100 thoughts on “How I Stole $8 Million A Week As A Mafia Boss

  1. This is amazing. The power of God and being good and doing good is real. Its never too late to be a good person. Such a great message!

  2. Lol, everyone's praising this guy, and yet so many people couldn't believe that Ben Solo could be redeemed in Star Wars over love…. XD

  3. Since when did buzzfeed started making trailers for Vladtv and Valuetainment? man buzzfeed is really taking a nosedive nowadays.

  4. Michael posted reminding people that he DOES NOT WRITE the titles to these videos, so try to ignore it and listen to what he has to say

  5. Sounds like this guy made the master to plan to control and knock out the entire mafia from the inside out and then pulled this religion move to transition that power while have a cleaner rapport. Genius.

  6. This is really super inspiring and awesome! But I noticed something, after this video. BuzzFeed has so many of these videos…. but (sorry if I'm wrong) I don't recall videos with persons who found redemption in religions other than Christianity. I know so many who found, and survived life, in Buddhism, Taoism, Muslim, etc faiths.

  7. Michael came to our church back in November 2017 to speak and it was crazy to hear his life story in-depth and how God turned his life around! Very humble man and so inspiring.

  8. God is good… He is faithful… He is gracious…. He will restore you and change your life forever ❤️❤️❤️. This was so beautiful

  9. People make excuses about not being able to leave the past behind and change your life, this guy literally walked away from the biggest crime syndicate in the world,

  10. Getting ‘The Sopranos’ vibez from this, (the movie making like Christopher Moltisanti too). It’s so inspiring how he’s living a better and fuller life now

  11. Everyone was joking in the comments about how mafia boss reacts to mafia movies. Looks like that's going to happen for real now lol.

  12. To survive all that, being at the top, making tons and tons of money, and still able to speak to others about it is awesome.
    Has to be one of the top speakers in the world. Pappa Franzese is a record 103 years old, still eating pasta and drinking vino.
    I couldnt imagine 10 million in a month. Makes the wolf on wall street look small time.

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