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HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ??? – Airsoft Sniper Milsim

So we run after them to a distance where we can ensure one shot one kill. What up guys. Today I’m playing with sniper buddy Fabi at “Easy Base” a huge field in Hungary. Due to the immense size of the area the game is very slow-paced giving us lots of options to sneak up on enemies who aren’t prepared to contact at all. During the game we came across two other Guys using a SSG 24. We team up with them and head further out into the fields on the search for the enemy space. In the following situation we almost run into an enemy ambush. Luckily I spot them early enough so that we can retreat and hide in the dense vegetation of this field. They are chasing us. It’s too many of them so we have to retreat again. This time, we fall back into the most dense vegetation we could find to ensure that they can’t follow us. Nobody wants to move through the thorn bushes and that’s why we go in there. The thorn branches are everywhere, getting tangled in our gear and ghillie suits. But at least in here, we’re safe. The GoPro on my barrel keeps dying due to the heat in this channel. But filming is my priority number one. I mean if it’s not recorded it never happened. Right? Fabi and I mostly play at Fields with lots of action that are very fast-paced. At those fields camouflage is not needed at all. We really enjoy to play slow and sneaky in our ghillies this time since we haven’t done this for a while. What I like about games like this is that the field is so big that in certain areas the enemies feel safe and aren’t prepared at all to get shot. Therefore you can get into situations where you’re surrounded by enemies that have no clue what’s going on. That’s an amazing experience which is almost impossible to get at small pickup fields. We finally get rid of them and at the same time, we took a shortcut towards the enemy’s base. There were no guards whatsoever since nobody expected troops moving through the thorn bushes. There must be enemies in this area. Therefore we move slow and smooth to take advantage of our ghillie suits. I can hear people coming in from the right side of the road. I know I should let them pass but I can’t resist to shoot the last guy in the back. They have no clue where that shot came from. So they flee into the buildings and let their buddy bleed out in the open. While I focus on the squad I just shot. A bunch of enemies past us in the back. Luckily they didn’t spot us since we are hiding in the shade with our ghillies on. Again I can’t resist to take down the last guy. The rest of the squad keeps walking while the last guy just lies on the ground and bleeds out. Those guys were on our team and have their dead breaks out. Seems like we aren’t the only ones who made it behind enemy lines. I spot a group of enemies down this road. They are out of range, so we run after them to a distance where we can ensure one shot one kill. We have no idea what just happened to them. The road is clear. We advance fast to make sure nobody does the same to us. Now that we know that there’s a lot of traffic on this road Fabi and I prepare an ambush for troops that pass by. I see one more squad moving ahead of us. That’s too far for my pistol, I have to get them with my sniper. Unfortunately I got killed. Let’s rewind and See why that happened. All Right I spot the Squad and want to take down the guide to the right. When I pull the trigger the sun blinds me a lot and I can’t track the bb. But since the enemy reacts to it I expected that I hit him. Now that I think that the only threat is down I put my crosshairs on the guy showing his back to me and take a shot. Unlucky as I am, the BB hits the freakin grass thing in between us. Due to the shot that first guy spots me brings up his AEG and takes me down. Being able to track a BB is extremely important for not just the airsoft sniper but any airsoft player. That’s why I would never play with BB’s which are not White. All that invisible camouflage TV stuff is complete bullshit. It’s either tracer or white BB’s everything else doesn’t make any sense since you can’t track the trajectory of your BB. Alright guys this was part 1 of “The Hungarian Milsim, Austria versus Hungary” Part 2 will be released soon. This Is Novritsch I’ll see You Guys on Monday

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  1. Which field in Hungary is this? I'm making a list of fields to go to across Europe once I have my driver's license. Could you help me out by recommending a few very good field that you have personal experience with?

  2. I absolutely LOVE your videos and have been watching them for a couple months, most people probably would not care but the only problem with them is when you cuss I know that probably nobody will see this comment or at least acknowledge it but it is very important to me. I hope that you will try it so that I along with many other people can enjoy your videos even more.

  3. Novritsch!!! did you play in hungary? and can you give us the location cause i want to go there and i dont know where it is that field so…. can you please give me the location?

  4. Child: ”Hey grandpa, I heard this night there is a football match where Austria Hungary play”
    Grandpa: ”Against whom?”

  5. you should record a full milsim and them put it out in episodes on your channel for a limited time. just a thought

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