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How Hard Does a Subsonic .308 Hit? Silenced Savage 110 Scout Rifle in 308 Win

howdy guys and gals I’m Kyle Broderick
welcome to the social regressive we’re standing out here in the oklahoma
pre-summer it’s quite warm and we’re going to be firing the rifle that you
guys have been asking about this is the savage 110 scout you can see that the
small scope that we have on here is mounted really far forward we have irons
at the rear and at the front if you want to take a close look at everything that
came in the box with this rifle make sure you check out the previous video
this is all leading up to one great big overall review of this rifle we’re going
to be testing it in all kinds of situations I mostly want to test this in
realistic situations where this is designed to be shot anywhere from 0 to
about 450 yards somewhere in there and mostly shot off hand or from some kind
of hasty rest I like braced up against a tree or
something and so we will be testing this rifle under those circumstances for now
though I wanted to have a little bit of fun you can see that I have a suppressor
mounted on the end of this the rifle does come threaded and it has one of the
neatest little muzzle brakes that I have ever seen
wait until that final review I’ll show you how it works because it is really
darn slick I can’t believe it no one ever thought of it before at least I
haven’t seen it before really neat the way that it attaches yeah we’re going to
be running quiet today and we’re gonna be firing at really
close range because I’ve been wondering myself how much damage a subsonic 308
can do and we’re at very close range right now you know these can definitely
be shot at longer ranges actually sighted these in at a hundred yards but
today we’re just gonna see what we can break back here I have an AR 500 target
here on the left and I have just a steel pan that I painted orange and behind it
we have some water jugs so we’re gonna see what kind of mess this can make now
for foil we’re actually going to start out with the good old Ruger 10/22 this
is launching some subsonics same speed there these are both clocking in at
about 1,050 feet per second and these right here weigh 40 grains these are
really nice loads from CCI they come in those kind of long 100 round bricks and
yeah these work very well my testing the route very tightly
they’re hollow points so they’re meant for hunting they’re meant for you know
harvesting squirrels rabbits other small game like that and yes they are very
quiet so I’m not even gonna bother putting a suppressor on the end today
and we’re just gonna take a shot at each of these and we’re gonna see what
happens I’m gonna nail the silhouette first just to see if it can
even move that plate and then we’re gonna fire at the pan to see if this
can actually go through I have both of these angled away from me so that if
something does bounce it’s gonna go off to the side over there hopefully yeah
they look like nothing happened well I was expecting not to punch
through that pan I’ve had some of these pans out here before the bullets are
just bounced off if they’re 22s but I was wrong let’s see what we can do with
this there’s definitely gonna be a difference in energy we’re talking about
the same speed but instead of a 40 grain bullet we’re looking at a 208 grain a
max bullet yeah it’s gonna hit with probably about the same power as a 357
magnum at this range it might actually be a little bit harder than that I’ll
actually put the ballistics on the screen here for you to see well let’s
see if we can rock these things let’s go down and check out the damage
it does look like it’s pretty profound and I got to say just from firing this
just now these two shots this action is the buttery smooth action that I’d been
hoping for from this rifle this has an accuracy international single stack
magazine instead of some of the double stacks that you get on other rifles and
on the model 10 GRS when we had this same mag which is a Magpul PMAG at 10
rounder it would just made the whole rifle just so smooth and so fun to
handle really fingertip ii and yeah it still is oh that’s so slick that feels
great let’s go see the damage alright there’s
our shot Center punched it I was hoping that I got this sighted in ok was pretty
hasty this morning but there it is and then right behind it leaning up
against this jug straight through the neck jug number 2 was this guy right
here and it looks like it kind of went through the side so went in right here
and then look at how look at the damage on this it is torn all to bits the
backside is blasted right out and then jug number two or jug number three which
is which I can’t tell if this is entry or exit I get remember how I have this
oh this must be entry right here it still has some spray paint on it so
there you go entry so that’s quite a big hole there and then exit right back here
and I don’t see any chunks in the water so it still had enough energy to plow on
through that bullet probably deformed a whole lot and may have actually gone to
bits this is a bullet that’s designed to fragment I mean it’s really a target
bullet but it acts like a varmint bullet so it just
explodes when it hit stuff moving as slow as it did it might actually have
stayed together but that’s still very dramatic damage if you liked today’s
test make sure that you subscribe to the so so regressive and hit the
notification button down at the bottom if you’re in YouTube that way you’ll get
instant updates when we come out with a new test because there are going to be a
whole bunch more not just testing this rifle in various situations but testing
the ammunition and seeing what they sound like for example we’ve done a
whole bunch of tests in the past where we have fired subsonic 22 subsonic 223
supersonic 223 supersonic 6.5 Creedmoor and we are going to be firing these
subsonic 308 past a microphone at various ranges to see if we can figure
out what the sound is like we’ve been hearing that Hollywood cute sound
everybody kind of makes fun of in movies we actually found that sound when
firing subsonics past a camera usually kicks in about 100 yards 150
yards and we’re gonna see if this makes that sound there have been a lot of
guesses on the channel about what makes that sound happen if it’s the hollow
point you know some kind of standing wave inside that hollow point as it goes
past is it a standing wave behind the bullet maybe is it some kind of sound
waves crushed in front of the bullet nobody knows but since these are
actually pointed bullets these are those Hornady a max we’re gonna at least rule
out the hollow point if we can indeed still hear that pew sound at the whip
sound so we have a whole bunch other tests we’re actually gonna be testing
subsonic 6.5 Creedmoor as well for damage just like we’ve done here and
figuring out what the sound of that is like to see if it is indeed a viable way
to go and actually since we’re really talking about it here I think that this
is a really viable round a 308 subsonic a heavier subsonic it’s going to perform
actually you know better than a nine-millimeter it’s going to move
through the air a whole lot slicker because these are slicker bullets and
it’s going to have a really nasty impact so I think that these could be very
useful if you’re on you know a farm if you’re on a homestead if you want to be
able to maybe take care of varmints where you have neighbors around you want
to just be able to do things quietly I think that this is a really neat way
to load up and this is actually using a technique that I talked about in a
previous video I’ll link to it where I made subsonic 6.5 Creedmoor and I used
Trail Boss powder to make it happen this is pretty much the exact same thing all
I did was just use a different load of course for 308 and for these heavier
bullets but these things are just trucking on out and yeah it was a lot of
fun if you want to get involved become a patron of the destructive arts I’ll put
the link to the patreon account here and it’s folks like those that are coming up
with some of these crazy ideas for things that we can hit things that we
can test get involved and yeah I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in
the next video thanks for watching if you like this video be sure to like
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26 thoughts on “How Hard Does a Subsonic .308 Hit? Silenced Savage 110 Scout Rifle in 308 Win

