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How Australia’s Gun Control Experiment Worked

Throw them out! Enough is enough! Anti-gun activists in the U.S. have been pushing for gun law reform. Australia, having made substantial changes
to its gun laws, is often held as an example. The country has a very low rate of gun-related homicide when compared to the U.S., where people are at least 20 times more likely to
be murdered by firearms. Stricter gun controls can’t stop every mass shooting, but they have made Australia a significantly safer place. Here’s how. Australia used to have a serious problem with
gun violence. Researchers define mass shootings as five
or more deaths, not including the perpetrator. From 1979 to 1996 there were 13 mass shootings, resulting in over 100 deaths and more than 50 injuries. However, due to the gun lobby and politicians
sympathetic to their firearm-owning voters little was done to stop gun deaths. If being a politician and living in that bloody
house is the most important thing to them, then they’re not worth it. In April 1996 that all changed. On the island of Tasmania, the worst massacre
in Australia’s history is finally over. At least 34 people were killed, and four others
critically wounded. Armed with two rifles – an AR-15 and a .308
FN – Martin Bryant made his way through Port Arthur historic site killing 35 people and
injuring a further 23. Both guns were semi-automatic, rapid-fire
weapons and both were legal in the state of Tasmania. At the time, the Port Arthur massacre was
the worst single-person mass shooting in global history. It utterly shocked Australians and reignited
public outrage . Just 12 days later, the then Prime Minister
John Howard pushed through a sweeping set of gun regulations, despite a lack of support
from his rural constituency. I’m sorry about that, but there is no other
way. There is no other way. Within a month, the government passed the
National Firearms Agreement, transforming gun legislation in the country. Before the Port Arthur massacre gun laws varied
from state to state. What the agreement did was standardize the laws nationally. Certain semi-automatics and self-loading rifles
and shotguns were banned. New licensing requirements were adopted and
a national firearms registry was established. The law says Australians need a “genuine
reason” for having a firearm, such as sport shooting or for agricultural use. It doesn’t include self-defense. People must go through background checks and
wait 28 days before they can buy a gun. The government also spent $375 million ,
to buy back 640,000 civilian-owned guns and then destroyed them. After the gun law reform, the total number
of homicides involving a firearm decreased by half. The total number of gun-related deaths fell
rapidly as well, dropping more than half in 2016 compared with 1996. Australia didn’t see a single mass shooting
from 1996 to 2018, more than 22 years. However, anti-gun activists warned that following
years of lobbying by pro-gun groups, Australia’s strict gun laws have been eroded. And gun numbers are almost back to the same
level as at the time of the Port Arthur massacre. In May 2018, a family of seven – including
four children – were shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide in the state of Western Australia. It’s brought back painful memories and uncertainty
about the issue many thought had been resolved. Australia is not totally immune to mass shootings, but its response to the Port Arthur massacre
demonstrated how strong political leadership and strict gun control policies can help curb
violence and save lives.

100 thoughts on “How Australia’s Gun Control Experiment Worked

  1. If congress was able to successfully implement the same anti gun laws like they did in Australia, lets speculate just how this might play our. First off, we have a second amendment that doesn't exist in Australia and make no mistake that many of us are willing to defend this to the death. Every state that has even attempted to make citizens simply "register" their legally bought and owned firearm of one type or another, has been met with virtual civil disobedience. They probably didn't get 10% compliance as legal gun owning citizens understand that a registration is a per-confiscation list that is no more than one gun crime, or one election away from that knock at the door. Most US gun owing citizens would NEVER willfully "sell back" any firearm to the very government that we the citizens were supposed to own. So if it actually came down to enforcing confiscation laws (like was threatened in Australia for gun owners that didn't comply) government officials would have to ask armed government agents to attempt to take firearms from………….the homes of determined armed citizens that would rightfully take it to mean our constitution is under attack by a government that has gone tyrannical. Make no mistake, there would be blood in the street as civil war 2.0 unfolds. The kicker would be that the career criminals, gang bangers, drug dealers, car jackers, home invaders etc. etc. would STILL be just as armed as before.

  2. I like how they only showed the graph of homicide rates after the gun ban and not the years before. That would have clearly indicated that the homicide rate had already been in steady decline for several years previously. The same rate of decline was reported in New Zealand that had no such gun ban BTW. The same rate also happened in the USof A as we have had a 49% homicide rate decline since 1993 even though our nation probably has doubled the number of firearms in private hands since then.
    It is presenting statistics purposefully incorrect like this shows me that they would rather push an agenda than to actually solve a serious problem. This is exactly why I'm not interested in even discussing limiting my freedom and liberty in any way with these corrupt politicians that attempt to deceive with lies and half truths.

  3. Not to be a dick but if you die in a mass shooting your life is replaced in seconds by the birth of a child some where in the world

  4. The US has a similar homicide rate as Mongolia and Argentina.
    Mongolians and Argentinians don't have as much guns as Americans.
    Dear libtards, explain me why Argentina and Mongolia have a similar murder rate!

