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How a Navy SEAL Clears a Room | Close Quarters Combat CQC | Tactical Rifleman

Hey guys, how’s it going this is Jason with tactical riflemen today, we’re gonna talk about efficiency of movement inside of a room during close quarters battle now I know every time you’re going to have an uncleared space you’re gonna frag it But if you don’t have access to your military working dog to clear the space for you You’re gonna need to have some real good accounting emotion to clear your sectors now what I’m gonna Go over is a little bit of footwork in the door and how to clear an uncleared corner in a corner fed room alright so in any close quarters combat Scenario you’re gonna find yourself in eventually you’re gonna come to what is a corner fed room and in this particular scenario I’m coming from a hallway Into an unseen sector, but the sector that I see in front of me is is known clear. There’s there’s no threats There’s no immediate threats. I need to engage so where I’m gonna. Go as the number one man in the stack It’s at the uncleared sector, and we’re going to talk about as efficiency of movement as we have to take that corner If the number one man yes He could go to that unclear sector, then it’s up to the number-two man to step in and take that uncleared sector What I want to Kind of accentuate in this particular movement is the footwork it takes to have an efficient and balanced turn now It’s it’s something that a lot of people don’t think about but as an operator We think about a lot of things and we take every little step in close quarters combat Down to the greatest detail to get that efficiency of motion in that economy of movement down to a perfect science It’s pretty basic It’s if you might think that it’s just something that you don’t think About and essentially after you do it a bunch of times you just don’t think about it But this is a dangerous point in the Amiata in the OP where you can expose yourself to an uncleared an uncleared sector You want to get over there as soon as possible while providing body armor coverage coverage to the number-two man is gonna come pushing right? behind you Now what do I mean by that? Well as you clear this as you clear this corner you’re going to want to you’re going to want to stay on balance As you clear the corner and as you can see I’m kind of shuffling out into the into the threat area And I’m I wasn’t really on balance the trick to the economy of motion is Thinking just a sliver of time before I step into that net sector do I want to take a smaller step or a larger step? To where when I turn the corner? I’ll be on perfect balance to take a shot if I need to add a threat so what does that look like now? I’m back here. I come up with a number one man. I see that my number one sector is clear I haven’t quite broken the corner yet, but I see that that’s the way I want to go in this particular corner fed scenario now instead of Short stepping and then turning into the corner and not being able to clear this corner. I’m going to take that extra pause to step a little bit further out and As I rotate the corner, I’m on perfect balance as I come in and address the threat now from here I can make movement from here I can make forward movement into the room and I could slowly scan my sector and clear that corner Coming into a room off balanced it’s not something you want to do you’re exposing side plates to the uncleared sector you want to get that economy of motion as Quickly as possible into that sector So in a live demonstration. I’ll show you how it kind of works, and you’ll see how on balance you Can you need to be to take that shot so I’m up here coming through the corner? Not short step into where I pair a wet into the corner, but I’m actively taking that longer step Engaging that threat and Then finishing the sector During that engagement I was on I was on target perfectly balanced as I cleared that corner now Like I said it’s a basic movement something you got to think about but you do not want to be off balance when you get into a When you get into an uncleared corner That’s all I got for now guys. Thanks for watching if you like the shirts. There’s a link at the end Stay violent Thanks for watching if you liked this video make sure to like comment and subscribe Also, make sure you follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter So you don’t miss out on anything if you liked the shirt that we’re wearing in the videos you can get it in our store

100 thoughts on “How a Navy SEAL Clears a Room | Close Quarters Combat CQC | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Very nicely done. I am linking people this video to show people how ridiculous "UF PRO" is. This guy knows his shit peeps, listen to him. UF PRO is a fucking joker.

  2. As a Navy Seal Marine Force SOC operator, I have Sleight I’d hand with scrambler and stopping power with a Scar H red tiger with M203

  3. I am asking an important question to any veteran that would take the time to answer….i'm not a vet…they failed me at meps twice after trying to get waivers blah blah blah…this was a 3 year process(for two of those years I would meet my recruiter at 5am to run with his heavy temporally disqualified poolies to help them loose weight….again, blah blah)….anyway, I'm not a veteran but I am a proud American who supports all who serve …my question: Is it wrong for me to purchase and wear a shirt that you sell…..I really want to know the opinion of a veteran….I'm not a poser, fanboy, or stolen valor asshat, but, as a patriotic man, is it wrong for me to wear such clothing?……seriously….thank you.

  4. If I’m the threat and I’m looking at that corner and I see your foot poke in before you do it might not be a good thing for you ! Although I agree with what you’re saying just don’t stick your foot out there first ..

  5. Man if I'm the first to go around any corner I'm peeking first I can't just go head first into an uncleared corner.

  6. Playing basketball that’s like curling off a screen and getting into position to shoot the ball lol. This shot counts the most though.

  7. I like this. More aggressive form of clearing the space. Best video I’ve seen though is the UF Pro guides on moving into rooms and dealing with open and closed doors. It’s more slow time, but different days call for different ways

  8. Not a very safe way to clear a room from a hallway by yourself. I would have gotten a stern talking to or even a reprimand by my seniors. In that scenario with only one entering the room. Toss a flashbang. Your straight entrance is clear so as your right angle is clear of Tangos. As you breach target left and head towards the right cleared corner. Stay clear of the corner and make a straight move into the hostile environment. Keeping focus on all targets to the left using the wall as a backstop or brace. Croutch if needed and target the enemy. You were clearly in the open if there were 2 tangos there. NLMARSOF taught us in extreme close quarter combat upon ships, aircraft, etc. I see your motives. But punching in balls to the wall has a better effect and outcome than turning a corner only to sey yourself up for a hit in the side . Just my professional input.

  9. Watches him flip the safety… oh this is gonna be good he might shoot, turns up speaker. 2 seconds later fiers 6 shots hella loud, girl jumps out of bed, OMG WHAT WRONG WITH YOU. I was like chill that shit scared me too haha.

  10. Absolutely unbelievable you would use thunder bang first and foremost so please get it wright I'm in the forces and it pisses me of when people think they know what they are doing and know nothing and then say you can get our merch at end of video GET AWAY with yourself 👍

  11. What you didn't show was how to round the corner while carrying the firearm on the inner (right side). It takes extra clearance and space to swing the gun around to the right angle (90° to the right) without entangling it on the corner wall's edge. Next time, please show the method for both the left and right side movement.

    Also show the view from other camera angles such as from the rear or from the oblique diagonal angle. You could also show the camera angle from the viewpoint of an enemy placed near the inner wall farther away from the corner. Wouldn't the enemy be able to fire quickly at you even as you step out unless you're moving at high speed?

  12. LOL dog had me dead. totally wasnt expecting that xD. i thought he was gona pull up a grenade cuz he was talking about fragging

    rip heaphone users jesus

  13. YouTube is on point with the recommendations today. Love this channel. You just got a new sub with the bell on. Kudos

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