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How did the topic of gun rights escalate in Virginia?

40 thoughts on “How did the topic of gun rights escalate in Virginia?

  1. I think those groups are abhorrent, but since when is an opinion illegal? When is someone with an opinion you don't like, going to a public event a crime? Furthermore, do you even have proof they are what the FBI says they are?
    So far, the only crime committed was that one guy was in the country illegally.

  2. Tyrants trying to use them as a cover up to make militia look bad but your really scared arnet ya pussies just for banning and using this excuse you pulled out of your ass

  3. Governor blackface is the real Racist. How about stop trying to take away people's second amendment right, spreading liberalism and you won't have these wackos coming into town

  4. Immigrants are voting democrat, and that is what is destroying this country. Every American born here MUST NOT vote democrat!

  5. I call not upon a few, but upon all: not on this state or that state, but on every state: up and help us; lay your shoulders to the wheel; better have too much force than too little, when so great an object is at stake. Let it be told to the future world, that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and to repulse it.— Thomas Paine

  6. Look at these clowns in the fake MSM,they are like parrots saying the exact same BS!! Who do they think they are fooling?

  7. Their will be more than 130,000 armed protestors their, from my calculation their will be more like 300,000 protestors if not more.

  8. Who's to know if we won't all be surprised on Monday if the rally turns out to be a big flop, and only about 30 or 50 people show up. If that happens, all that worry about violence will be for nothing.
    Just like two years ago when Antifa called for a day to have riots in every major city in the U.S.
    When that day came, almost no one showed up…fortunately, being it was Antifa.
    Of course, that still won't put a stop to Northam's barrage of anti-gun laws.

  9. With garbage reporting like that and you wonder why we say fake news. Stop trying to paint Gun rights activists as racists.

  10. We have to win this boogaloo or the history books will read that in 2020 the Fed defeated the KKK and saved us all by disarming America. 😂

  11. So the Governor is allowed to Break The CONSTITUTION of Virginia? State of emergency then strips the 2nd Amendment rights of thousands. Yes he is a CRIMINAL!

  12. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I have to admit I kind of can't help but feel like there is one going on when every single leftist newsgroup is saying almost The Identical thing across the board. Virginia was one of the toughest and first colony to pick up arms and kick the British out, I hope you understand what that means in a modern time with modern guns.

  13. Oh yeah lets just call all white guys fighting for there rights nazis…smh. This is a joke every1 keep fighting these sick basterds do some jail time if u have to step up for your rights cause in the end these sick basterds will lose

  14. And u socalled news media should be ashamed of yourself for even reporting this nazi bs u all know its a lie just to make the good people who are fighting for there rights made to look crazy or calljng them nazis when they are not u will all be punished one way or another for all these currupt people going against the country

  15. Gun control has never protected the law abiding from the law breakers, but it has protected the tyrants from the law abiding.

  16. HAMAS means: "The Base" in English. The Cabal has set up ACTORS to make it seem like 2nd Amendment people and causes are violent. They have set this up to make political points.
    The fenced "protest area" has only ONE entrance/exit. They plan on sending Antifa in there after you to pin you in and create a violent confrontation.
    Remember Patriots, Lexington/Concorde was fought on home turf.  Richmond is NOT home turf.
    God Help U.S. !!
    God Help U.S. !!

  17. The left tries to make people afraid of all 10 Neo Nazis but black supremacists are killing people by the hundreds and they say nothing. Why were they arrested? Its not against the law for them to attend a rally.

  18. Isnt it funny how the media say they've been following close. Dis they miss the part about elected officials violating their oath of office, our countries constitution and the VA state constitution?

    The media is bought and paid for. They have their own agenda and its anti america

    Northam must be publicly executed as an example to all tyrants that want to destroy our country

  19. they said they might attend the rally – also were arrested for immigration violations and an automatic weapon. One of the men allegedly said they watch WUSA9 regularly and eat at McDonalds so both are now suspected white supremacist organizations allegedly

  20. they said they might attend the rally – also were arrested for immigration violations and an automatic weapon. One of the men allegedly said they watch WUSA9 regularly and eat at McDonalds so both are now suspected white supremacist organizations allegedly

  21. Stop the lies…
    The arrest was based on the Canadian crossing the border..

    And harbouring the guy..

    Neither making your own gun
    Having unlimited ammo…
    Is illegal….period..

    Also this is a compliance issue..
    Many states have tried this and failed because of no compliance….or mom prosecution..

    In Arizona…they did the same in the Capitol….we all showed up ARMED….nothing happen…that's the line…

    If you have thousands showing up aed and being peaceful…no Government in it's right mind would attempt any action….because the first action would be the Government and that would be bad….
    It's happened in the US before but who's looking at history….

  22. Lousy reporting of the facts. The Justice Department's memo never said anything about the three members of that neo-nazi group attending the rally. That was reported by the New York Times from an anonymous source. Even then, it said that those three people had only discussed attending. Way to piggyback bad facts from another news outlet.

  23. Shall not be infringed! That is in direct violation! The governor is the real enemy here…of all people don't allow them to make this a left or right issue we are talking about the Constitution. The left may not agree but we will protect their right to speech as well….including the right to bare arms.

  24. the guntards are going to kill people. the mental reatards are threatening peoples lives. you need to be stopped. stay the hell out of richmond. if you infringe on my right to use the roads i pay to keep with my tax you will be road kill. keep your guntard butts on the sidewalks and crosswalks. otherwise it will be considered j walking and like squirrels subject to being run over

  25. It's interesting how this reporter keeps saying it's a rally when it's lobby day and she never mentions how these new laws would restrict rights and go against the Constitution. This is why you can't trust the media. They don't care or can't explain the issue.

  26. Bloombergs recently acquired Virginia becoming a "gun free zone" is his wet dream. Funny how Bloomberg says citizens shouldn't be able to defend themselves with a gun like they did in that church in Texas. He thinks citizens don't have a right to "make that decision". Really? So if some thug started beating on you you're going to LET him? You're not going to fight back because heck, you might KILL him and YOU don't have a right to do so? Ok, right.Man the left is making a big adu about nothing with this rally, you know, like they DO ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT DOESN'T FIT THEIR UTOPIAN SOCIALIST VISION!

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