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Honey Badger – Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Hello and welcome to the thirteenth episode
of my Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide. In this episode: the Honey Badger – an American
Personal Defence Weapon with integral suppressor: named for a particularly ferocious species
of mustelid. The Honey Badger’s damage is moderate, with
the weapon performing well in close quarters: three body shots to kill, or two shots where
one is a headshot. At a distance, you may need up to five shots
to kill, unless you’re fortunate enough to land four headshots upon a distant target. Rate of fire is a healthy 800 rounds per minute,
very good for the assault rifle category and certainly enough to hang in most close-quarters
gunfights. Hipfire performance is at the assault rifle
default, but the intrinsic stealth benefits paired with the higher than average rate of
fire means that hipfiring should generally yield good results. Recoil is high, with your shots quickly dispersing
in an omnidirectional manner. The Honey Badger is very much suited to close
range engagements, so you should seek to avoid longer range combat where possible. Aim time is the same as any other assault
rifle, at 300 milliseconds – and your movement speed is identical to the Honey Badger’s peers
too, at 90% of the base. Magazine capacity is 30 rounds, or 45 rounds
with extended mags: the standard for the assault rifle class. Reloads are reasonably quick, taking 2.63
seconds to complete: sometimes inconvenient for a close-quarters weapon, but the default
silencer will often buy you time sufficient to change mags. It makes the most sense to build a stealth
class around the Honey Badger: if you’ve a silenced weapon by default, it seems logical
to muffle other means of detection as well. As far as your attachments are concerned,
you can effectively equip three: and the most useful overall is probably the Fore grip,
enhancing your weapon’s controllability. While you shouldn’t seek out combat at a long
range, it doesn’t hurt to have lower recoil, and this can prove decisive in some gun fights. Extended Mags is probably another wise choice,
as the Honey Badger fires relatively quickly – and the 15 extra rounds per mag will come
in useful from time to time. If you’d sooner equip an optic, you certainly
can – although the iron sights are clear enough and with a stealth build you should ideally
be engaging unaware targets at a close range, where aiming assistance probably isn’t necessary. For your perks, Off The Grid is a great way
to preserve the element of surprise – as you’ll be entirely invisible to enemy Sat Coms. Pair this with Dead Silence and even the most
attentive of foe will be completely unaware of your approach, leaving them vulnerable. Takedown is a cheap point spend that will
also help chain stealth kills together – making it even more difficult for enemies to pinpoint
where you’re striking from. Finally, Marathon can also be a worthwhile
spend on larger maps – infinite sprint comes in useful to flank your enemy, as you’ll be
able to take a longer route to strike from an unseen angle. The Honey Badger is an effective assault rifle
for close quarters combat that comes pre-loaded with a free silencer. Its damage is more than sufficient compared
to the alternatives, and few other assault rifles can compare to the Honey Badger’s rate
of fire. When used in a stealth role, the weapon is
both versatile and deadly – more than able to quickly take down enemies out to a middle
range. At a distance, performance does suffer – the
higher recoil means landing shots at range is difficult, which could give the advantage
to a weapon better suited to the engagement. You’ll find SMGs and shotguns do outperform
you at a very close range, too – while the Honey Badger’s output is good, it pales in
comparison to the weapons which specialise in short-range scuffles. Still, you do have a stealth edge – and the
blend of traits bestowed upon the mighty badger do make it a good fit for such a role. Such a tenacious weapon won’t stand for any
nonsense, and will earnestly cut down any prey bold enough to stand in its way. You can equip another weapon if you’d like… …honey badger don’t care. Thank you very much for watching, and join
me next time – when I’ll be covering the USR. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “Honey Badger – Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

  1. As a massive fan of your channel and a hardcore player, I have to ask. Could you please do a breakdown of hardcore in ghosts? Including information such as how much increased damage there is, health, and how certain guns and attachments are either better for hardcore or redundant. For example the muzzle break is only useful on shotguns and a few of the weaker weapons.

  2. First gun I picked and I'm still with it I've always been a stealth bastard hahaha and I don't know it feels somehow like the scar l in mw3 😀

  3. This video is so professional omg his voice is awesome and the video is just wow i love this a sub for u my friend

  4. Dude your voice combo'd with your accent sounds AWESOME!!! BTW awesome guide, you're always really freaking helpful!

  5. Is this Captain's Price brother? Because damn his voice sounds so military and epic that I feel as though he is briefing me for a Spec Ops mission or something…lol. Just awesome!

  6. I suck at this game,but, I used this gun with semi-auto and the under barrel shot gun, using the gun it's self for long range and the shot gun for close range, u can use whatever perks u want but make sure to have scavenger for the under barrel shot gun, I went 25 kills and 3 deaths with this set up

  7. This weapon has my favourite reload animation of any gun in CoD history. And its a very good gun too 😛

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  9. This gun is just the best because of it's stealth and power and btw the recoil is manageable but I still prefer it with a forehand grip

  10. If the honey badger was in AW I can imagine one of the variants would be called Blackout(sense it's chambered in .300 blackout).

  11. BEST WEAPON EVER! And second best COD EVER! Hate flying arround, and walking in walls like a fly… UGH!

  12. You're a great CoD youtuber, unlike other ones out there like Hollowpoint and Drift0r. The Honey Badger is the most used gun in CoD Ghosts since there are a lot of videos that show the users with it. They're mostly not tactical players. Luckily there are tactical CoD players out there…but they're rare. 🙁

  13. Loser i disliked and unsubscribed just kidding noob I never subbed to your channel you ugly noob I dislike all your videos ugly noob ahaha an loser

  14. this gun is super op its gut inbuilt suppressor, its kinda powerful [in damage terms] and its gut slightly high RPM with that op reload time then your enemy is screwed

  15. so this gun is basically the black ops 2 vector k 10 [there both stealthy smg and they have kinda high damage] and although u have the ghost vector CRB the honey badger is better at stealth

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