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How it FEELS to Play Heavy in TF2

(Sad piano plays) (Applause) Heavy: Thank you, thank you! LIFE IS PAIN That was a re-creation of a Competitive Heavy clip showcasing the raw power of this big Russian boy As the slowest class in the game, Heavy truly struggles to out-position his opponents Because of this, many heavy mains live for the moments where you just say “fuck it!” and blindly jump around a corner into the enemy team Enemy Heavy: OOOHHH NOOOO These moments are SO gratifying, and if you stopped watching this video right now You’d think that heavy is the best class in the game… but oh boy, you’d be wrong If you ever feel a need to hone your spy paranoia, play Heavy for an extended period of time. I can barely walk out of spawn anymore without thinking AAAA IT’S A SPY! Oh wait, it’s just my scout asking for a sandwich. Let me take it out and…. oh! Look at that, my medic’s dead Enemy Spy: PEEKABOO! But I can’t complain about spies all day… Heavy’s massive health pool allows him to tank all sorts of damage and make his enemies look silly! Haha, just kidding! I’m still complaining about Spy!! You might think Heavy doesn’t have any… “movement,” but here, I’m barely able to punish this Demo for assuming all back up by walking /into/ him One of Heavy’s greatest “MOVEMENT” tricks is to be braver than your opponent expects! oh Hoo… That sure was a close one, ‘eh Spy? NOPE, gotcha again! This whole segment is me complaining about Spies! Even when you catch a Spy, they just won’t die! Just look at this Spy! He is /so/ screwed, and yet he won’t die! HE JUST WON’T DIE! Enemy Spy: “I’m so dead!” Enemy Spy: “AAAGH” Despite all my complaining, I’ve really improved at countering Spies. So all you Spy mains better watch out, I’m out to getcha! (Demon voice) CEASE YOUR EXISTENCE It’s such a delight when you punish a Spy for blipping out of their invisibility for even a second! Heavy: “Uh oh!>:)” I hope it’s not too upsetting for you spy mains when this happens… After all, it’s all in good fun! (Demon voice) DO NOT RESIST And of course it’s always a feel-good moment when you save your medic 🙂 Not this time, Spy! (Demon voice) EMBRACE YOUR END And what could be funnier than a Spy just messing up entirely? Enemy Spy: “I’m coming for you!” Enemy Spy: “Oh no…” (catchy jingle) “I couldn’t succeed at what I’m doin” (Enemy Spy screaming) Enemy Spy: “Fuck, I’m dead.” Again, if you want to build a healthy sense of “Oh god, I could be shot in the face at any moment if I’m not careful and every moment of life is a blessing,” Heavy is your guy Here, you can see me brawling it out on the point when I suddenly get the OVERWHELMING premonition that I’m about to be shot in the face I crouch in anticipation, BUT BOOM, just a second too late because of the way lag works. That’s right, meet me at LAN, MUFFINMAN I mean, I get it right: Sniper counters Heavy, but some snipers just take it too far man! This guy headshots me, and then tries his luck again. Yeah, don’t hurt yourself tryin’. Anyway, I won’t be peeking that door anytime soon Sniper, panicked: YA BETTER HOLD ON TO YOUR HEAD MATE I’M GONNA PLANT ONE RIGHT BETWEEN YOUR EYES, YA PUNTAH I can take care of this mini sentry, then dip back inside… WAVE GOODBYE TO YA HEAD, WANKAH I’M GONNA TURN YA INTO COLORED RAIN…. Ope! Someone’s shooting me, I’ll take care of that… Get outta here, Scout! YOU’LL BE NEEDIN ANOTHER USE FOR THAT NECK, HOOT! Finally, I’ll top off my health, and SURELY by now the sniper is peeking somewhere else… Thankfully, there’s some justice in the world: the enemy sniper sees me, and, again (same aggressive gibberish) But I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m not moving an inch! Yeah, I see your little dot thing! I’m not moving! But then: One, two, three! Thank you! Engineer: “Weren’t no thang :)” Okay, okay, so heavy gets wrecked by spy and sniper, but what is he good at? Basically, he’s a monster in head-to-head combat (aggressive Pyro sound) (Epic music plays while Pyro screams) Don’t do that! Don’t just rush heavy without a plan, that’s what he wants! Here’s an excellent example of what not to do Enemy Pyro: Hey guys, there’s a Heavy at our cliff! Enemy Soldier: Don’t worry Pyro, he’s no match for me Enemy Pyro: OH YE GODS, no! Don’t worry Soldier I’ll- Enemy Engineer: Not to worry, I’ve got this under contr- Heavy: ALL OF YOU ARE BABIES! Heavy: Who sent all these BABIES? Heavy: AAAGH! I am dead. Enemy Heavy: AAAAAGH! Enemy Heavy: MY ENTIRE TEAM IS BABIES Hey you! Sniper: “Me?” Yes, you lad! I’m here to teach you how to position yourself against a heavy! Sniper: Thanks mate! (Sniper screams) Sniper: Okay. This is not a good position to be in against a Heavy. Sniper: Yeah, that seems about right (Sniper screams) Sniper: No worries! This is also not a good position to be in against a Heavy. Sniper: Thanks for the practice! Let’s see what you’ve learned! Is this: A Not a good position to be in against a Heavy, or “B,” a good position to be in against a heavy (Sniper chuckles) Sniper: You’re makin this so easy! Sniper: “A!” Look, you have to treat every corner like there’s a heavy or pyro right around it. You can’t just open a door and be