  1. Lol People crack me up when they talk about sub sonic ammo like it wont go through a piece of paper….I noticed alot of my sub sonic 300 BLK hollow points stay together when going through game, when they hit steel the whole round spreads open like a star shape all the way down to the base but stay connected..weird stuff happens

  2. Good test! I've been curious. It's almost like a 300 BLK. That would be an interesting comparison. 6.5 Creedmoor subsonic….not sure I understand the point.

  3. I wonder if anyone would ever make like a 400 grain bullet out of tungsten or something it wouldn’t be accurate but it would be neat to see what it could do

  4. It's not the same rifle as mine, I just bought (a few months ago) and plan on hunting with a ruger scout. I'm glad you're reviewing a scout, it'll probably give me ideas for mine. I'd be interested in the trigger group on yours to see what savage did differently than ruger.

  5. My best guess on the 'movie sound' would be the Doppler Effect of the bullet cutting through the air – kind of like a train blowing the horn as it passes by. – RED

  6. subsonic is fun but not the best hunting ammo. You exchange energy for hearing safe, making trigger time a bit more pleasant allowing for shooter correction, but when it is time to do the job, use the best ammo with the best terminal performance you can afford

  7. Lol if you think that savage is slick, you've probably never cycled a Tikka! hahaha. I used to think Savages were smooth until I picked up a Tikka.

  8. I like the video. I have been looking at putting a putting a scout scope rail and red dot on my mossberg 464, do you have any advice?

  9. Now your cooking with gas man. Oh Yeah ! Target bullets are the bomb on deer at "in the woods" distances. They don't run very far, if at all. Usually it's Bang ! Plop.. lol My brother shot one walking directly away from him right in the "bulls eye" using match bullets back in the 90's. The buck went straight down. The only problem was his guts were turned into a gooey stinky mess. Lesson learned. Edit : When shot in the "normal" kill zone, the exit hole would be about the size of a soft ball, or larger. Ribs and all.

  10. Hi Kyle , mate can you tell me if the Accuracy International magazine that you are using on the 110 Savage can be used on a Model 11 Savage Scout and can the Magpul P Mag be used ? . Love your videos brother . Cheers

  11. i would be tempted to replace the factory stock with a boyds for extreme cold conditions here in Canada.

  12. Are you going to talk more about pistol/ long eye relief scopes? I've been looking for one to mount on my K98k for some time now.
    Great video as always! Keep shooting.

  13. This is quite interesting Kyle. I wonder if it would have a military application at close range? Think you need to do a ballistic gel test with them!

  14. Am I missing something? Because as far as I know, the speed of sound is 760 fps or so, yet I keep hearing people talk about "subsonic" rounds with velocities well over the speed of sound.

  15. Hello, i'm a bit late on this video, but what would be an "efficient" range for a suppresed 308 with subsonics ? what would be the comon longest range you can shoot consistently without loosing too much accuracy or bullet drop?
    Nice video and nice rifle !

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