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Home Firearm Safety Tips

{Music} [Narrator]
Statistics show that more than half of the fatal firearm incidents reported each year
occur in the home. {pistol clicking} [narrator]
Since almost all incidents are caused by carelessness and lack of knowledge, it�s the hunter�s
responsibility to help prevent firearm mishaps in the home.
This loaded pistol is a tragedy waiting to happen and what�s more it�s illegal.
It is unlawful to store, transport or abandon an unsecured loaded firearm in place where
children can obtain unsupervised access to the firearm.
Look at the way these firearms and ammunition are being stored.
Is this safe? No.
Firearms should not be stored alongside ammunition in an unsecured location. A locking gun cabinet
or safe is a much better solution. {key in lock and safe opens} [narrator]
On the right side, unloaded rifles and shotguns are stored. Many people store them with the
barrels up. Over time, oils can drip down and clog your actions. It�s much better
to store with the barrels pointed down. On the other side, ammunition is stored separately,
also under locked conditions. Remember, it�s your responsibility to keep
your firearms safe and secure. {safe door closing} {Music}

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