like: ERRR, Hey! What’s goin on in here? Or else you’re gonna get your team ripped apart one by one! Mowing down unprepared opponents is Heavy’s THING, man! It’s what makes him so fun to play! Soldier: SCREAMIN EAGLES!!!!! Soldier: Welp, that was not the plan All these moments where you just delete overconfident enemies from the video game are so rewarding Ope! One health left! Time to take a sandwich out of my pocket and eat it! I’ve been wearing these pants for three days… That’s right! After a long day of shredding bad guys, it’s nice to just take it easy and take a bite out of your… Oh no (aggressive mini sentry sounds) (Heavy screams internally) (Elevator music) Heavy: Sandwich (Cheesy 80s music) It’s hard to imagine life without the sandwich. Heavy takes so much damage all the time that he absolutely needs a way to recharge without going to health kits Come on, Heavy. Why can’t you eat your sandwich underwater? Heavy: (disgusted sound) YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE! Of course, eating your sandwich is always a gamble since it makes you stand still for so long Enemy Heavy: (singing) HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME Enemy Heavy: (singing) I MADE MY MISTAKES Enemy Heavy: (singing) GOT NOWHERE TO RUN Enemy Heavy: AAAA, BULLSHIT But sometimes it’s nice to just take a minute and watch things unfold Enemy Engie: This here point’s ours now! (crowd laughing) And besides, you’d be surprised how much the sandwich actually heals you in a pinch! Enemy Medic: HORRIDO! HEE-AAAH! I’m going to saw through your bones! Medic: uh… (Ominous music and eating sounds) (Medic screams internally) Heavy: I have plan for you! Medic: No! Heavy: Yes…. (maniacal laughter) Hello yes You might not have known that you can give your sandwich to other players If you didn’t, don’t worry, your teammates would have told you (Pyro teammate says “can you give me sandwhich three times) Carlton: “Hey G, would you make me a sandwhich?” But you know, sometimes it’s nice to be there for someone in need “Where are you?” Oh, here you go Scout: I…. EAT…. YOUR… Scout: Sandwhiches! I eat ’em up! (Scout teammate laughs) “Did Scout grab it??” (laughing) Let me tell ya somethin: If heavy could build his own teleporters, he’d be 200% better. Engie: wat? Heavy… plus… teleporters… equals A SUPERIOR CLASS Heavy is slow, and he NEEDS teleporters! So all you Heavies out there, be sure to THANK your engineers for building these, let them know it isn’t going unappreciated! Wait, what the f- HOLY SH- Just make sure that you let heavy use the teleporter, especially when there are only 16 seconds left in the round! Oh. Oh, you took the teleporter. I mean, I guess it was our Demo… Oh. It’s a level 1. (Sighs heavily) Heavies got some problems, all right? All his strengths and weaknesses come together to form one glaring issue: If you’re winning, it’s great! If you’re losing: UUGH. Let me see if I can illustrate this: Can you guess which heavy wins this fight? How about this one? Aaaand this one? Think it over! IT’S ME! I WIN! I ALWAYS WIN All of these clips have one major thing in common: the enemy heavy is on THEIR side of the map, painfully trying to make their way towards the captured objective This is commonly referred to as: LOSING You can argue things like “Weeeell, Heavy is a DEFENSE class, so he shouldn’t even have legs to begin with!” (Heavy says “Yatta” robotically like a sentry) But the point is that there’s no question which one of us is going to win in these Heavy… DUELS There’s one last thing that really needs saying: Casual Heavy is a completely different experience than Competitive Heavy! In organized Highlander matches, You are guaranteed to be up against one competent Spy and one competent Sniper In casual games, the enemy team might not even have a sniper! Or at least, not a competent one While gathering clips for this video, I went 35-1 in a casual game This is not a sign of how powerful Heavy is, it’s a sign of how hard he punishes casual players I know that most of my viewers Just play TF2 casually and that’s fine But I think it’s more interesting to /talk/ about the classes in a competitive setting with experienced players that know how to counter you Because, in that setting, you’re gonna learn the limitations of your class real quick! In a competitive match, the enemy team won’t hesitate to exploit any weaknesses your class has! That means it’s on YOU to push to push Heavy’s potential to the limit and be there for your team! YOU have to learn what the best players are going to do to make your life a living nightmare, And you have to learn how to do the same thing to them! In other words, you have to learn how it FEELS… to play Heavy. (sniper shoots) Hello, and thank you for watching! This video would not have been possible without my amazing Patrons on Patreon It’s been so great chatting with my patrons in my Discord server, and I’m gonna be doing a patron-only stream tomorrow as well as after every big video project. If you can’t join me on Patreon, don’t worry about it! But feel free to join my discord server in the description. Believe me when I say that it’s been a pleasure to make this video for you, and I hope to see you next time

