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How it FEELS to Play Scout in TF2

Demoman: LEEEET’S DO IT!! That’s the way ya do it! MOVE IT lads! Real nice effort, chucklehead I don’t think I saw that one comin’… Soldier: Nooooo! Demoman! Scout: Yo, heads up! I cannot see! Medic: Soldier, no! Dammit! Oh what’s up! I cannot move! Soldier: Aughh, my head Atta boy! Come to daddy. BANG! That was a re-creation of a 6v6 clip that shows just how insanely powerful scout can be when he’s in the right place at the right time, with the right place being behind you and the right time being whenever you’re doing something else Wait isn’t that kind of Spy’s thing? Spy: WHAT? Come to think of it, every class in the game would perform better if their opponents were always turned away doing other things Spy: F*** you, Scout. My job SUCKS Okay, but Scout and Spy care the most about being behind their opponents right? especially because they both have the tools to get there! Spy with his on-demand invisibility cloak and ability to disguise as the enemy team… and scout with his… uh… Being… really… fast… *SANIC SPEED INTENSIFIES* *Sounds of enemy team dying* Scout: GOTTA GO FAST! But let me be clear: you shouldn’t play the mid-fight this way. Yes, the clip is a little contrary to what I’m saying. Yes, I did kill three of them and single-handedly win the mid fight. See, what I didn’t show you is what it took to get there At this point here, I’m forcing my team to fight 5v6 for at least 10 seconds, Which might be how long the fight lasts! This clip is from the round right after the last clip, and you can see I’m a little nervous that they’ll be ready for my cheesy flank this time It is basically an insult to their intelligence for me to try this again, and- Demoman: DON’T COME WIDE WITH ME, YE PINT-SIZED MUTT But you don’t have to bait your team to get behind the enemy Scout’s speed lets him take all sorts of aggressive routes, and when you get your chance… you wait as long as you can for the peeerfeeect- Stop. This is it. This is the moment. If you play any scout at all, this image is causing your brain to release dopamine You got him. That Demo’s as good as dead! You carried this teamfight. What’s that? You wanna shoot, don’t you? There’s no need, we all know you hit the shot. Just look at the crosshair! It’s luscious curves are overflowing with his hitbox It’s screaming out that every pellet will connect! We can move on to the next scene No? NO! Fine… Then show us… Show us how it FEELS to play Scout Scout can go for all sorts of super aggressive flanks using the alternate routes throughout the map. Like I always say, you’re not out of position if you can kill the medic and two clean shots But really, there’s nothing better than two-shotting the enemy medic and announcing to your team: Yes! I got their- But… I’m supposed to say that… That’s my line, I killed the medic! That was gonna be like… my one social interaction for the day… I’m kind of painting the wrong picture here, though. You don’t need to be behind people to be effective as Scout. in fact, he is without a doubt one of the most powerful Head-to-head combat classes in the game. In this clip, my team got pushed back to second, so I start capping middle to make space This is the opposite of being sneaky. I am basically announcing: (Over a megaphone): “Attention BLU team: I am on the middle point and prepared to engage in fisticuffs galore, at your discretion You would think that there’s no way I get out of this one, but… HA! you screwed up now, If you can’t hit scout, but… he hits you, eventually well you look pretty dumb! And if Scout can kill you before he even touches the ground, well those are tough beans! Looks like another close call for our hero with only- OH HECK ANOTHER GUY! How’re you missing these shots?? I only have TWO HEALTH! Oh my god, it’s a home run ladies and gentlemen! That’s something that I love about being the ULTIMATE life-form…. No matter how low my health is, I can still destroy my enemies…. Shadow: Farewell! Sonic: I found you, faker! CHAOS CONTROL! Sonic: Wow, he’s fast! Shadow: I’ll show you my true power… Sonic: No way! Shadow: How pathetic… The difference between a soldier with three health and the ULTIMATE LIFE-FORM with three health is enormous… Scout can take that three health to the finish line, whereas slower classes are easy pickings I was the only one who survived this team fight, but I’m used to being alone… it suits me… *crickets chirp* Whether it’s three health or two-hundred, I’m an unstoppable force Shadow: HA! you’re not even good enough to be my fake. Soundsmith: Alright, yeah, I respect that But the craziest thing is that Scout can often avoid these marginal situations thanks to one of the most powerful abilities in any multiplayer game: the ability to pick your fights Soldier: Hello, Scout! Scout: Come on, man! Soldier: What did I say? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Scouts most powerful trait is his speed, but it is surprising just how many ways a 33% increase in speed changes the way Scout interacts with the game! Engie: WHY MAMA? WHY WASN’T I BORN FASTER? I can run around and be like: Whoa, nope, that’s not a good situation, Then wait a second and say “just kidding, this is a great situation” Of course, I’m a little out of position in the enemy spawn so I’m gonna have to rely on my speed to get me outta there… Are you seeing this? One wrong move and I was toast! These were over here, and they were going this way like *plane noises* And I was going this way, so we were crossing paths! So I would’ve died if I went straight I would’ve died if it was a little more to the left and I would’ve died if I turned a little later Point is: I survived Then this guy’s like: Sonic: I found you! Okay look, that jokes over, you’re done here But my thirst for blood has only begun. I’m back in there lickety-split running circles around them, I’m practically unstoppable at this Scout: Hit the bricks pal, you’re done. Aright look, no one’s perfect. Another benefit of picking your fights is that you can completely ignore classes you can’t deal with. Here, I’m trying to be sneaky but get spotted by their sniper right away. I know I shouldn’t do it, I know I’ve been called out. Sniper: SCOUT! SCOUT! SCOUT! I know I’ll get caught but… IT FEELS SO GOOD! I don’t care what they throw at me, even if it’s- TIME TO RUN, COWARD Scout: Nice hustle tons of fun, next time eat a salad Heavy: WHAT? YA BLEEDIN IDIOT! MEDIC! DON’T DIE ON ME ๐Ÿ™ Heavy: Am I a bad class? Heavy: OHH NOOOOO! Sometimes your only responsibility is to go. FAST. You may be a lean, mean, killing machine But you win the game of tf2 by capturing the objective and boy are you equipped to capture that objective . With your speedy little legs and double capture rate, you can single-handedly win some games on your own And it’s not uncommon that you’re the only one that can save the game by reaching the objective! Keep it moving, guys! Sonic: Barely made it! I will not tolerate a single comment saying that I was not the difference maker there. In fact, I’m so petty that I did the math, which you can see here Hey, if you want, you can download the video and check it yourself! You won’t! But you could Shadow: Let’s get the show on the road! One more thing that your speed does for you is allow you to act as a punish class Being a dangerous mobile threat gives you a large territory in which you can punish vulnerable classes that overextend such as the medic or demo Demo: OI! YA SUCK! Scout: What the hell did you just say about me you little b****? (Navy seal copypasta) It’s very tempting to just rush in guns blazing whenever you see a lonely demo man And it’s usually a pretty easy kill, unless they’re a GOD, holy SH- Soldiers have a similar ability to cover a radius But they have to fully commit with a rocket jump while rocket jumping can be very flexible, sometimes, it’s just… not Soldier: This point is mine! Scout: This MEDIC is dead! Medic: SOLDIER! And if you listen closely… the entire world is your territory *Muffled gameplay* Muffled Medic: “Za dispenser goes here!” Oh hey! Yeah, gotcha, incoming! I love this guy! He’s taken me from my first ever five-killstreak in a pub, to trying my heart out in competitive leagues actually, Scout was the reason that I picked up TF2 in the first place. Something about running around with a shotgun and being a deadly annoyance seemed really novel at the time Even though his gameplay can be boiled down to just “running and shooting,” It honestly feels like the skill cap with this guy never ends. Scout is JUST fast enough to be in control of how much damage he takes, and his shotgun based gameplay constantly rewards pinpoint accuracy I actually could not write along enough conclusion to fill out the rest of this clip… it honestly.. it just keeps going until I die I was shaking off some rust in a 1v1 MGE server when who walks in but Lookin CUTE in my jammies. Long story short, this guy 20-0’d me It was a nightmare, but you know what? He wasn’t rude, and he didn’t leave in disgust. He politely stuck around, and I improved by playing against him It was a great reminder of how high Scout’s skill cap really is. So thanks, lookin cute in my jammies Thanks for showing me and everyone else how it feels… to… Look man couldn’t you have just let me win one? Woah woah, wait, wait, wait, first of all, like and subscribe if you enjoyed, please and thank you Aaaaaaaaaaaaand…. BOOM, Patreon. if you didn’t already know, Patreon is a way for you to support me every time I upload new content I have to be totally honest with you guys, I need your support on patreon to continue putting this much effort into my videos There’s a ton of rewards available Depending on how much you pledge I hope that rewards like patron only streams and discord chats will help me get to know some of you better. Just a quick note, I’ve set the payments to be per-video rather than per-month because… I’m planning to upload one high effort video and one medium effort variety video a month so feel free to set your pledge to Only activate once a month if that’s what suits you and that’s it Aaaand, that’s it! Here’s some fan art for my discord server that I really appreciate! Uh, please join my discord follow my Twitter and have a great day Thanks, bye

