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Homemade Weapons: Wooden Brass Knuckles

alright guys in this video I’m gonna
show you how I made this wooden version of brass knuckles now you might be
wondering why I would make wooden brass knuckles to start with I plan on using
this wooden model to make aluminum cast knuckles but after making the wooden
version they seem pretty cool so i figured I would make a video on it as well so if you
want to see me cast this in aluminum check back in a week or so for that
video so let’s get started the first thing you want to do is find a template
for your brass knuckles I just google image searched brass knuckle template
and pick that one that I liked and then on one side I drew a point to form like
a knife’s edge that part isn’t necessary but I figured you added something extra
next cut out your template it doesn’t have to be perfect but it makes it
easier to work with next get your board that you’re gonna copy your template
onto this one’s a little bigger and thicker than I need so I’m going to trim
it down on the table saw I’m going to use the table saw to reduce the three
quarter inch board one tenth of an inch in thickness I’m going to do this in two
passes one halfway and the other one the rest the blade wasn’t tall enough to reduce
the thickness of the entire board but it cleared off enough space where I can fit
the template when finished the board was about sixty five hundredths of an inch
thick next I use the glue stick to attach the template to the board try to
apply an even layer across the entire template but make sure you get the edges first drill the holes for the fingers I
did this using Spade bits I use a 3/4 inch spade bit for the pinky finger and
a 7/8 inch spade bit for the rest of the fingers the sizes you should use depend
on the size of your fingers when drilling the holes only drill 3/4
of the way through flip the board over and then complete the hole this will
prevent blowout to cut out the rest of the template I use the jigsaw to cut out the middle part of the
template first I’ve drilled three holes and then use the jigsaw to finish it you might have to move the board around
to reach different corners it doesn’t have to be perfect you can
touch it up once everything’s cut out cut out the rest of the template using
the same process the next step is to remove the paper
pull off what you can with your hands and then remove the rest with sandpaper go ahead and sand both sides and
anywhere else you can get after sanding with 80 grit I used the
Dremel to do any touch-ups and get inside the finger holes once I was happy with the overall
appearance I took it to the router table and around over the edges when using a
router table like this you have to be very careful and make sure your hands
are not in a position to get pulled into the router after rounding over the edges I finished
by doing some more touches ups with a dremel and then sanding the whole thing
with 240 grit sandpaper overall I’m happy with the way they turned out and
if you want to see me try to cast them in aluminum check out my video in a week
or two thanks for watching please hit the subscribe button if you like the
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