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  1. Hey so just to clarify the ending of this video: I grew up on casual TF2 and love it to death. In fact, I used to make a point of not playing competitive TF2 for the longest time. But when a friend enlisted me in his "lets-just-have-fun" competitive team, it really gave me a new perspective on what the classes in TF2 have to offer. I talked with Uncle Dane, and we both agreed that now is an excellent time to try out TF2's official competitive mode. The success of this mode will contribute to the game's longevity, and hopefully it will give you a new way to love TF2 just like it did for me. Take it slow and learn to love the losses; we all start somewhere! As always, thanks for watching

  2. I have a question….why is there no 'how it feels to play demoman'?….i mean he's a guy you can use to protect your spawn/point/case…he has sticky bombs like C4…he has a sword to be a 'demoknight'….bro TF2 won't be the same without that guy…I always use the demo for spawn cam-…I mean defence…and sticky jump

  3. One video of yours is full of SA2 references and this one has paper mario and TTYD? Simply amazing. Two of my favorite games of all time

  4. I think you have added a bit. Last night I did a match of sunshine where I went heavy and absolutely destroyed. I ended up with 222 points and it was the best tf2 experience I had that whole year. You should add a segment a bit like the one with the perfect sniper game and how fun it is.

  5. BLU Pyro: hey guys, there's a Heavy at our cliff
    BLU Soldier: Don't worry Pyro, he's no match for me *OOF*
    BLU Pyro: OH YE GODS, no! Dont't worry soldier i'll- *OOF*
    BLU Enginner: Not to Worry, I've got this under contr- *OOF*

  6. "In casual games the enemy team may not even have a sniper"

    In casual I don't think I've ever seen less than three, and they're usually all terrible.

  7. ur complaining about the fact that heavy can't eat sandvich underwater… dude have you ever eaten a WET sandvich? I would rather die than put it in my mouth

  8. In a macth when i played as Spy, i stab the same Heavy more than 1 time, finaly he stayed at one spot giving his back to wall adn guarding the entrence in case i come, i passed in front of him while using the watch, sit next to him and wait to turn his back, at last one of my teammates came and distract him so it was my change to "Pica-Boo!". I'm sure he was mad at the maximum level! 🤣🤣

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