  5. What they don't tell you is how many crimes were stopped because of armed people protecting themselves. They also don't tell you how many people are stabbed to death or killed by some other weapon. They also don't tell you that the statistics they use include all gun deaths including police shootings people killing themselves, or justified shootings. They simply don't tell the whole truth, only what fits there agenda.

  6. What they don't tell you is how many crimes were stopped because of armed people protecting themselves. They also don't tell you how many people are stabbed to death or killed by some other weapon. They also don't tell you that the statistics they use include all gun deaths including police shootings people killing themselves, or justified shootings. They simply don't tell the whole truth, only what fits there agenda.

  7. What they don't tell you is how many crimes were stopped because of armed people protecting themselves. They also don't tell you how many people are stabbed to death or killed by some other weapon. They also don't tell you that the statistics they use include all gun deaths including police shootings people killing themselves, or justified shootings. They simply don't tell the whole truth, only what fits there agenda.

  8. they forgot to mention knife crime went up when guns got harder to get….if your going to do vid on guns dont show a vid of bolt action and call it a semi auto

  9. Did the murder rate decrease and if not, what is the alternative methods used for murder which replaced fire arms?

    Ultimately, violence is a problem of the human heart expressed in ways within the confines of the imagination.

  10. Boo. Of course when you take away guns, gun deaths go down. What about the different Violent crimes as a whole?

  11. You cannot compare countries to countries…different cultures, rules, laws, CONSTITUTIONS! Though gun homicides have increased a bit over the last 10 years 2006 to 2016 ( 4.29 to 4.46 ) a 3.96% increase. But our population has increased from 298.4 million to 323.4 million, an 8.37% increases..nearly double that of the gun homicide deaths. The amount of gun ownership has NOT increased, but the amount of guns have, due to population increase. Around 89 to 100 guns per 100 US citizens. ( I say US citizens, how many illegal immigrants have guns? ) Gun restrictions will not work. Only total gun confiscation will. If you do that, you had better remove ALL guns, ALL of them…including disarming our police. And you had better start by dismantling ALL of our nuclear weapons. We have 1000's of nuclear weapons aimed at millions of innocent children across the globe ( and fish, birds, animals, etc. ). If you do that, I will turn in my guns.

  12. Bloomberg, that should tell you everything you need to know about this video, and the " facts " presented within it.

  13. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    Gun crime went down..
    All other crime went way up.
    Common. Really!?.
    Funny.. I own a gun. I carry open almost daily. No one gets twitchy around me. Evidence shows overwhelmingly that open carrying does deter violent crime.
    The cowardly perpetrator who carries out violent gun crimes looks for unarmed targets. And they forget to put the part where guns save thousands times more lives than lives lost by bad people with guns, every year.. 🤔

  14. We know the script and we arent buying it! The main reason they use the wording of "Assault" weapon or rifle is because they are trying to brainwash people to believe that those guns are only used to assault people. With every push against our constitution, the people behind the push will lose all control over society. ✝️👁

  15. The real problem is the USA gun culture. Every one wants to carry a gun and have many guns. This makes is so a few crazy people can easily get them. I believe you should only have gun for sport or defense. No automatic or semi automatic as you only need a few shots to kill a animal or hit a target or stop a few attackers on home or person. Also there should be a higher threshold for getting a gun. As owning a gun should be like owning a car you should have a gun test to see if you can use it properly and back ground test to see if you are crazy and require you to use a gun safe so your child can not get it to shoot up school. The problem is guns are a right when they should be a privilege like driving.

  16. I'm sorry I'm all for gun reform, but statistics need to be shown fairly. The issue is do a lot of gun in a populace make homicide and suicide more frequent or less frequent…we need ALL the statistics, not just gun related statistics. Do homicide rates go down, not just gun related homicide rates…do suicide rates go down…not just gun related suicide rates. I hate it when they just give us gun related stats, it is blatantly disingenuous and is not doing your argument any service.

  17. Of course you most like to be killed on the us by a gun BECAUSE YOUR COMPARING 2 COUNTRYS NOT 3, NOT 4, 2
    Def for mass shooting:A mass shooting is an incident involving multiple victims of firearms-related violence. There is no widely accepted definition of the term "mass shooting". Wikipedia


  18. Definition for mass shooting:A mass shooting is an incident involving multiple victims of firearms-related violence. There is no widely accepted definition of the term "mass shooting". Wikipedia

  19. Lemme debunk this real quick, the statistic you used on homicides with weapons include suicide, taking away the guns all they do mean the person will commit suicide another way thus dropping the homicide count, and when you drop the count of gang on gang violence, its super low. the problem with these videos is you don't show the statistics in depth. Yes a few thousand a year die by fire arms, but theres 340 million people. And there's estimatied over 3 million crimes stopped by firearms every year in the U.S.A. Also nice dislike disable.

  20. Why do we regulate everything that can and has been
    harmful to people but do nothing with the one has killed the most people???

  21. why the fuck is some pom talking about australia also gun violence was dropping and the laws did nothing

  22. Poor Australia the politicians now has complete control of its citizens. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. A gun is the only way you can control a politician.

