen ♪ ♪ I’m gonna go out. I’m gonna let myself get ♪ ♪ Absolutely soaking wet ♪ ♪ It’s raining men ♪ ♪ Hallelujah, its rainin men ♪ ♪ Every specimen! ♪ I’m going for the medic Guys, just hold on, trust me! (Spy, weakly) yes! All right, all right, maybe I shouldn’t be playing trolldier in competitive lobbies… But have I mentioned how good rocket jumping is? Might as well call this video how it FEELS to rocket jump because that’s all it’s gonna be about We’re about to lose! But I’m not worried because I know how to jump with rockets! I tell my team: “don’t worry about it, I’ll touch the point,” and go on to – YOU THINK… I WOULD FORGET YOU? Why are we still here? just to suffer? Okay, so you might die while rocket jumping, but trust me, it only happens like… 80 percent of the time as long as you don’t jump into any of these guys, you’ll be all right Now at this point, you may have to use your brain, and I know you’re thinking: but Lazy! I am playing Soldier specifically to avoid doing this one thing But just watch how easy it is: I stay out of sight until I hear that this Heavy unrevs his gun As soon as I hear that, I tightly airstrafe into a wall jump So that enemies like this Pyro don’t have time to react to me After all that, I get behind enemy lines, force their Medic to use Uber and DIE anyway thanks to a slight… miscalculation… Thankfully, you’re not always just dive-bombing into the enemy Sometimes you’ve got to hold your ground and show the enemy who owns this point! I have crippling depression ♪ She’s a Gunshot Bride ♪ You know, I used to think that an airshot only mattered if it occurred somewhere in the stratosphere Unfortunately, not only do these situations rarely come up, But there’s also so much luck involved in shooting someone that’s 30 meters off the ground 30 meters off the ground…. 30 meters off the ground… Thiiirty meeeters offf the groooound What? Get with the program! What? This is AMERICA maggot! Oh, sorry, let’s see uh… 32.8084 GOD-BLESSED AMERICAN YARDS OFF THE GROUND Amen. No, see, I’ve learned that life as a soldier is about the mini airshots. The airshots that you can practice and hit consistently! Of course, it’s much easier to hit airshots in pubs where rocket jumping soldiers can be found flailing about like plastic bags in the wind ♪ Do you ever feel… like a plastic bag? ♪ Now, air shotting PYROS is its own thing! Every time you find yourself in this situation you are asking the question: Ohhh, looks like this one ain’t gonna make it folks! This one here is walkin’ right me and THERE HE GOES! He’s got his Powerjack out, he has no idea what he’s doing! Oh, what a shame. Let’s see our next contender: ah, well this is a “gimme” folks! NOO! You’ve GOTTA hit those! And this next one looks like a competitive game, and this Pyro he’s going going GONE! Looks like another noob to me! Shit… You know, you’ve got to give it to those Pyros… when they getcha, they getcha *demonic Pyro laughing* Well then! Let’s see, uhh… Nope! Look, I know I shouldn’t shoot rockets at the pyro mains, BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! When I see a Pyro, I don’t see a class that can REFLECT rockets, I see a class that can ABSORB rockets! Like one, two, and three! Oh, I love direct hits If ONLY there was a WEAPON, built for this PURPO- I love using the direct hit rocket launcher It destroys mini sentries in one rocket and kills Scouts just as fast. In fact, let me ask ya something: Is your control point infested with disgusting enemy scouts? BANG! BANG! Try SCOUT-B-GONE! Just one shot from SCOUT-B-GONE will eradicate all those pesky household Scouts! BANG! BANG! I love you SCOUT-B-GONE! (laughing maniacally) Go ahead, build a mini sentry… I DARE you Of course, you lose the luxury of splash damage, and without splash damage I wouldn’t be getting kills like these: Scout: HAH! You can’t hit what ain’t there! (Extremely dramatic music) SOLDIER NO! Scout: AGGH! I’m dead. But you know what? Forget labels! What you might call “cheap and easy splash damage,” I call: After playing enough Soldier, you may start to see splash damage differently… …among other things… but one thing never changes: You have a rocket launcher, and you will NEVER… EVER stop improving with it. So get out there and put it to good use. and while you’re at it, put some rockets where the sun don’t shine! Soldier! DO NOT. SHOOT. MY ASS! (Scout screams) Hello there everyone! This video went through many rewrites and re-edits that I wouldn’t have had the time for without the support of my amazing patrons. I also now have a non-intrusive sponsorship with a VPN! So if you randomly need a VPN, you can support me that way too in the description Of course at the end of the day it’s support enough that you watched my video. Thank you

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  1. Hi everyone!!! This episode of "how it FEELS" is much louder and AMERICAN than the others. My newer fans might not know that the bit at 4:16 is a reference to my first successful TF2 video: "It's Precipitating Adult Males." The video was removed for copyright :(, but I am re-hosting it on my Twitter in the description!
    As always, Thanks for watching!

  2. I am a Witch Hunter, and I main as Pyro with any flare guns, and I HATE SPIES, so that makes me: A Witch (or Spy) Hunting Pyro!

  3. It's so disappointing, you talked about other weapons in your How it feels to play, like this one, all except Pyro, not even a mention to the Flare Gun or any of it's variants.

  4. Is…is that version of America the beautiful at 0:55 not in English? I swear that sound like Japanese or Korean.

  5. I love the boosted DEMOMAN at 2:32
    Also it’s great that the dude still cheered for you MGing the medic, even after you lost at 5:01

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