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Honest Review: ⭐Nerf Rival D.Va Pistol From Overwatch⭐

hey everybody I’m Jonathan and I’m
Chandler and this is damaged arts where we specialize in converting ordinary
Nerf blasters into extraordinary prop worthy blasters from popular video games
and movies and show you how you can do it too! Well today we have
a special nerf unboxing today we thought we were gonna get this in January first
but it came in Tuesday in December 20th and it was a total surprise so we had to
show this video to you guys today so it is the nerf overwatch D.Va blaster we
are going to be doing our first official unboxing and taking a look at this
blaster so let’s open it up and see what we got they’ve got a little you do the honors here just like a little piece of any other
side or whatever no I just open it from this side I can also show them the box
here it’s you know I’m really cool packaging is like embossed riding on it
with the old Logitech string they got the diva graphic on the front here
that’s like all embossed on it that’s pretty cool nice molded cluster pack
let’s have you got women assist it’s a frustration-free packaging here yeah
well not all the same caste ties you just pop it out that’s pretty cool that
comes with three green balls here three three rival balls yep this thing they’ve
got the cool overwatch logo on the front there on the other you guys can’t really
see that yeah I think I’m good yeah was that really cool we’re filming this
video by the way I’ll be their last one that way with our new iPhone X takes
great video love the results of it so I highly recommend that yeah looks like we
got the case so this is a blaster color we got the green rival ball what else so
we’re looking to oh yeah this uh I thought was a sticker but it’s actually
the struggling random annual so that’s kind of cool
yeah let’s go before it’s got the logo fire because we’re gonna shows you how
to like load it and this safety trigger and we’ll see that yeah let’s go this is
gay you guys ever get these elf ears
it’s like enhances your hearing I think my own nails hearing it’s like gooey and
really weird for health but here is the awesome blaster here wit and it’s got
the little bunny in there like Sonny diamond gem thing here yeah but this is
really cool there’s the safety trigger here so on and off that’s really cool
and it’s got three rounds this is what’s cool about this blaster is unlike summer
cream which I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about that with some the guys
together early and everything cool but single round come on you know would be
I’d love this here a reboot of that one with ya around because we wanted to see
at least a six cylinder shot oh yeah six maybe eight kind of like the hammer shot
and yeah yeah yeah but this does come with the three rounds and it is what is
a top load retailer so here to Konya track opens up you ready and eager to
make man here – god I’m just I’m just going like okay
alright so we’ve got the three rounds popped in there then I’ll push it
forward the breech closes yeah and it looks like it is ready to fire okay just
fire it at the wall it might even it might just need like a paint job because
we are going to do the paint job we’re gonna take the orange off get some black
on it and do the whole thing and maybe add a little grungy weathering to it
might need to do the inside all that let’s got some pop to an I mean what’s
your guess in the FPS no no it says like around 80 FPS I would say that or even
worse but I’ll have to see if we can shoot a
rival ball through the chrono barrel and might not fit check out my FPS on this
thing I’d be cool if it goes through me and that is that is really fast let’s
see the features here yeah of course the Athena table is really awesome yeah it’s
really accurate to the actual blaster I made a deal game the big rip on even has
some texturing on here so you have a lot of texture where it’s more smooth here
so that that gives it a really neat feel this has got that translucent pink to it
looks like a jewel almost right here so that’s cool and then the green paint job
but to just kind of simulate that lighting that green lighting the effect
right there so sweet all right well that is the unboxing of this super cool but
we’re not done yet we are going to take it outside at the firing range hallway
and really show you guys you know up close yes I’m glad to see how that
something that’s in early class wow so uh let’s take it over there and do that
so before we demo this out in the hallway we found one issue on this
blaster is we tried out that the jamb door button on the back and it kind of
jammed the thing open it couldn’t return to it we try to look on the instructions
so you may want to be real careful about avoiding that jamb button I think this
would be one downside of this blaster it worked great
it didn’t Jam it all but they have one in there just in case but I
don’t think the Jambo works very well has it ended up jamming itself open and
we couldn’t get it back close so now we’re having to open up the mechanics to
get it to release so we don’t break anything so got the e you can see when
you push it forward didn’t push all the way forward get load around place it
locks into place and I think that’s because something
inside here in this spot and the mechanism locking it up okay so we’re
gonna have to go in a little deeper and our viewers tell how you put the
climbing mechanism right here okay all right folks there it is you’re getting
from the internals of we’ll have to watch Deva blaster here
what went one more time won’t you put forward there this piece right here is
pushed all the way forward through those oh that was the snap that’s what you
needed yeah okay so that’s our first
modification there we go he’s moving in here on this I’m gonna pick together
that’s a six modify that more maybe but the question is can the plastic and everything yeah all right so with that
we’re gonna get this thing back together and finally do a test fire down Rand
here so you guys can see let’s see what this thing can do all right so we’re
here out at the firing range and we’ve got our bunker battlezones
inflatable oil cans set up in the hallway to see the unboxing review we
did on that just click the card here alright so here we go man oh you just
gotta be careful that didn’t fly right back at you I’m gonna came pretty close so there’s
the performance test on this and now I have the chrono barrel here and to see
in the unboxing review that we did on this click the card here I’m gonna see
if the rival round believe they’ve been down this I don’t know it’s not fun to
share that it’s gonna give you bet it’s gonna be if it no it’s just kind of like
it’s kind of like stuff I’m not even through it here we go
don’t know it’s gonna go get and destroy this thing you know what no no right now
you know why not I’m trying so what pop shoot went down range let’s do this so
here’s how to test it before firing at it nope hello because this was made from
what what is it a half-inch diameter and Murphy elite dark yeah so I happen to
know no because it’s not gonna work for my cell of course not fun idea but yeah
I’m glad even to that there’s an idea free that is the idea for you guys get
that chronometer for the rival because that would be really cool to try out
next alright so we’re gonna try one other thing we’re going to try out the
blaster with me being the test dummy instead of the inflatable oil can so I
had to go down there I wanted to see how hard this thing shoots so here we go position Wow try one more one more time it’s hard
when we’re told you got to do one more okay okay so that thing’s fruits really
hard so one other feature we wanted to show you guys have you almost forgot to
is the super awesome recoil effect we’re gonna do in real time here and then I’m
gonna show it to you guys in slow-mo so here goes hi everybody hope you enjoyed our
unboxing review of the nerf overwatch diva blaster it would be a huge help to
us if you smash that thumbs up like down below and leave the positive comment if
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below you’ll help us create a more cool content for your enjoyment and
inspiration I’m Jonathan and I’m Chandler and this is damaged arts

9 thoughts on “Honest Review: ⭐Nerf Rival D.Va Pistol From Overwatch⭐

  1. This toy has a MAJOR defect in regards to it jamming and not being able to close the ammo slot after firing. Most likely a missed issue during QA in order for this toy to be sold during the holiday season as the intended release was suppose to be in January. I've had to open mine up manually (using your video as a guide) to try and fix it. Nerf and Blizzard definitely botched this. Could you please offer a in depth video on how to fix this jam and what's causing it? I believe it's the jam guard (the little white cylinder piece and spring) that is to blame

  2. Actually the jam can be fixed without taking it apart, just cock the gun faster, harder, and farther back. More than you would believe it needs to. But it does work, sucks that’s what happens but is easily fixed.

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