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Homemade flare gun + flare cartridges

homemade black powder water mix until form a paste tube to mold the pellets compress the wet powder into pellets sun drying the gun assembly the cartridge assembly loading the cartridge good old plastic cap armstrong mix the mix must fill the cap hole and cover the hole top granulated black powder (homemade) black powder pellet already dry masking tape the pellet must fit in the cartridge, nor too loose, nor too tight paper for hold everything

89 thoughts on “Homemade flare gun + flare cartridges

  1. Se você usasse pólvora granulada não iria mandar o "projetil" mais longe do que a pólvora fina não? De todo modo, ficou muito bom. Parabéns

  2. Opa foguista, tudo bom!? Meu nome é David e gosto muito dos seus projetos. Eu queria saber se tem como você ensinar a fazer essas pólvoras negras, granulado… Pois existem vídeos no YouTube,mas o resultado final ficar desse jeito não fica não. Espero que você possa me ajudar e ajudar outros inscritos que querem o mesmo. No mais grande abraço e parabéns pelos projetos!

  3. Do you have plans to improve the amount of light the flare gives off?

    The first thing that springs to mind for me is magnesium shavings, but I don't know if that home made black powder would burn hot enough to get the magnesium to properly ignite.

  4. Any chance that you'll be re-uploading some of your videos on Gunstreamer/Bitchute for safety sake? Would really love to see your cartridge design again!

  5. Her: “John, do you know why there are those strange burnmarks on our wall?“
    Him: “Nah idunno. Maybe the neighbours kids idunno.“

  6. Borax and some zinc or steel filing shavings might add some spark to it.Also maybe add some steel wool.Corn startch added as a binding agent might make a projectile stronger.Wraping it in a baking paper and adding a fuse in middle might delay the burn,making it ignite in air.

    Some ideas to make it better.Its so cool rn ,like mini fireworks and yet so simple.looks like fun for new years eve.

  7. Ужас! Все прекрасно и страшно! Прекрасно сделано и страшно использовано. Соблюдайте пожарную безопасность!

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  9. Everclear? What proof alcohol did you use above 85? Diy buscraft muzzle loader hunting. Frfr. Amazing pvc and a dowel rod.

  10. Este tipo no tiene conciencia. No solo el efecto de sus pellets incendiarios, que pueden causar cualquier desgracia, sino que además enseña a cualquier otro estúpido, como hacerlos.
    ¿Acaso la Ley de su País, no vé esto? ¿A nadie se le ocurrió sacar el video, y llamar al orden al sujeto? ¡Vamos mal, muy mal!

  11. …хоть/бы сказал из чего месил состав для звёздки..?

  12. Só eu que imaginei a cara do vizinho com o carro todo preto de queimado? Ahauahaahauauaauauahauauaahauajauajajajajajaja

  13. Need a stronger lifting charge and maybe alter the composition of the stars 😏 dextrin (baked corn starch) and a little magnesium powder as found in bush craft fire kits to really make them flash in the dark

  14. Cut back and go with a finer Grain on your lift charge. Most of your lift charge is going off outside the barrel. With a faster charge you will likely get more Loft time and more burn in the air of your star. I also agree a bit of magnesium in your Star would brighten it. Excellent work!

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