  23. They have made Australia a safer place
    Me false it didn’t actually work because although gun deaths decreased its crime rate stayed the same

  24. Lessons from down under: It is doable if you have the balls and the spine, something lacking in American leaders because they need the gun lobby to get even more rich

  25. No they haven’t. Australia’s MURDER RATE, not just GUN MURDER RATE, was UNAFFECTED by their gun laws. Stop LIEING to the people and trying to take away their guns.

  26. semi-automatic weapons are not rapid-fire you pull the trigger one time then you have to release it and The “AR” in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. “AR” does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” AR-15-style rifles are NOT “assault weapons” or “assault rifles.” I also think they got their research wrong

  27. LOLOLOLOL need a valid reason for owning a firearm, the list of valid reasons does not include self defense!!! Unfortunately this is coming close to happening in the US after the 2 mass shootings within 2 days. What the media failed to report however was the fact that there were several people at both locations that had a concealed carry license but were not carrying that day.

  28. Gun control made Australia LESS safe, murder went up(stopped going down), rape went up, general burglaries went up. Gun control failed us in Australia! dont make the same mistake America! Dont listen to propaganda and fraudulent graphs like in this video

  29. 3:02 what utter crap! of course it went down as no one had guns, you should also show that MURDER by EVERY OTHER MEANS went UP! to replace the deaths lost by guns, Us Australians are really ingenious!

    This is a deliberate attempt to fabricate statistics to push an ideological agenda, not to save lives, but to trick gullible people groups to also surrender their freedom and rights in favour of government control and tyranny. Vanilla deception and evil, nothings changed in this world

  30. These are always so vague. I always try to find a well thought out argument for why we should ban guns to because I try to be open minded but the pro gun segments are sooooo much more convincing becuase they don’t just have a 2+2 reason for why they are right

  31. Fuck Australia and I’d love to drink her white tears 😭 1:04 honestly guns keep you safe dummy and they use US tax 💵 to destroy guns what a bitch

  32. One word bullcrap now instead of using a gun they use knife a hammer a car or anything can be use as weapon us liberal Democrats try to feed us citizens th iui s be story but murder rate has rose in Australia they just found other weapons to murder if people who believe the bible cain murder able with stone so feed this bs that Australia has low murder rate cause no guns and if us take guns away same will happen here and for us United states citizens don't give up ur 2nd amendment rights to bear arms

  33. Gun lovers always quibble about what is automatic and semi automatic and assault rifle… I really don’t give a F*ck ! Ban all guns! And no one will get shot.

  34. I hope the gun lovers die out like the slave owners did. Maybe they can build a time machine and go back to live in the 19th century Wild West

  35. Fun fact: knife murders increased when Australia banned guns.
    wonder what they’re bannin’ next…

    2119, CNN: Smart aussies ban hands for being too dangerous

  36. So much wrong here…
    1) Youtube censorship of dislike/like tallies….
    2) The 308 was never banned and its not semi auto. False dichotomy.

    3) Australia's gun ownership actually increased. Fact ignored by this 'reporting'.
    4) Australia does not have a black on black crime issue. Normalizing the numbers to America shows that the baselines are really the same….Thus, comparison is invalid. We do need to fix black on black crime in America…

  37. What about violence over all? Stabbings, death by blunt objects, and ect.. Home invasions? You people are pretty stupid, and you're cherry picking in who's favor? Majority of gun deaths are gangs, and btw you can google "mass shootings in canada" to see how effective their gun control is. You people should realize something.. The MILITARY is taking all of you VERY serious.. But not for the reasons your primitive minds might think.

  38. Gun buy back = Threaten you with gun violence and force you to sell your property that you don't want to sell and pay for it with funds already extorted from you in hopes of trying to curb gun violence. All to just have violence in general go up. Smooth move assholes!

  39. Obviously if you remove guns you will get less gun violence, If I remove all shoes you will get less violence involving a shoe.

  40. Mass shootings stopped because the Government got what they wanted…..
    Makes ALOT of sense actually when you think about it….

  41. Port Arthur was a sponsored event. "Bad people" get guns no matter what the laws say. This video proves nothing about gun control. As S Trajkovski says in their comment:
    "the answer to why we haven't had an incident since port Arthur is because the Government got the gun reform it wanted so there was no need to plan another shooting"

  42. I like how you're all just calling this fake news without proving anything.

    And to those who are pointing out that the like and dislike buttons are disabled it's because YouTube is full of far right morons

    -A moderate Conservative.

  43. To people who think gun control works. Ask yourself “What is a criminal”, and whats stopping them from going to the black market…

  44. Shootings take place were there are loose gun law so they can then implement new regulations and take your freedom away not saying they hired a hit man to go crazy and covered it with social media u know they entire system the ruling class owns .. they wouldn’t do that …??? O wait yes to push their agenda they will do anything they will lobby and pay and kill whoever is in their way if u think there is a single government that isn’t rogue and isn’t willing to take everything from u then u are severely mistaken all governments comply with the central banking system or they are invaded and replaced with a compliant regime wake up its time to take out world back

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