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    They make a similar kind of videos and they sound the fucking same

  2. One a random guy gave me some great advice when I asked him how to get rid of s scout, I use it till this day

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    Lookimg CUTE in my jamies: ha hell no m8 xD

  5. I took 124 damage from one scattergun shot and managed to beat up the scout that shot me with a fish and didnt die (basically survived with 1 hp left after getting shot with a crit scattergun)

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  7. I respect you using Sonic references in a way that doesnt make fun of him or Scout. Also, Adventure 2 is awesome and has kickass tunes. Well played. I'd love to get my ass kicked by you in TF2 someday

  8. 0:55 This is true. On multiple occasions i have used medic's speed to jump behind a heavy and smack him to death with my necro hammer (same as stock) without him noticing me.

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    Lazy purple: Well yes but no

  10. 0:00 Sonic Generations Music – City Escape (Modern) GUN Truck
    0:34 Pizza song – spiderman (2?) video game
    0:39 Rumbling HWY (Mission Street) – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    1:27 Chemical Plant – Sonic Forces Soundtrack
    2:20 Haru yo (right version) – I am not responsible for you going down this rabbit hole.
    3:11 Don't Starve OST – Ragtime
    3:15 That's the Way I Like It (Metal Harbor) – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    4:42 Vengeance is Mine (Radical Highway) – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    5:27 Unstable World (Crazy Gadget) – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    6:07 GUN Mobile – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    7:09 Recorder cover of "Africa"
    7:21 Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up Again!!! – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    8:04 For True Story (feat. Everett Bradley) – Second Sonic vs. Shadow Battle Theme from Sonic Adventure 2
    8:21 Deep Inside Of… (Cannon's Core Ver.3) – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    9:28 Chasing Drive (Kart) – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST]
    10:37 Kirby Dance (Long) (OST Version) [high quality rip]
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  11. Scout is one of the highest functioning classes at low health but they re always somehow still that asshole that takes the healthpack away from your burning medic to restore 6 health

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