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  1. Ranked #6 candidate Andrew Yang (who wasn't mentioned in this video) also has a position to create a common sense licensing policy, requiring investment and safety precautions. He wants to ban the manufacture, sale, and transfer of weapons and accessories that make it easier for individuals to commit mass shootings. Also he wants to enhance mental health resources available to people who need help and provide deescalation training and mental health professionals to law enforcement agencies to prevent interactions from becoming deadly.

  2. Military style? Looks like something but doesn't work the same. You know no army in the workd uses an AR15. Right ?

  3. Americans get your priorities right. You're dumb government in Washington has spent billions on the TSA and aircraft security with no concrete results. Meanwhile our schools Nationwide are open shooting Galleries and not a peep unbelievable

  4. More background checks are not enough. We need to follow Mexico's laws and
    completely ban ALL pistols, AK47s and AR15s. As a result, they haven't
    had one mass shooting by a mentally disturbed individual who legally
    bought a gun, ever.

  5. More background checks are not enough. We need to follow Mexico's laws and
    completely ban ALL pistols, AK47s and AR15s. As a result, they haven't
    had one mass shooting by a mentally disturbed individual who legally
    bought a gun, ever.

  6. Doubled edged problem….A NICS system that can't detect a non adjudicated nut job trying to buy a gun,,,and the 2nd Amendment shielding legal, responsible gun owners.

  7. The problem is, the average person just doesn't know much about guns, gun laws or firearm related statistics. You're asking people for their opinion on a subject they have almost zero knowledge about.
    Would you ask your car mechanic about heart surgery ? Or a doctor about a transmition repair ? No…
    When you ask the actual gun experts, they have the real solutions but … the media never ask because the real solutions don't fit the Democrat narrative.

  8. LIE: You can buy a gun on the
    internet without having to go through a FFL.

    TRUTH: There are NO web sites where
    you can buy a firearm and have it shipped to your home. Web sites will ship to
    a local FFL where you go and complete form 4473, have a background check and
    then the firearm is transferred to you if you pass the background check.

  9. LIE: 
    The AR15 is a “Military Style” “Assault Weapon”.
    TRUTH:  The AR15 is a civilian semi-automatic weapon
    that looks like the Military version called the M4, the difference, one is
    capable of select fire (Auto) and the other is not.  The Ruger Mini-14 has the same exact
    capabilities as the AR15 but does not “look” scary, so the left does not say
    this is “Military Style”.  Assault is an
    action, not an item.  Assault can be
    committed with any item.  More people are
    assaulted and killed with blunt objects than rifles yearly.  Source FBI. 
    These misleading terms and words are used to create emotional reaction in
    the uneducated.

  10. Democrats are so dumb is hurt why the not save the money for 2020 and stay home because the will lose so bad I know so many democrats at work who vote 2020 for republicans lol because the not learn out of mistake Americans love there guns long story short you will lose so bad 2020 and you deserve it


    "Assault weapon" is a useless made up term that just describes cosmetic differences. It actually was specifically designed to scare people like yourself. There are no real difference between a firearm that can be considered an "assault weapon" and one that is not, especially in terms if it's lethality. ACTUAL military assault RIFLES are already so heavily restricted they're essentially illegal altogether now. Nearly no one has access to fully automatic weapons in the US and they're almost never used in crimes. And even rifles in general are used in less than 2% of gun violence.

    The reason most of you lose this debate is by default because you flatout refuse to know about the thing you'd like to regulate and rely solely on emtions. Stop being so willfully and extremely ignorant to the subject and maybe you could really make a change for the better.

  12. my state already has strict gun laws, make it uniform across the usa for back ground checks, BUT the ones doing the crimes aren't the law abiding permit carrying gun owners, the criminals won't be turning in their automatic rifles, then you have the crazy kid taking the licensed dads guns, which goes back to medical insurance and mental health

  13. And I'll be even more aggressive in making sure these nut jobs never get elected into office ever!! At the voting box.

  14. I do not personally know anyone that wants any of these policies for gun contol including expanding background checks. Me thinks your full of the poo poo news man.

  15. SMH you siT and let those pretty women in your life know who's giveN orders around here… We see you do like a good crease NOW AIN'T THAT RIGHT HOG boss TIN you roll over and comrades watch too HUH???

  16. Screw gun control. There's no where in the world where your right to own and purchase firearms is so protected. These red-flag laws are really cutting into these protections though.

  17. Even Scalia Would Allow Today’s Gun-Control Proposals

    Until 2008, the court had never held that the Second Amendment protects private gun ownership. The reason is obvious: unlike most constitutional clauses, the Second Amendment actually sets out a reason for the right in question. The text reads, in full (and with the odd punctuation in the original): “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Thus, for over 200 years, the consensus among legal scholars was that the first clause limited the second clause: the right to keep and bear arms was for the purpose of maintaining a militia.

    In Justice Scalia’s words, it is “not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

    Bans on assault weapon and military-style rifles? Definitely (“M-16 rifles and the like” may be banned).

    The fact is, there’s no legal basis for claiming that the Constitution bans gun control. It’s just convenient for Senate Republicans to say so.


  18. We already have a computer background check if you go into a gun store or a gun show and buy a gun. What these commie rats are trying to do is create a gun registry, where they control all gun transfers. For instance, if your grandfather gives you a gun, he will be required to pay for a criminal background check on you and that gun's serial number will then be registered in your name. Don't be fooled by their BS, this is a gun registry disguised as a universal background check. If you try to sell a gun to your buddy, you will be breaking the law unless you do a background check before selling it. You will be paying a transfer fee or tax to the government too, along with the cost of running the background check. Screw their gun control. Where in the constitution does it say "The right to bear arms, only if you first submit to a government background check and get their permission"?

  19. They can write all the laws they want. However, it takes someone with a gun to enforce them. Gun-right advocates need to petition both police chiefs and sheriffs not to enforce these unconstitutional laws.

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